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Piles is a condition where swelling in the veins of the anus occurs, leading to bleeding during bowel movement. It can be very painful.

It is very important to take a nutritious and balanced diet to prevent hemorrhoids (piles) from growing. In piles, one should avoid consuming foods that can aggravate the condition further. In such situations, many people wonder whether food items like milk, curd, cheese and other dairy products should be consumed.

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In this article, we will discuss whether one should consume milk or milk products when suffering from piles or not.

  1. Consumption of milk in piles
  2. Should I drink milk in piles or not?
  3. Which dairy products to avoid in piles
  4. What research says
Doctors for Is milk good in piles

It is generally believed that milk does not aggravate the problem of piles. But drinking skim or low-fat milk during piles can be responsible for increasing constipation.

Milk, cheese and other dairy products contain very little fiber. Although dairy products do not usually cause constipation, consuming them in piles can lead to constipation. Constipation can make piles worse. Not only this, if milk is consumed during piles then stomach gas may also start forming, which makes the problem of constipation more complicated with increased pain and cramps.

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Experts say that if you have to consume milk, then you should do so before sleeping and have warm milk with a few drops of honey in it. By consuming it this way, you will get good sleep and the milk will keep the bowel movement in the intestines smooth. If you have internal bleeding in piles, then you should drink warm milk on the advice of a doctor, as it may provide relief. 

Banana and whole milk puree contains high levels of fiber and is used in many home remedies. The fat percentage in full cream milk is easy to digest and can be consumed in piles.

Drinking buttermilk in piles is also considered very beneficial. Have 1 glass of buttermilk mixed with carom seeds and black salt to get relief from the pain of piles. Consuming buttermilk daily also provides relief from constipation, which can often increase the difficulties during piles.

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You should avoid the consumption of some beverages that contain dairy like tea and coffee. These drinks dehydrate your body and can lead to constipation. If you have piles, then the consumption of caffeine should be stopped immediately.

You should make be mindful of the quantity of milk and other dairy products you are consuming in piles throughout the day. If you are consuming full-cream milk, then you have to consume more fiber in your diet as well. But if the piles do not improve or if there is a lot of pain or bleeding, then you should consult a dietician. A dietitian can determine what you should include and exclude from your diet based on your symptoms.

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According to research, consuming too much milk or dairy products during piles can lead to the accumulation of bulk called soaps, which can cause constipation and hard stools. Soaps are formed in the intestines in the form of fatty acids that store calcium from the consumption of dairy products like milk, cheese and curd.

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