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What is seborrheic keratosis?

Seborrheic keratosis is a common, non-cancerous skin growth, which is typically seen in older individuals. In most cases, it is harmless but has an unsightly appearance.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

This type of growth can appear on the face, back, shoulders or chest. It is less commonly on the scalp.

  • It has a waxy, elevated appearance and the growth is typically a few centimetres in size.
  • The colour of the round or oval growth may be tan or dark brown, sometimes even black.
  • Seborrheic keratotic growths are typically described as growths having a “pasted on” look.
  • These are rarely painful but can be itchy, especially when they come in contact with clothing or accessories.
  • Based on the appearance, they can be differentiated into several morphological patterns.

What are the main causes?

There is no exact cause of this rare condition. However, older individuals are more commonly affected.

  • A family history of seborrheic keratosis is a known risk factor.
  • Insufficient evidence suggests that this growth can appear in those with frequent sun exposure.
  • This growth is not contagious and hence cannot be transferred by contact.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

A doctor can diagnose the condition by looking at the patches. However, to rule out melanoma, or any other malignancy, a biopsy of the tissue is advised. Usually, other diagnostic tests are not needed.

Conventionally, treatment is not needed. The growth may have to be removed if it becomes too itchy or painful. For cosmetic reasons too, seborrheic keratosis may have to be removed. There are different ways of surgically removing this growth.

  • They can be removed with the help of lasers, or through cryosurgery which uses liquid nitrogen.
  • Electrosurgery is another method to get rid of the growth. This uses electric currents to remove keratosis.
  • Another surgical method is curettage, which involves scooping out the growth.

Though there isn’t much chance of recurrence in the same spot, it is likely that the growth can occur in some other part of your body.

  1. Medicines for Keratosis, Seborrheic

Medicines for Keratosis, Seborrheic

Medicines listed below are available for Keratosis, Seborrheic. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
Kertyol P.S.O.Kertyol P.S.O. Shampoo399.0
SalicureSalicure 17% Ointment57.73
SalidermSaliderm 12% Ointment117.0
Saliderm ClSaliderm Cl 2% W/W Face Wash110.0
SalisisSalisis 6% Ointment38.5
SalyfurSalyfur Soap30.8
Saslic DsSaslic Ds Cream234.68
SlcSlc 2% Face Wash180.12
BenzosilBenzosil Ointment18.22
DersolDersol 12% W/W Ointment74.3
Salilac SfSalilac Sf 12% Ointment60.0
SalvoshSalvosh 2% Cream58.18
5 Flucel5 Flucel 250 Mg Injection12.0
ChemofluraChemoflura 250 Mg Injection10.4
FivocilFivocil 250 Mg Injection11.7
FivofluFivoflu 250 Mg Injection15.0
FlocilFlocil 250 Mg Injection29.03
FloracFlorac 250 Mg Injection11.07
FluoncoFluonco 250 Mg Injection69.0
FluracilFluracil 250 Mg Injection12.04
KucilKucil 250 Mg Injection12.5
OncoflourOncoflour 250 Mg Injection13.5
ZindermZinderm Bpo 0.1% W/W/2.5% W/W Gel249.0
BenxopBenxop 2.5% Gel69.0
Benzac AcBenzac Ac 2.5% Gel76.16
BrevoxylBrevoxyl 4% W/W Cream102.75
RonimideRonimide 2.5%W/V Gel70.0
PerobarPerobar 2.5 % Soap98.0
Persol FortePersol Forte Cream130.0
DuofilmDuofilm Solution198.9
Grip Hair AdGrip Hair Ad Shampoo1050.0
Ionax TIonax T Solution212.8
ProtarProtar Ointment116.0
SebonacSebonac 1% Gel230.0
Minoz SMinoz S Face Wash199.0
SalibluSaliblu Anti Dandruff Shampoo495.0
Bengel AcBengel Ac 2.5% Gel109.0
Pernex AcPernex Ac 2.5% Gel73.08
FlonidaFlonida 1% W/W Cream78.0
FluoFluo Cream120.21
PsorinolPsorinol 0.25% W/W Ointment28.72
Aclind BP GelAclind BP 2.5% w/w, 1% w/w Gel180.0
ClindoxylClindoxyl Gel400.0
PeroclinPeroclin 5%/1% Gel350.0
Clinred BClinred B Cream199.0
ClizoClizo Soap72.23
Bariderm SBariderm S 0.05% W/V/3% W/V Lotion63.35
Betasalic SBetasalic S Lotion40.0
Colbet SColbet S Cream59.76
Bdiff ABdiff A 0.1%/2.50% Gel292.0
Persol PlusPersol Plus 0.1%/2.5% Gel249.0
BeclosalBeclosal 0.025%/3% Cream29.0
Ephytol SEphytol S 0.025%W/W/3%W/W Ointment51.22
Zovate SZovate S 0.025%W/W/3%W/W Cream35.85
BiosalicBiosalic Ointment45.0
Benz AdpBenz Adp Gel550.0
Minoz BpoMinoz Bpo Gel290.0
Lacne BpoLacne Bpo Gel292.0
BetalicBetalic 0.64 Mg/30 Mg Cream74.88
Betamethasone 0.05% W/W + Salicylic Acid 3% W/W CreamBetamethasone 0.05% W/W + Salicylic Acid 3% W/W Cream17.87
Betasalic OintmentBetasalic 0.05% W/V/3% W/V Ointment45.0
Betasalic EsBetasalic Es Cream60.0
CortisalCortisal Ointment31.88
DipsalicDipsalic 0.064%/2% Ointment138.0
Heal ItHeal It 0.05%/6% Cream29.91
Prosalic 6Prosalic 6 Ointment55.0
Salisone Mf OintmentSalisone Mf Ointment65.0
Salisone NU OintmentSalisone Nu Ointment60.0
SyncareSyncare Cream48.0
BetasalBetasal Lotion102.86
Bet Salic 3Bet Salic 3 Ointment53.8
Bet Salic 6Bet Salic 6 Ointment52.0
GlysalicGlysalic Ointment76.92
PropysalicPropysalic 0.05%/6% Ointment135.0
SalivateSalivate Ointment34.0
Betasalic 6Betasalic 6 0.05%/6% Ointment76.0
Betasalic MfBetasalic Mf Ointment11.07
Betasalic S (Alive)Betasalic S Ointment60.0
SalibetSalibet Cream48.45
SalisoneSalisone Lotion (Betamethasone 0.025% w/w + Salicylic Acid 3% w/w)40.87
Betnovate SBetnovate S Ointment20.7
Betsalic SBetsalic S 0.064% W/W/2% W/W Lotion55.0
Propysalic EPropysalic E Ointment114.95
Clobal SClobal S Cream57.73
Clob SlClob Sl Cream54.0
Clorap SClorap S Ointment79.8
Clovate SlClovate Sl Cream86.0
C SoraC Sora 0.05%/6% Ointment49.21
NiosalicNiosalic 0.05%/3.5% Cream105.0
Propysalic Nf 6Propysalic Nf 6 Ointment135.0
Propysalic Nf (Hegde &Amp; Hegde)Propysalic Nf Lotion130.0
SalobetSalobet Ointment88.0
TopisalTopisal 3% Lotion107.0
Ultitar CsUltitar Cs 0.05% W/V/3% W/V Lotion328.0
Clonit SClonit S Ointment85.0
Eclo 6Eclo 6 Ointment95.5
Lozivate SLozivate S Ointment95.0
MedisalicMedisalic Ointment76.23
Propysalic Nf (Overseas)Propysalic Nf Lotion130.0
SalicloSaliclo Lotion75.0
TaxalicTaxalic Ointment68.0
Viclob SViclob S Lotion88.53
ClobisalClobisal 0.05%/3% Ointment66.66
Clopinate SClopinate S Cream94.28
Cortaz SCortaz S 0.05%/3% Cream46.0
Etavone SEtavone S Ointment70.0
KlosolKlosol Lotion80.68
Sal PSal P Ointment50.22
SupersalSupersal 6.0%/0.05% Ointment98.0
CambisalicCambisalic Lotion75.0
ClogelClogel Cream57.13
Cutisalic 6Cutisalic 6 Ointment76.1
Cvate SCvate S 0.05%/6% Cream42.77
DiplomaxDiplomax Lotion25.02
DiprosalDiprosal Lotion46.0
Hinate SHinate S 0.05% W/V/6% W/V Ointment82.01
Kersol CKersol C 0.05%W/W/3%W/W Lotion98.0
Klolyte MfKlolyte Mf Cream52.88
Kloryl SKloryl S Cream60.0
Propysalic NPropysalic N Ointment185.0
Salista CSalista C Cream56.0
SyncrateSyncrate Ointment50.0
Viclob SfViclob Sf Ointment47.6
CosalicCosalic Ointment99.0
TarichTarich Lotion465.0
Deriva BpoDeriva Bpo 0.1% W/W/2.5% W/W Gel294.5
OxidobenOxidoben Gel341.0
PeroduoPeroduo 0.1% W/W/2.5% W/W Gel262.5
ClindapeneClindapene Gel172.0
EpiduoEpiduo 0.1/2.5% Gel399.0
Derobin OintmentDerobin Ointment75.1
Eczmate SEczmate S 0.1% W/W/5% W/W Cream145.0
ElosalicElosalic Ointment259.7
Hh SalicHh Salic 0.1% W/W/3.5% W/W Ointment150.0
Hhsalic 6Hhsalic 6 Ointment149.0
Momoz SMomoz S Ointment125.5
Mone SMone S 0.01% Ointment93.0
Momate SMomate S Ointment220.0
Momtas SMomtas S Ointment99.2
Momtop SMomtop S Ointment145.0
Saltopic MSaltopic M Ointment62.5
Halobet SHalobet S 0.05% W/W/3% W/W Ointment198.0
Haloderm SHaloderm S 0.5% W/W/3% W/W Ointment89.5
Halotop SHalotop S 0.05 %W/V/3% W/V Lotion249.0
BetachoiceBetachoice Ointment109.0
Halovate SHalovate S Ointment196.0
Halox EsHalox Es 0.05% W/W/3% W/W Ointment115.0
Halox SHalox S Ointment196.5
Halsol SHalsol S Ointment67.74
KeralinKeralin Ointment70.0
Metarub SMetarub S 3%W/W/0.1%W/W Ointment81.0
Metos SMetos S 50 Mg/1 Mg Ointment96.16
Mezo SMezo S Ointment117.0
ProsalicProsalic 1 Mg/50 Mg Ointment103.0
Midsone SfMidsone Sf 5%/0.1% Ointment110.68
Momentox SMomentox S 5%W/W/0.1%W/W Ointment76.23
Methazil Ear DropsMethazil Ear Drops47.41
Saliderm F 0.025%/6%/3% OintmentSaliderm F 0.025%/6%/3% Ointment51.0
No Scars Face WashNo Scars Face Wash99.9

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