In today's time, the problem of joint pain is not only a problem of the elderly but can be seen at any age. The main cause of joint pain can be arthritis bone-related problems or any injury. Doing some exercise daily keeps the body active and provides relief from joint pain. Therefore, to get rid of joint pain, doing exercises like swimming, cycling, morning walks, etc. is beneficial.

Today in this article we will learn about exercises for joint pain -

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Joint pain can occur due to many reasons, such as staying at home for a long time and not doing any physical activity or having previously suffered an injury to the joints or aging. Sometimes sitting continuously in the same position for a long time can also cause pain in the joints. Health conditions like arthritis can also be the main reason for this.

Joint pain can be reduced by staying active and doing some light exercise because if you do more intense exercise, it can increase the pain further. Come, let us know in detail about exercises for joint pain -


You can go swimming for a light and fun workout. Muscles stretch in water, so joints get some relief. If you don't know how to swim, you can also do a water walk. It has also been proved in studies that doing exercises related to water provides great relief from joint pain. Not only this, swimming is also helpful in reducing weight. Besides, it also improves the mood.

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Cycling is a very good aerobic exercise for joints. Due to this exercise, there is not much pressure on the joints, but while choosing a cycle, take special care whether to choose a mountain bike or a hybrid bike, etc. These are comfortable and strong to hold. Do cycling only when you can ride properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling while cycling. Even if you fall accidentally, it can cause more pain in the joints. Therefore, caution is also necessary during this exercise.

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Arthritis is also a cause of joint pain. Therefore, yoga is very helpful in getting relief from arthritis pain. This exercise helps in maintaining balance in the body. Along with this, it also improves coordination of the joints with the entire body. With these exercises, the joints feel relaxed and become flexible. Because of this, they work better than before.

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Walking is an easy physical activity. This can be done without putting much pressure on the body. If you have severe pain in your joints and want to prevent them from getting jammed, then just do walking. By walking for some time every day, weight is controlled and the body does not lose the habit of walking or doing physical activities. Walking also improves heart health and bone health.

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Strength training

If the muscles become strong then the joint pain can be reduced significantly. Therefore, along with reducing pain, it is also important to strengthen the muscles. Strength training is a very good way to increase muscle mass. This training increases working capacity and strength. Therefore, weight-machine, free-weight, and resistance-band exercises can be tried. Initially, these exercises should be done at a slow pace, but with time the level of difficulty of the exercises should also be increased.

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Pilates is a good exercise to strengthen the muscles and increase their control. Doing this exercise provides relief from joint and hip pain. Not only this, this exercise is also beneficial in reducing the pain of arthritis.

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Here we are also telling some easy measures, with the help of which joint pain can be reduced to some extent -

Heat Therapy

Taking a bath or shower with hot water or applying warm paraffin wax to the joints is helpful in temporarily relieving the pain.

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Massage may temporarily relieve pain and stiffness. It is more beneficial to get a massage from a massage therapist.

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Daily activities

During daily activities like getting up and sitting or while doing any work, there should not be too much pressure on the joints, otherwise, the pain may increase. It is important to maintain correct posture. Even if you are overweight, joint pain may increase. For this, a lifestyle change is necessary, so that some weight can be lost. In such a situation, seek advice from a therapist.

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People avoid exercising due to joint pain because they feel that if they exercise, it will put more pressure on their joints. There is also a fear in their mind that joint pain will increase, but exactly the opposite happens. If no physical activity is done, the body becomes inactive or the pain may increase more than it is. Therefore, it is important to keep the body somewhat active. If you are doing any exercise for the first time, then do the exercise only under the guidelines of a good trainer.

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