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What is Osteopenia?

Osteopenia is a condition in which the density of bone is low, leading to weaker bones than normal. Osteopenia is a precursor of developing osteoporosis and increased risk of fractures.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Generally, osteopenia is symptomless and is noticed only after an individual has a fracture without an obvious cause or a broken bone after a minor fall. This indicates a risk of fracture of other bones too and should be taken as a warning sign of osteoporosis.

What are the main causes?

The cause of this condition is multifactorial and depends on conditions impacting bone strength, which are different for different individuals. The main causes related to this condition include:

  • Family history of bad/poor bone health
  • Various medical conditions which include a coeliac disease in individuals with allergy to gluten or wheat which also lead to poor calcium and vitamin D absorption from food
  • Different medications such as steroids which include glucocorticoid (with long-term use)
  • Obesity
  • Young female athletes
  • Eating disorders.
  • Ageing (especially post menopause)
  • Deficiency of calcium, and vitamin D due to any reason
  • Lack of exercise or inactivity

How is it diagnosed and treated?

The physician will take a complete history of symptoms along with family and medical history followed by an examination of the affected areas. If the doctor is suspicious of you having poor bone health or osteopenia he will further suggest for

  • A bone density test and a repeat test will be generally advised two to five years after the first test.
  • An X-ray of the affected area in cases of fracture
  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA or DXA) scan.

Treatment of osteopenia:

  • Osteopenia is not as severe as osteoporosis and hence does not require much medication. Treatment of osteopenia targets at protecting the bone and improving its strength.
  • Supplementation of the individual diagnosed with osteopenia with calcium and vitamin D is necessary.
  • Dietary modification to add foods rich in vitamin D and calcium and includes milk and milk products such as yoghurt, cheese, vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, fish such as salmon, cereals, bread and orange juice.
  • Routine exercising and weight management to keep weight in control
  • Adopting a bone-friendly lifestyle
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  1. Medicines for Osteopenia
  2. Doctors for Osteopenia
Dr. Arun S K

Dr. Arun S K


Dr. Sudipta Saha

Dr. Sudipta Saha


Dr. Hatif Siddiqui

Dr. Hatif Siddiqui


Medicines for Osteopenia

Medicines listed below are available for Osteopenia. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
Shelcal 500 TabletShelcal 500 Tablet74.0
ArachitolArachitol 3 L Injection181.2
DvitalDvital 2 K Tablet38.0
Mac D3Mac D3 Injection33.3
Nu D3Nu D3 1 K Tablet49.0
Uprise D3Uprise D3 1 K Capsule71.5
Vitaneo D3Vitaneo D3 Granules16.25
VitanovaVitanova D3 60 K Iu Injection30.1
CalcirolCalcirol 600000 Iu Injection210.0
FosavanceFosavance 70 Mg/5600 Iu Tablet499.0
OstonatOstonat Kit175.0
Alenost DAlenost D Tablet171.0
Atorsave DAtorsave D 10 Tablet90.75
Avas DAvas D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet108.0
DaztorDaztor 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet110.0
Lipigraf D3Lipigraf D3 Tablet70.0
Storvas DStorvas D 10 Mg Tablet75.0
Astin DAstin D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet108.0
Lipicure DLipicure D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet113.0
Modlip DModlip D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet86.8
Calvit 12Calvit 12 137.5 Mg/5000 Iu/50 Mcg Injection39.0
D RozavelD Rozavel 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet150.0
Mahastat D3Mahastat D3 Tablet135.0
Rosufit DRosufit D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet158.0
Rosuflo DRosuflo D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet90.0
Rosuvas DRosuvas D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet210.0
Rosycap D3Rosycap D3 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet99.0
Rozucor DRozucor D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet150.0
Rozustat DRozustat D 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet122.1
Rosukem GoldRosukem Gold Tablet120.0
Zyrova D3Zyrova D3 5 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet120.0
Zyrova D3 ForteZyrova D3 Forte 10 Mg/1000 Iu Tablet180.8
DisprinDisprin Tablet4.7
Gluconorm G 1 DGluconorm G 1 D Tablet64.0
Gluconorm G2 DGluconorm G2 D Tablet98.5
Insulate NpInsulate Np Tablet200.0
T ScoreT Score Tablet166.67
AvicalAvical 500 Mg Tablet20.93
GemcalGemcal Kit160.5

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