Itching or redness between the thighs can point to a fungal infection, also known as jock itch. In appearance, it can look like ringworm and, medically, it is known as tinea cruris. If the fungal infection on your inner thighs is not treated on time, it can spread to your hips and outer thighs as well. If you see itchy, flaky skin and circular swelling around your thighs, then get yourself treated immediately. Apart from this, you can also try home remedies to deal with a fungal infection between the thighs. In this article, we will share some home remedies you can try to overcome this problem.

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You can use the following home remedies to treat jock itch at home:


Turmeric is full of anti-inflammatory properties. It contains an element called curcumin, which is considered beneficial for health. It has been confirmed in many research studies that the curcumin present in turmeric has antimicrobial properties. To treat fungal infections between the thighs, you can use turmeric in the form of tea or by adding it to your food. Apart from this, you can prepare a paste by mixing a little turmeric in water or coconut oil. Now apply this to the affected area and when this paste dries, wash it off. This can help treat fungal infections.

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You can use garlic to relieve jock itch as it can prove to be effective in removing fungal infections. Trichophyton, the antioxidants present in garlic, may be effective in reducing the Cryptococcus fungus. To treat fungal infection, prepare a paste by grinding garlic and mixing it with olive oil or coconut oil. Now apply this prepared paste to the affected area and cover it with the help of a cloth. Leave it for about 2 hours and wash it off afterwards. You can apply it twice a day to reduce the symptoms of fungal infection.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is used to treat many skin problems. Aloe vera has medicinal properties that help relieve bacterial and fungal infections. Using it can relieve the infection between the thighs. You can use aloe vera directly. Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area thrice a day. With this, you can get relief from jock itch to a great extent.

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Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be used to treat bacterial or fungal infections on the skin. Keep in mind that this oil is applied only by mixing it with a carrier oil first.

You can use this oil even in cases of jock itch. For this, take 1 ounce (about 6 teaspoons) of coconut oil. Dilute it 2% by mixing about 12 drops of tea tree oil. Apply the prepared mixture on the affected area at least three times a day.

Lemongrass oil

You can use lemongrass oil to relieve the problem of fungal infection. With this, relief can be found from herpes and itching on the skin. If you’re suffering from a jock itch, apply lemongrass oil on the affected areas with the help of a cotton ball. This can give you a lot of relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and can help you get relief from itching caused by a fungal infection. Apart from this, it can be helpful in inhibiting the growth of candida and other fungi. If there is a fungal infection between the thighs, fill equal quantities of water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Now mix it well and spray it on the affected area. After this, you keep it in the fridge or any cool place and use it when needed.

Other measures

Apart from these home remedies, you can also try some other remedies, such as:

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Here's how you can avoid fungal infection between the thighs:

  • Take a bath daily. Especially take a bath when your body is wet with sweat. For example, after playing, after heavy exercise, after coming in from the sun, etc.
  • Do not use other's towels
  • Do not wear tight clothes and undergarments.
  • Wash clothes immediately after wearing them.
  • Wear clean undergarments daily.

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If there is a problem of fungal infection between the thighs, you can try the home remedies mentioned above. But if you do not get relief from these remedies within two weeks, then you need to see a doctor.

Some antifungal and antibacterial medicines and creams may be prescribed to you by your doctor. You should use these medicines and creams on time as per the directions of the doctor so that your problem can be solved.

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Keep in mind that the problem of fungal infection can occur not only on the thighs but on many other parts of the skin. You can try home remedies to stop this infection from spreading. You need to consult a doctor immediately if it continues to spread regardless so that you can be treated on time.

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