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What is pulmonary embolism?

Pulmonary embolism, a condition that causes blockage of blood vessels in the lungs due to a blood clot, occurs when a clot travelling through the blood vessel reaches the lung and lodges there. This condition can be life-threatening if the clot is huge or multiple. It damages the lungs and reduces the supply of oxygen to various parts of the body due to reduced levels of oxygen in the blood. This may cause damage to other organs of the body.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

In almost half of the individuals with pulmonary embolism, no symptoms are observed. The remaining half may experience the following symptoms:

What are the main causes?

It is most commonly caused by a condition called deep vein thrombosis, in which a blood clot is formed in the veins of the leg. When this clot breaks loose and moves towards the lungs, it can cause pulmonary embolism.

Other causes of pulmonary embolism include:

  • Surgeries, e.g., joint replacement surgery
  • Hormone replacement therapies
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Medical conditions like heart or lung diseases
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Inheritance
  • Obesity

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Although pulmonary embolism is difficult to diagnose, the following diagnostic measures will help the doctor in the correct diagnosis of the condition:

  • Detailed medical history of the individual
  • Physical examination and checking for the presence of symptoms
  • Imaging tests
  • Blood tests

The treatment aims to dissolve clots and prevent further formation. The following treatment measures are used for pulmonary embolism:

  • Medications:
  • Anticoagulant drugs are prescribed to thin the blood and prevent the clot from growing large and prevent the formation of new clots.
  • Thrombolytic drugs are prescribed to dissolve the clot.


  • A vena cava filter: A filter is inserted in the vena cava vein, which prevents the clot from travelling to the lungs.
  • Catheter-assisted removal of the clot: This procedure involves the insertion of a flexible tube in the lungs to break the clots.
  1. Medicines for Pulmonary Embolism

Medicines for Pulmonary Embolism

Medicines listed below are available for Pulmonary Embolism. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
LomoparinLomoparin 3500 Iu Injection185.0
SofarinSofarin 5 Mg Tablet20.0
UniwarfinUniwarfin 1 Mg Tablet25.0
WarfWarf 1 Mg Tablet23.0
IxarolaIxarola 15 Mg Tablet4060.0
XareltoXarelto 10 Mg Tablet1015.0
ClexaneClexane 20 Mg Injection358.0
CutenoxCutenox 20 Mg Injection201.0
EnclexEnclex 40 Mg Prefilled Syringe440.0
ExhepExhep 20 Mg Injection285.0
LmwxLmwx 20 Mg Injection295.0
LomohLomoh 20 Mg Injection479.0
LonopinLonopin 20 Mg Injection341.0
LupenoxLupenox 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe262.0
Troynoxa(Aura)Troynoxa 40 Mg Injection508.0
WomenoxWomenox 40 Mg Injection278.0
DynalixDynalix 40 Mg Prefilled Syringe490.0
EnoxarinEnoxarin 20 Mg Injection309.0
EnoxatroyEnoxatroy 20 Mg Injection281.0
EnoxelEnoxel 40 Mg Prefilled Syringe491.0
EnoxionEnoxion 20 Mg Injection325.0
EnoxsaveEnoxsave 20 Mg Injection214.0
FacilocFaciloc 20 Mg Injection179.0
FidenoxFidenox 40 Mg Injection547.0
FlothinFlothin 20 Mg Injection204.0
GrefacGrefac 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe199.0
Lomorin NxLomorin Nx 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe239.0
LoparinLoparin 20 Mg Prefilled Syringe230.0
MaxiparineMaxiparine 40 Mg Injection395.0
MegaparinMegaparin 40 Mg Injection445.0
NoxaparinNoxaparin 40 Mg Injection385.0
OxprinOxprin 40 Mg Injection509.0
RenoxaRenoxa 40 Mg Injection336.0
StenerStener 40 Mg Injection395.0
ThrombifloThrombiflo 40 Mg Injection446.0
ThrombostatThrombostat 30 Mg Injection47.0
AngionoxAngionox 40 Mg Injection431.0
AntixaAntixa 300 Mg Injection2610.0
CorparinCorparin 40 Mg Injection490.0
EnoxacareEnoxacare 40 Mg Injection433.0
LifenoxLifenox 400 Mg Injection483.0
LowcapLowcap 40 Mg Injection206.0
MacparinMacparin 40 Mg Injection409.0
MarkparinMarkparin 40 Mg Injection321.0
NoxprinNoxprin 40 Mg Injection385.0
SurparinSurparin 40 Mg Injection399.0
ThromboThrombo 5000 Iu Gel31.0
ZeroklotZeroklot 40 Mg Injection206.0
AcenomacAcenomac 1 Mg Tablet45.0
AcethrombAcethromb 1 Mg Tablet31.0
AcitromAcitrom 0.5 Mg Tablet39.0
NicozNicoz 1 Mg Tablet28.0
PradaxaPradaxa 110 Mg Capsule4308.0
EliquisEliquis 2.5 Mg Tablet725.0
BeparineBeparine 25000 Iu Injection226.71
CaprinCaprin 25000 Iu Injection233.0
CathflushCathflush 10 Iu Injection11.0
CelparinCelparin 25000 Iu Injection296.15
HeplockHeplock 10 Iu Injection30.25
LofhLofh 25000 Iu Injection237.3
NeporinNeporin 25000 Iu Injection213.2
NuparinNuparin 25000 Iu Injection211.0
ThinlaThinla 25000 Iu Injection210.87
TroyhepTroyhep 25000 Iu Injection227.55
HeparenHeparen 5000 Iu Injection31.5
HeparinHeparin 25000 Iu Injection187.0
KeparinKeparin 25000 Iu Injection45.0
PrevaclotPrevaclot 1000 Iu Injection23.47
MedinaseMedinase 250000 Iu Injection1190.47
RenokinaseRenokinase 500000 Iu Injection1752.38
SolokinaseSolokinase 500000 Iu Injection3600.79
U FragU Frag 250000 Iu Injection1547.62
UrokenUroken 1000000 Iu Injection4851.78
Urokinase TtkUrokinase Ttk 500000 Iu Injection3640.0
UronaseUronase 500000 Iu Injection3650.0
DalpinDalpin 2500 Iu Injection230.0
DaltehepDaltehep 10000 Iu Injection4400.0
DaltepinDaltepin 10000 Iu Injection517.66
FragminFragmin 10000 Iu Injection5486.8
BiokinaseBiokinase 1500000 Iu Injection3400.0
GlaniknaseGlaniknase Injection2136.06
IcikinaseIcikinase 1.5 Miu Injection2357.91
LupifloLupiflo 1500000 Iu Injection2135.5
MyokinaseMyokinase 1500000 Iu Injection2034.0
RthromboRthrombo 15 Lac Injection2135.0
StpaseStpase 1500000 Iu Injection2270.72
StreptaseStreptase 1500000 Iu Injection3120.0
StukinaseStukinase Injection1547.62
ThrombofluxThromboflux 1500000 Iu Injection2049.66
EcokinaseEcokinase Injection2351.43
EskinaseEskinase 1.5 Miu Injection3400.0
FibrokinaseFibrokinase 1500000 Iu Injection2586.48
HaemokinaseHaemokinase 1500000 Iu Injection2622.23
KlotbusterKlotbuster 1500000 Iu Injection828.27
StreplifeStreplife 1500000 Iu Injection3238.09
Streptokinase 15,00000 Iu InjectionStreptokinase 15,00000 Iu Injection1344.5
ThrombosolvThrombosolv 1500000 Iu Injection2437.0
ArixtraArixtra 2.5 Mg/0.5 Ml Injection680.0
FondafloFondaflo 2.5 Mg Injection649.0
FondaparinuxFondaparinux 7.5 Mg Injection1348.0
FondaredFondared 2.5 Mg Injection715.0
FondazestFondazest 2.5 Mg Prefilled Syringe680.0
CardioparinCardioparin 4000 Iu Injection240.5
FraxiparineFraxiparine 2850 Iu/0.3 Ml Injection357.75
FraxodiFraxodi 11.4 K Injection900.0
NadroparNadropar 2850 Iu Injection215.17
HepgelHepgel 250 Iu Ointment47.38
Philebotroy QpsPhilebotroy Qps Solution 1000 Iu115.0
LiotonLioton Gel66.0
ThrombomarkThrombomark Ointment69.3
Thrombotroy QpsThrombotroy Qps Solution115.0
FluxiumFluxium Injection363.9
FluxumFluxum 3200 Iu Injection399.05
HiborHibor 2500 Iu Injection281.0
PeridamolPeridamol Suspension12.5
ThrombonilThrombonil 75 Mg Tablet38.1
ClivarineClivarine 3436 Iu Injection509.0
TroparinTroparin 3000 Iu Injection246.8
AggrenoxAggrenox 25 Mg/200 Mg Capsule Er2847.0
ArrenoArreno 25 Mg/200 Mg Capsule23.0
DynasprinDynasprin 75 Mg/60 Mg Tablet35.07
DolophobDolophob Gel0.0
ThrombophobThrombophob Gel106.8
AparinAparin Cream31.5

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