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Coughing is an impulse that keeps your airways and throat clear of mucus and irritants like smoke or dust. A dry cough gives a tickly sensation in the throat with no production of phlegm (thick mucus) whereas, in a productive cough, there is phlegm production, which clears the airway. In most people, a cough clears up in less than three weeks without the need of any medications. However, when a cough is persistent, it is good to see your doctor for prompt treatment.

There are many medical conditions that could cause a persistent cough, for example, flu, sinusitis, laryngitis, allergic rhinitis or just a flare-up or an acute exacerbation of a chronic disease like asthma, chronic bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Medications aren't always needed for a short-term cough because it gets better within a few weeks. Sufficient rest with adequate fluid intake and simple home remedies can help. If your cough is because of a specific reason, treating the underlying cause may help. In rare cases, a persistent cough can be a symptom of a severe health condition, for example, tuberculosis or cystic fibrosis, which must be managed timely. Let’s learn and explore more about this impulse through this article.

  1. What Is cough?
  2. Cough symptoms
  3. Cough causes and risk factors
  4. Prevention of cough
  5. Diagnosis of cough
  6. Cough treatment
  7. Cough prognosis & complications
  8. Medicines for Cough
  9. Doctors for Cough

What Is cough?

A cough is an inborn protective reflex mechanism. A reflex is when your body produces an automatic response to a stimulus, for example, an irritant. Our airways and the throat have the nerves, which sense these irritants. Once an irritant stimulates the nerves, they send a signal to the brain. The brain sends a signal to the chest wall muscles and the abdomen, which in response take a deep breath, which is quickly and forcefully also breathed out while trying to eliminate the irritant. This entire response is almost rapid, occurs within a fraction of a second, and is very effective. A cough can push the particles and air out of the throat and lungs at a speed of nearly 50 miles per hour.

A chronic cough and persistent production of phlegm are important indicators of respiratory illness. These symptoms hold significance in various epidemiologic studies that have shown a strong connection between these symptoms and fatal respiratory diseases like COPD.

Cough symptoms

Cough is a symptom of an underlying disease, which might originate from the respiratory system, cardiovascular (heart) system, digestive system or others. It will typically be associated with other symptoms that guide the diagnosis of the original cause. Some of the most commonly seen symptoms associated with a cough are:

Cough causes and risk factors


The causes of cough can be classified based on the site of origin.

Respiratory causes

  • Infectious causes

    • Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs): Upper respiratory infections are extremely common and spread rapidly from person to person by droplet infection. Common examples are common cold, sinusitis, and infection the influenza virus causing flu. Of these, flu is the most serious cause.

    • Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (LRTIs): LRTIs affect the airways and the lung tissue called alveoli. These infections can progress to collapse of a lobe of the lung if not treated in time. Common examples include pneumonia, bronchitis, and bronchiectasis. Tuberculosis is potentially lethal but common LRTI. Flu can affect both the upper and lower respiratory tract and is a common cause.
  • Heart-related causes
    Heart failure
    : Failure of the heart to pump adequate blood is termed as heart failure. A number of chronic heart diseases can lead to heart failure. Accumulation of excess blood in the heart leads to fluid buildup in the lungs as well, causing cough, especially at night as one lies down.
  • Non-infectious causes

    • Allergic conditions: Inhalation of toxic chemical fumes can lead to an allergic reaction in the nose and respiratory tract causing allergic rhinitis and cough. Allergy to common environmental allergens like pollen, dust, environmental pollutants or animal dander too can incite an allergic cough. This is also termed as hay fever.

    • Asthma: Asthma is a severe allergy and inflammation of the airways of the lungs leading to a triad of cough, wheezing and shortness of breath due to narrowing down of the airway passage. Common triggers for asthma include exercise, cold weather, pollen, dust, certain chemicals, dyes and others.

    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): This is usually observed in smokers as a chronic cough that worsens with exertion. Lung tissue inflammation leads to prolonged cough with shortness of breath and phlegm production.

    • Lung clot: Presence of clot in the arteries of the lungs, also known as pulmonary embolism, is medical emergency leading to sudden and severe shortness of breath along with a cough. Blood clots travel from the veins of the leg to the lungs.

    • Lung collapse: Collapse of one or more lobes of the lungs, also known as pneumothorax, occurs when a part of the lung deflates in the chest. An injury to the chest or genetic syndromes, like Marfan’s syndrome, increases the risk of lung collapse quite spontaneously. It is more commonly seen in smokers who have been diagnosed with emphysema

    • Nasal drip: Continuous dribbling of mucus into the throat leads to a cough, especially while lying down. This generally occurs in case of a URTI or allergic rhinitis.

    • Lung cancer: Uncontrolled growth of cells of any lung tissue can lead to lung cancer, which is a common cause for cough. Metastasis or spread of a tumour from other organs to the lungs too can lead to a cough. Such cough might contain blood.

  • Digestive causes
    Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD): A common cause of a cough is the acid produced from the stomach travelling upwards into the food pipe. This is due to a condition called GERD.
  • Other causes
    Medications: Some medications like angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE-I) which are used to treat high blood pressure can cause a dry cough.

Risk Factors

Following are some of the risk factors for developing a cough:

Internal causes like the following increase the risk of having a cough:

External causes as mentioned below increase the risk of having a cough:

  • Smoking
  • Environmental pollutants and irritants like asbestos, coal, silica
  • Close contact with a person having an infectious lung disease.

Prevention of cough

In order to prevent a cough, it is important that you take enough protective measures to protect yourself from infectious agents and allergens, This can be done in the following manner:

  • While going out, it is advisable to wear a protective mask to shield you from environmental pollutants and allergens. This will further protect you from the risk of developing respiratory tract infections. Using protective devices like a mask is all the more important if you suffer from recurrent coughs or are prone to lung infections.
  • Avoid any known allergens and stay away from environmental triggers.
  • Avoiding contact with a person who is suffering from a communicable infection and washing your hands regularly will also help in the prevention of an infection.
  • Keep your environment clean and dispose off used tissues carefully.
  • Another way in which you can avoid a cough is by working on your immunity. Increase the intake of immunity-boosting foods like those rich in vitamin C in your diet.
  • Vaccination is another important measure, which helps to avoid future infections. So, make sure your children are vaccinated for respiratory infections like pertusis, well in time.

Diagnosis of cough

Your doctor will diagnose a cough by eliciting history related to your occupation, lifestyle, past medical history, and current symptoms. This will be followed by chest auscultation with the help of a stethoscope, to identify the exact cause, which will be later confirmed by diagnostic tests.

Your doctor may or may not recommend you some of the following tests:

Laboratory tests

  • Complete blood count
  • Sputum culture and microscopic examination
  • Specific tests to look for certain infections
  • Throat swab
  • Spirometry – this is a test to determine the lung function and breathing capacity

Imaging studies

  • Chest X-ray
  • CT scan of the chest
  • Bronchoscopy – this is a procedure where a camera-fitted thin tube is passed into the lung airways (bronchi) to look for the cause of a cough. This is sometimes also used to treat a cough by removing a foreign body. A bronchoscopy might also be used to collect a tissue sample, called a biopsy, for further assessment.

Cough treatment

Treatment options for a cough depend on the cause. Following is a list of therapeutic options for a cough:

  • Antibiotics and antifungals are used to treat infections of the respiratory tract.
  • Expectorants might be advised to help remove phlegm accumulated in the airways. Anti-tussives are also commonly prescribed.
  • Antihistamines and decongestants are used to treat allergic causes of a cough. Avoiding allergens; however, remains the prime step in treating allergic conditions.
  • Drugs called bronchodilators that help in widening narrowed airways are used to treat asthma, which also helps in reducing the associated symptom of a cough.
  • Steroids like prednisone might be used to treat severe episodes of asthma and COPD.
  • Proton pump inhibitors and H2- receptor blockers are used when GERD is the cause of a cough.
  • Changing the drug or dosage is the treatment in cases where medication is the ascertained cause.
  • Blood thinners, oxygen and other emergency treatment, are needed in case of lung collapse or a blood clot in the lungs. A chest drainage tube might be inserted to reinflate the collapsed lung and drain any fluid in the chest cavity.

Tips to manage a cough

  • Use a fresh paper tissue or a napkin to cover your nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing. Discard the tissue right away. In case, you have nothing available, cough into the crook of your elbow or upper sleeve and not into your hand.
  • Always clean and disinfect the surfaces you touch at work or home.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands for a least 15 to 20 seconds using hot water and soap after touching your nose, eyes and mouth. You can also use alcohol-based rubs.
  • Quitting smoking is extremely important to prevent worsening of existing cough. Avoid inhaling smoke due to passive smoking.
  • You can use steam inhalation or a hot shower to reduce cough and congestion.
  • Drinking warm water over cold is another way in which you can manage cold and a sore throat.
  • Sucking on hard candy or lozenges can help relieve a sore throat and dry cough by increasing saliva production. Avoid giving them to children aged three or less as it poses a choking hazard.
  • Warm teas like ginger tea or lemon tea can also help in relieving a cough.
  • Honey can help reduce the frequency of coughing and soothe an inflamed throat. Do not give it to children under the age of one as there might be a high risk of botulism, which is a severe infection.

Cough prognosis & complications


A cough usually is not a sign of something serious.  But, sometimes, a short-term cough may be the first sign of a disease that causes a persistent cough. Yet in rare cases, a persistent cough can be a symptom of lung cancer, tuberculosis, or heart failure. In children, a persistent cough can be a sign of cystic fibrosis, a severe long-term infection. In most people, coughs clear up within three weeks; thus, they don't need much of a therapy. If cough persists, it is a good idea to see your doctor so that they can find the underlying cause of a cough.


The complications of a cough seem to arise from factors like the pressure and force produced during forceful coughing. Some of the adverse complications of coughing include:

  • Constitutional symptoms: Sweating, anorexia, exhaustion, and excessive sweating.
  • Skin: Disruption of any surgical wounds.
  • Musculoskeletal symptoms: Rib fractures, diaphragm rupture etc.
  • Cardiovascular: Low blood pressure in the arteries, decreased heart rate, increased heart rate etc.
  • Neurological: Headache, dizziness, seizures.

Effects are also seen in the respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, and the eyes. Severe coughing can also have psychological effects and adverse effects on the person’s quality of life. Persistent dry cough can cause the following complications:

  • Urinary incontinence in pregnant women.
  • Interrupted sleep.
  • A cough can cause intense fits which can result in vomiting at times.
  • Headaches.
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Dr. Giri Prasath

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Dr. Madhav Bhondave

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Medicines for Cough

Medicines listed below are available for Cough. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
Benz PearlsBenz Pearls 100 Mg Capsule80.0
EfetilEfetil Tablet179.0
EffenacEffenac 600 Mg Tablet171.0
LumenacLumenac 600 Mg Capsule180.0
MucinacMucinac 20% Injection50.0
MucobloMucoblo 600 Mg Tablet135.0
MucomeltMucomelt 1000 Mg Injection126.0
MucomixMucomix 1 Gm Injection590.0
Mucotab TabletMucotab 600 Mg Tablet197.0
MucotroyMucotroy 1000 Mg Injection130.0
NacfilNacfil 1200 Mg Tablet200.0
CoenacCoenac 600 Mg Tablet179.0
EvanacEvanac 600 Mg Tablet154.0
FluimucilFluimucil 100 Mg Granules90.0
Fluimucil (Elder)Fluimucil 200 Mg Powder16.0
Fluimucil EffFluimucil Eff Tablet144.0
MucarylMucaryl Effervescent Tablet179.0
MucosysMucosys 1000 Mg Injection72.0
MucystMucyst 1000 Mg Injection125.0
NacelNacel 1000 Mg Injection119.0
NacyresNacyres 600 Mg Tablet179.0
OvanacOvanac 600 Mg Tablet75.0
Ovanac PlusOvanac Plus 600 Mg Tablet135.0
OxitresOxitres Tablet160.0
Max NacMax Nac 5 Gm Sachet780.0
FlexabenzFlexabenz 5 Mg Tablet77.0
Codeine PhosphateCodeine Phosphate Linctus58.0
Codine SulphateCodine Sulphate 15 Mg Tablet58.0
LincotussLincotuss 15 Mg Syrup54.0
MarkodinMarkodin Syrup36.0
MontokufMontokuf 15 Mg Syrup76.0
Cat AidCat Aid Eye Drop50.0
KoxmaKoxma 16 Mg Tablet250.0
Ab FloAb Flo 100 Mg Capsule89.0
Ab PhyllineAb Phylline 100 Mg Capsule96.0
Ambrodil XpAmbrodil Xp 100 Mg56.0
AscoventAscovent 200 Mg Tablet Sr139.0
BigbroBigbro 100 Mg Capsule89.0
BrophyleBrophyle 100 Mg Capsule80.0
MacphyllineMacphylline 100 Mg Capsule71.0
OxybroOxybro 100 Mg Capsule58.0
Respira AceRespira Ace 100 Mg Capsule52.0
Ventidox AVentidox A 100 Mg Capsule55.0
AbpexAbpex 100 Mg Capsule79.0
AcebrobidAcebrobid 100 Mg Capsule75.0
AcebrolinAcebrolin 100 Mg Capsule66.0
AcebrovelAcebrovel 100 Mg Tablet52.0
AcelastAcelast 100 Mg Capsule65.0
AcibroAcibro 100 Mg Capsule81.0
AfasmaAfasma 100 Mg Tablet59.0
AphylAphyl 100 Mg Capsule79.0
AsmaaceAsmaace Capsule47.0
AsthaceAsthace 100 Mg Tablet Sr63.0
AxeldoxAxeldox 100 Mg Tablet75.0
BayaceBayace 100 Mg Capsule77.0
Broncocet AcbBroncocet Acb Capsule39.0
BroncofilBroncofil 100 Mg Capsule92.0
Brophylin (Pfizer)Brophylin 100 Mg Capsule50.0
CebofylCebofyl 100 Mg Capsule75.0
Elu BmElu Bm 100 Mg Capsule64.0
ErophyllineErophylline 100 Mg Capsule50.0
MucophylineMucophyline 100 Mg Capsule72.0
Phylin APhylin A 100 Mg Capsule65.0
ResebronResebron 100 Mg Tablet70.0
VentibroVentibro 100 Mg Capsule49.0
XanilaxXanilax 200 Mg Tablet Sr132.0
AcegrowAcegrow 100 Mg Capsule71.0
BraceBrace 100 Mg Capsule64.0
MucidayMuciday Tablet130.0
SomaphyllineSomaphylline 100 Mg Capsule65.0
HealarHealar 10 Mg Tablet39.0
AldaseAldase 10 Mg Tablet52.0
BiosuganrilBiosuganril 10 Mg Tablet123.0
EmanzenEmanzen 10 Mg Tablet104.0
FlanzenFlanzen 10 Mg Tablet111.0
Kineto ForteKineto Forte Tablet70.0
LyserLyser 10 Mg Tablet44.0
LytixLytix 10 Mg Tablet60.0
SeptidaseSeptidase Forte Tablet60.0
SeraxSerax 20 Mg Tablet48.0
SpadeSpade 20 Mg Tablet72.0
Ace (Gold Line)Ace 15 Mg Tablet65.0
AlonAlon 5 Mg Tablet56.0
BidanzenBidanzen 5 Mg Tablet52.0
BioseraBiosera 10 Mg Tablet31.0
CipzenCipzen 5 Mg Tablet7.0
C SerraC Serra 10 Mg Tablet61.0
Dase (Sumac)Dase 10 Mg Tablet52.0
DoserDoser 10 Mg Tablet49.0
DranzenDranzen 10 Mg Tablet35.0
EcseptEcsept Tablet55.0
EnseraEnsera 10 Mg Tablet33.0
EspidaseEspidase 10 Mg Tablet44.0
ExudaseExudase 20 Mg Tablet51.0
FlaserFlaser Forte 10 Mg Tablet55.0
Healar DpHealar Dp 10 Mg Tablet66.0
HealaseHealase 10 Mg Tablet54.0
InfladaseInfladase 5 Mg Tablet31.0
Infla (Proctor)Infla Liniment113.0
KinaseKinase 10 Mg Tablet33.0
KodanzenKodanzen Forte Tablet12.0
LyticLytic 10 Mg Tablet51.0
Mediser DMediser D Tablet55.0
MicrodaseMicrodase 10 Mg Tablet42.0
MucozenMucozen 10 Mg Tablet23.0
Mucozen PlusMucozen Plus 50 Mg Tablet41.0
PepnacPepnac Tablet58.0
Pepzol (Alembic)Pepzol 10 Mg Tablet8.0
PrimedasePrimedase Forte 10 Mg Tablet91.0
ResolveResolve 10 Mg Tablet55.0
S 15S 15 Tablet
SedaseSedase 10 Mg Tablet60.0
Seradase(Kop)Seradase 10 Mg Tablet40.0
SerahilSerahil 10 Mg Tablet51.0
SeraimSeraim 10 Mg Tablet12.0
SeraproSerapro 10 Mg Tablet49.0
SerataurSerataur 10 Mg Tablet52.0
SeratidSeratid 10 Mg Tablet68.0
Seratodase ForteSeratodase Forte 10 Mg Tablet80.0
Serato MSerato M Forte 10 Mg Tablet50.0
SeratopSeratop 10 Mg Tablet49.0
SerazeSeraze 10 Mg Tablet59.0
SerdaseSerdase 10 Mg Tablet58.0
SerezonSerezon 5 Mg Tablet36.0
Seriflam (Bsp)Seriflam Ds Tablet63.0
Seriflam Plus TabletSeriflam Plus Tablet50.0
SerimetSerimet Tablet53.0
Serip ForteSerip Forte 10 Mg Tablet39.0
SeriwokSeriwok 10 Mg Tablet8.0
SerizSeriz 15 Mg Tablet45.0
SerlinuxSerlinux Tablet56.0
SeroSero 10 Mg Tablet75.0
SerossSeross 10 Mg Tablet87.0
SerraSerra 10 Mg Tablet69.0
SerradazeSerradaze 10 Mg Tablet61.0
SerragSerrag 10 Mg Tablet46.0
SerratioSerratio 10 Mg Tablet45.0
Serratio DSerratio D 10 Mg Tablet59.0
SherilSheril 10 Mg Tablet60.0
ShidaseShidase 10 Mg Tablet60.0
Streptokinase (Win Medicare)Streptokinase 1500 Mg Injection2945.0
TolpaTolpa 10 Mg Tablet82.0
TotarylTotaryl 10 Mg Tablet32.0
Trips STrips S 10 Mg Tablet53.0
TriserTriser 10 Mg Tablet50.0
ZinaseZinase 20 Mg Tablet69.0
Acfast (Kim)Acfast Gel23.0
AiserAiser Tablet52.0
BenserBenser Tablet50.0
BiodaseBiodase 10 Mg Tablet58.0
CuzenCuzen 10 Mg Tablet58.0
Dase PlusDase Plus Tablet59.0
DaseDase 5 Mg Tablet26.0
DicaDica Tablet85.0
DolozenDolozen 10 Mg Tablet56.0
EferemEferem Tablet71.0
FlamoverFlamover 10 Mg Tablet41.0
GoogleGoogle Gel47.0
HelpidaseHelpidase 10 Mg Tablet41.0
InflanzanInflanzan 10 Mg Tablet60.0
Inflazen ForteInflazen Forte Tablet57.0
KasidesKasides 10 Mg Tablet52.0
Kasides ForteKasides Forte Tablet62.0
KinexKinex 10 Mg Tablet48.0
LupicitLupicit 10 Mg Tablet16.0
LupiseraLupisera Tablet9.0
Microzen ForteMicrozen Forte 10 Mg Tablet60.0
Pepdase FortePepdase Forte 10 Mg Tablet160.0
PepzenPepzen 10 Mg Tablet10.0
PolizonPolizon Tablet33.0
Ratio (Intas)Ratio 10 Mg Tablet53.0
ReseratReserat 10 Mg Tablet62.0
SepdaseSepdase 5 Mg Tablet30.0
Sera 10Sera 10 10 Mg Tablet63.0
SeramerSeramer 10 Mg Tablet60.0
SerapepSerapep 5 Mg Tablet37.0
Serase(Sdc)Serase Tablet46.0
Serase(Sdp)Serase 10 Mg Tablet46.0
SeravirSeravir 10 Mg Tablet39.0
SeretochemSeretochem 5 Mg Tablet7.0
Serex ForteSerex Forte 10 Mg Tablet62.0
Sericon DSericon D Tablet47.0
SeroaceSeroace 10 Mg Tablet9.0
SerotekSerotek 10 Mg Tablet51.0
Serpik ForteSerpik Forte Tablet44.0
SerrafastSerrafast 10 Mg Tablet8.0
Serraline DSerraline D Tablet70.0
SolupepSolupep 10 Mg Tablet44.0
SpaseSpase 5 Mg Tablet28.0
Spase ForteSpase Forte 10 Mg Tablet50.0
Spd (Curagen)Spd 10 Mg Tablet50.0
StellaserStellaser Tablet60.0
Syser ForteSyser Forte 10 Mg Tablet54.0
ThiozymeThiozyme Tablet52.0
TiroseraTirosera Tablet74.0
ToraTora Tablet52.0
WiserWiser 10 Mg Tablet37.0
ZysZys 10 Mg Tablet50.0
Opel SerraOpel Serra 100 Mg/10 Mg Tablet28.55
DenzoDenzo 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet71.9
DickaDicka 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet88.3
Lytix DLytix D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet64.0
PaintolPaintol 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet55.0
SolvinSolvin 30 Mg/4 Mg Tablet42.0
Benadryl DrBenadryl Dr Kids Syrup76.73
BenadrylBenadryl Dry Cough Relief 15 Mg/5 Ml Syrup78.0
Brodil DBrodil D Syrup 30 Mg56.79
Codorex DmCodorex Dm Syrup20.0
DmrDmr 10 Mg Tablet26.0
PilodexPilodex Syrup55.0
TusstatTusstat 15 Mg Syrup60.0
LecorastLecorast 20 Mg Syrup69.3
LupitussLupituss Oral Suspension87.0
Phensedyl LrPhensedyl Lr Suspension80.0
TuscureTuscure 20 Mg Suspension46.66
TussmarkTussmark 20 Mg Syrup50.0
UltitussUltituss 20 Mg Suspension87.0
ZerotussZerotuss 20 Mg Suspension72.51
Zyrcold DZyrcold D 35.4 Mg Suspension62.56
CofrylCofryl 25 Mg Syrup68.5
DifDif 25 Mg Suspension37.9
ZendrylZendryl 25 Mg Capsule17.25
AldrylAldryl Soft Gelatin Capsule11.12
Bronconil DBronconil D Syrup60.0
LeproLepro 500 Mg Tablet39.21
RapitusRapitus 30 Mg/5 Ml Syrup65.0
RaptusRaptus Syrup43.81
Ban Labs Drill SyrupDrill Expectorant31.5
MucodyneMucodyne 150 Mg Capsule54.0
Caladryl(Piramal)Caladryl Lotion56.45
MeladrylMeladryl 1% W/V Lotion45.0
PrenoxidPrenoxid 200 Mg Tablet266.66
ConosConos 25 Mg Tablet64.82
Aa HaAa Ha Syrup46.66
LeekufLeekuf Syrup23.37
Leekuf JuniorLeekuf Junior Syrup45.0
Zerodol SpZerodol Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet72.0
Aarclo AsAarclo As Tablet57.15
Aarther SpAarther Sp Tablet54.0
Acceclowoc SpAcceclowoc Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet76.65
Acelife PlusAcelife Plus 500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet59.9
Espidase PEspidase P 650 Mg/10 Mg Tablet47.16
Acenac SAcenac S 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet46.2
Acicloflex SfAcicloflex Sf 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet49.0
Acimol SpAcimol Sp 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet55.0
Safronac SSafronac S 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet52.37
Seradic ASeradic A Tablet62.0
Xtra SpXtra Sp 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet52.4
Zerodol SZerodol S 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet68.0
Aeronac AceAeronac Ace 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet54.0
Askil SAskil S Tablet49.0
Be Flame SpBe Flame Sp Tablet70.0
DoloralDoloral Tablet52.37
GudseraGudsera 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet59.9
Palif SpPalif Sp 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet50.87
Seranavi PlusSeranavi Plus 15 Mg/100 Mg Tablet51.13
Voltanec SVoltanec S 100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet46.1
Willgo SpWillgo Sp Tablet56.0
Acnec ZenAcnec Zen 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet53.55
Actimol SActimol S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet40.0
Aldase DAldase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet59.9
Aldase OdAldase Od 100 Mg/30 Mg Tablet119.9
Arofen SArofen S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet9.37
Biodase DBiodase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.76
BiodicBiodic 75 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.0
Bludec SpBludec Sp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet27.0
Chymodase DkChymodase Dk Tablet54.0
Clomol SClomol S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet64.77
Dairo SDairo S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet52.31
Denzo PDenzo P 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet83.9
Dicfine SDicfine S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet6.18
Dicka MrDicka Mr Capsule181.0
Dicka XpDicka Xp Tablet99.1
Dicloace SpDicloace Sp Tablet38.1
DiclodaseDiclodase 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet43.31
Diclomol SpDiclomol Sp 50 Mg/15 Mg Tablet57.5
DiclopepDiclopep 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.56
DiclopeptDiclopept 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.0
Dicoliv SDicoliv S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet11.25
Dilona SpDilona Sp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet82.0
DiserDiser 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet71.5
Dofec SDofec S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.41
Dolodase PDolodase P 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.0
Dolser DDolser D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet54.21
Doser DDoser D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet67.0
Dpm PlusDpm Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet32.0
DpsDps 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet30.0
DyrectDyrect 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet385.0
Ecsept DEcsept D Tablet64.76
Emanzen DEmanzen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet119.8
Endospaz SEndospaz S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet47.62
Espidase DEspidase D Tablet52.93
Exudase DExudase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet53.68
Flexigesic SFlexigesic S Tablet51.51
Frank DFrank D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet65.0
GufiseradGufiserad 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.0
Healar DHealar D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.0
Healase DHealase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet59.03
IndiaflamIndiaflam 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet67.5
InfaserInfaser 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet49.08
InflasarInflasar 50 Mg/10 Mg Ointment42.41
Inflazyme DInflazyme D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet56.45
LippoLippo 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet25.0
Lynzen DLynzen D Tablet67.43
Lytic KLytic K Tablet 50 Mg/10 Mg59.0
Microdase DMicrodase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet52.0
Morser DMorser D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet55.25
PepdicPepdic 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet15.0
Pepnac DPepnac D Tablet65.0
Peptizen DPeptizen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.5
Pepzol DPepzol D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet10.8
Quser PQuser P 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet67.68
Resera DpResera Dp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet55.0
Reserat PlusReserat Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.4
Resini SpResini Sp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet80.0
Resolve DpResolve Dp Tablet55.0
Sacdase DSacdase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.98
SdSd 15 Tablet80.8
Seap DSeap D Tablet51.63
Sedal DSedal D Tablet27.95
Septa DSepta D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.5
Septidase DSeptidase D 50 Mg/15 Mg Tablet65.0
SeradicSeradic 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet78.0
Serapro DSerapro D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.81
Serataur D 10Serataur D 10 Tablet57.17
Seration DfSeration Df 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.15
Seratop DSeratop D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.13
Serax DSerax D Tablet81.0
Seraze PlusSeraze Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet49.9
Ser DSer D 10 Mg/50 Mg Tablet63.47
SerditerSerditer 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet39.52
SericadSericad Tablet57.15
Seriwok DSeriwok D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet10.77
SerofenSerofen 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.42
Seross DSeross D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet75.6
Serous DSerous D Tablet56.62
Serrodase DSerrodase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet55.8
SimbaSimba Tablet48.18
SiodicSiodic 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.5
Spade DSpade D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet93.0
SpdSpd 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet13.2
Tolpa DTolpa D Tablet107.0
TripsTrips 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.5
Trips KTrips K 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet60.5
Trosera DTrosera D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet60.0
TurbonacTurbonac 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet45.46
UltradaseUltradase 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet63.0
V 2V 2 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet49.05
VoltanaseVoltanase 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet15.0
Zinase DZinase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet90.3
Zonex PlusZonex Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet60.0
Acfast DAcfast D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet40.93
Adpep DAdpep D Tablet62.5
Aiser DAiser D Tablet62.25
Alsera DAlsera D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet11.25
Amsera DAmsera D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet50.55
AurodisAurodis Tablet50.0
Bio MegaflamBio Megaflam 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet49.5
BiozobidBiozobid 50 Mg/15 Mg Tablet102.0
Cipzen DCipzen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet99.0
CloseraClosera 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet49.94
Coxser DCoxser D Tablet61.9
Cuga SCuga S 50 Mg/15 Mg Capsule75.81
CugaCuga 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.86
Cuzen DpCuzen Dp Tablet61.1
Dacpar SDacpar S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet54.0
Datio DDatio D Tablet50.22
Demo SDemo S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.15
Dicdase PDicdase P 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet59.5
DicdaseDicdase 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet46.68
Diclodase PDiclodase P 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.12
Diclofam SpDiclofam Sp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet55.0
Diclomint SDiclomint S Tablet55.28
DiclorilDicloril 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet75.0
DicloserraDicloserra 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet43.31
DicserDicser 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet47.11
Diczip ADiczip A 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet15.0
Diczip SDiczip S 50 Mg/10 Mg Capsule52.5
Diflac SpDiflac Sp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.38
DilparDilpar 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.68
Divon SDivon S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet87.5
DolonaseDolonase 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.53
Dolopac SpDolopac Sp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet60.0
Dolozen DDolozen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet61.37
D PepD Pep Tablet69.0
Ds 15Ds 15 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet73.33
Dunac SDunac S Tablet64.76
DutchseraDutchsera 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet81.11
DyoserDyoser 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet50.0
EldiserEldiser 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet50.75
Enzoflam DEnzoflam D 50 Mg/10 Mg Capsule72.11
EsdEsd Tablet55.23
Fenase TabletFenase Tablet54.9
FendaseFendase 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.75
FeradicFeradic 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet59.26
Flambit PlusFlambit Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet70.0
FlexymFlexym 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet52.0
GenegesicGenegesic 1.16% Gel64.76
Geozen DGeozen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.98
HealcrosHealcros 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.99
Humase KHumase K 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet46.15
Inflasar PInflasar P 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.0
Kasides PlusKasides Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet59.18
Kloser DKloser D Gel54.9
Lyser DLyser D Tablet85.0
Medizen DMedizen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet52.0
Mofen SMofen S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet56.05
MysparMyspar 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet85.71
Nidase DNidase D Tablet65.0
Norton DpsNorton Dps 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.0
OdyflexOdyflex 75 Mg/15 Mg Tablet62.71
Olseraz DOlseraz D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet56.18
Pepdase DPepdase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet82.38
Pepzen DPepzen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet5.0
P Lytic DP Lytic D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet64.48
Pofinac SpPofinac Sp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet67.5
Proken DProken D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.5
Recoflam S TabletRecoflam S Tablet70.0
Redase DRedase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.75
Redase DpRedase Dp 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet73.92
Renac SpRenac Sp Tablet64.27
Rid SRid S 50 Mg/10 Mg Capsule40.3
RolosolRolosol 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet84.6
Rolosol ERolosol E 50 Mg/10 Mg Capsule64.8
Rolosol RbRolosol Rb 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.3
Saral DSaral D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.48
Sepdase DSepdase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.3
Sep KSep K Tablet45.71
Sera DSera D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet66.22
Serallect DSerallect D Tablet60.0
SeranaviSeranavi 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.13
Serapep PlusSerapep Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet61.97
Serase KSerase K 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet58.5
Serasif DSerasif D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.0
Seratid DSeratid D Tablet66.86
Seravir DSeravir D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet65.0
SeravoltSeravolt 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet47.37
Serazen DSerazen D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet54.3
SerdiSerdi 10 Mg Tablet84.76
SerfenSerfen 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet39.15
Serflam DSerflam D Tablet50.03
Serip PlusSerip Plus Tablet45.0
Seriz PlusSeriz Plus Tablet65.0
SerokSerok Tablet65.71
Serolin DSerolin D Tablet60.9
SeronacSeronac Tablet60.0
Seroz DSeroz D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet64.0
Serpep KSerpep K Tablet55.73
Serpik DSerpik D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet51.25
Serra DSerra D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet79.0
Serraflam PlusSerraflam Plus 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet61.62
Serrint DSerrint D Tablet66.0
SerronakSerronak 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet69.3
SerzecSerzec 100 Mg/500 Mg Tablet63.0
SiddsoSiddso Tablet65.0
Sider KSider K Tablet52.37
SofdaseSofdase 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet61.0
Spase DSpase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet55.0
Stalogesic SStalogesic S 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet56.0
Stalwar DxStalwar Dx 50 Mg/10 Mg Capsule59.8
Surgicare DSurgicare D Tablet13.75
Syser DSyser D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet59.4
Tise DTise D Tablet58.57
Tranil SpTranil Sp Tablet66.0
TraumanilTraumanil 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet37.66
TriactTriact 50 Mg/10 Mg Syrup13.43
TriwinTriwin 10 Mg/50 Mg Tablet18.03
VectorVector 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet48.0
Wiser DkWiser Dk 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet41.06
ZedflamZedflam 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet57.5
ZeseraZesera Tablet65.71
Zotadase KZotadase K 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet56.62
Zymase DZymase D 50 Mg/10 Mg Tablet53.75
Acibro PlusAcibro Plus Tablet Sr129.0
BropaxBropax 200 Mg/10 Mg Tablet140.0
Ebmont AEbmont A 200 Mg/10 Mg Tablet120.0
Glemont AGlemont A 200 Mg/10 Mg Tablet152.0
Levokast AbLevokast Ab 200 Mg/10 Mg Tablet140.0
Monokast AbMonokast Ab 200 Mg/10 Mg Tablet140.0
Montek AbMontek Ab 10 Mg/200 Mg Tablet162.0
Montemac AMontemac A 200 Mg/10 Mg Tablet160.0
Spiromont ASpiromont A Tablet129.0
Telekast ATelekast A Tablet138.0
Abrofyl MAbrofyl M 200 Mg/10 Mg Tablet140.9
Lasma AbLasma Ab Tablet135.0
Vitaresp AbVitaresp Ab Tablet144.0
Aceclo SeraAceclo Sera 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.9
Acefen SpAcefen Sp Tablet69.0
Acefinac SpAcefinac Sp Tablet7.5
Aceforce SpAceforce Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet38.0
Acemarc SpAcemarc Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet75.0
Acemol SAcemol S 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet49.83
Acenext SpAcenext Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet67.5
Acenip PlusAcenip Plus 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet63.0
Acenova FhAcenova Fh Tablet60.0
Acfc SpAcfc Sp Tablet52.88
Acgesic SpAcgesic Sp Tablet57.15
Acimax SpAcimax Sp Tablet65.83
Acimol ForteAcimol Forte 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet62.0
Acimol MrAcimol Mr 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet12.03
AcloflamAcloflam 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet43.43
AclomoreAclomore 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet49.5
Acnac SpAcnac Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet24.48
Acrofen SpAcrofen Sp Tablet62.35
Ac SeraAc Sera 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet65.0
Akilos SpAkilos Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet33.0
Akuflex SpAkuflex Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet56.18
Alco PsAlco Ps 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet58.0
Allpain SpAllpain Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet52.0
Alock SpAlock Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet75.0
Anafast SpAnafast Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet59.0
Anaflam XpsAnaflam Xps 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet68.0
ApsAps 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet97.2
Best 3Best 3 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.0
BetaflamBetaflam Ds Gel79.15
Celfast PlusCelfast Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet49.68
Dolasafe A PlusDolasafe A Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet59.69
Dolocrat PlusDolocrat Plus Tablet49.0
Dolomec SpDolomec Sp Tablet65.0
Doltacom SpDoltacom Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet66.22
Dublace SpDublace Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet51.2
Elzefen SpElzefen Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet20.0
Erinac DErinac D 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet63.25
Fenbest PlusFenbest Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet45.2
First Ace ForteFirst Ace Forte 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet153.95
Flextab SFlextab S 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet55.0
Gagace SpGagace Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet56.17
HealeraceHealerace 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet52.83
Ibicox SpIbicox Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet88.3
Kindac SpKindac Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.0
KudzuflamKudzuflam 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet69.0
Lekace SerraLekace Serra 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet65.36
LimaflamLimaflam 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet57.13
Lytic ALytic A Tablet 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg57.03
Mahanac ProMahanac Pro 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet52.76
Mdace SpMdace Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet55.0
Mitigate SpMitigate Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet66.66
Naid PsNaid Ps 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet47.15
Nelnac SpNelnac Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/10 Mg Tablet26.32
New Nusaid SpNew Nusaid Sp 325 Mg/100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet56.18
Nexonac SpNexonac Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet65.0
Ninza SNinza S 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet69.12
Nock 3Nock 3 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet71.9
Nusaid SpNusaid Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet56.18
Octace PlusOctace Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet60.0
Paser SpPaser Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet56.37
Pdrive SPdrive S Tablet36.0
Redupain SpRedupain Sp Tablet48.27
Redux AsRedux As Tablet69.0
Rihaee SpRihaee Sp 325 Mg/100 Mg/15 Mg Tablet45.0
Rucadol SpRucadol Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet54.1
Rumatab SpRumatab Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet5.23
Rumatin SpRumatin Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet66.0
Safronac SpSafronac Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/10 Mg Tablet60.0
SapSap 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet48.0
Seradic ApSeradic Ap Tablet79.0
Signoflam TabletSignoflam Tablet74.0
Spade AcSpade Ac 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet56.5
Spade ApSpade Ap 100 Mg/650 Mg/15 Mg Tablet76.0
Synovace SpSynovace Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet49.25
Topflam PsTopflam Ps 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet63.0
TrioflamTrioflam 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.0
UnifenUnifen 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet60.0
Upright SpUpright Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet52.5
Vinac SpVinac Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet43.26
Vivian A PlusVivian A Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet64.1
Xenodol SpXenodol Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet39.5
Zacy SpZacy Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet69.0
Zix SZix S 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet74.5
Aceclofenac + Paracetamol + SerratiopeptidaseAceclofenac + Paracetamol + Serratiopeptidase7.96
AceclorenAcecloren 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet73.8
Acedil SAcedil S 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet62.56
Aceflam SAceflam S Tablet21.93
Acekay SeraAcekay Sera Tablet17.37
Aceloflam SpAceloflam Sp Tablet20.0
Acemove PlusAcemove Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet32.73
Acenal SpAcenal Sp Tablet61.9
Acepac SpAcepac Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet19.56
Aceproxyvon SpAceproxyvon Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet71.0
Ace Proxyvon SpAce Proxyvon Sp Tablet71.0
Aceron SpAceron Sp Tablet57.0
Acetal SpAcetal Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet54.68
Acevah PsAcevah Ps 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet67.5
Achnil SpAchnil Sp Tablet56.0
Aciz SpAciz Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet65.0
AclodaseAclodase 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet71.0
Aclofen SAclofen S Tablet25.81
Aclof SpAclof Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet58.1
Aclogem SpAclogem Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet59.62
Aclopic SpAclopic Sp Tablet72.25
Aclopride SpAclopride Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet66.21
Aclotec SpAclotec Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet54.08
Acp SpAcp Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet50.0
Acuflam SpAcuflam Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet6.18
Acutec SpAcutec Sp Tablet57.0
Afecox SAfecox S 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet26.0
Aldigesic SpAldigesic Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet93.0
Algesia SpAlgesia Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet67.0
Ansaid SpAnsaid Sp Tablet62.5
Aserp TabletAserp Tablet70.0
Axces SpAxces Sp Tablet69.0
Celonac SpCelonac Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet72.0
ClopaserClopaser 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet60.0
Cureflam SCureflam S Tablet56.87
Dolodik SDolodik S 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet50.37
Doloroff AspDoloroff Asp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet47.48
Dolostat SpDolostat Sp Tablet30.0
Dolotus Sp TabletDolotus Sp Tablet57.0
Dolowin ForteDolowin Forte Tablet105.0
Eclonac SpEclonac Sp Tablet73.5
ElfedaseElfedase Tablet66.57
Essmol 3 PlusEssmol 3 Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet58.57
Facer SeraFacer Sera Tablet19.37
Faithflam SpFaithflam Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet89.0
Fenceta SpFenceta Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet60.0
Fepanil AsFepanil As Tablet65.0
Flec SpFlec Sp Tablet47.62
Flexiflam SFlexiflam S Tablet75.0
Flozen AaFlozen Aa 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet69.57
Fortaflam PlusFortaflam Plus Tablet7.75
Freenac SpFreenac Sp Tablet53.33
Ibugesic AspIbugesic Asp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet49.5
Iconac SptIconac Spt Tablet66.41
Kloser ApKloser Ap 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.92
MovaceMovace Sp Tablet63.5
Moveace SpMoveace Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet55.23
Movexx SpMovexx Sp Tablet96.0
Nenac SpNenac Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.0
Nicoace SpNicoace Sp Tablet17.5
Numol SpNumol Sp Tablet60.0
Nunac SpNunac Sp Tablet63.0
Paa PlusPaa Plus 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet70.0
Papilon SpPapilon Sp Tablet73.5
Prestifen SpPrestifen Sp Tablet62.5
Rabit ERabit E 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet59.4
Race SpRace Sp Tablet65.0
Raliwiz SpRaliwiz Sp 100 Mg/325 Mg/15 Mg Tablet50.96
Relanac SpRelanac Sp Tablet75.0
Rolod SpRolod Sp Tablet63.0
Samonec SpSamonec Sp 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet69.37
SeracemolSeracemol Tablet58.2
Seraheal TabletSeraheal Tablet66.0
Serra ApSerra Ap 100 Mg/500 Mg/15 Mg Tablet82.0
Acticuf CdActicuf Cd 2 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
AdicoffAdicoff Syrup0.0
Alkof PlusAlkof Plus 2 Mg/50 Mg/0.5 Mg/1.25 Mg Syrup0.0
AsmarilAsmaril Syrup0.0
Bro ZedexBro Zedex Sf Syrup78.5
Chemidrex EChemidrex E Syrup0.0
CufmintCufmint Syrup0.0
CufridCufrid Syrup0.0
Mucorid SyrupMucorid Syrup0.0
TerfenTerfen Syrup0.0
Torex BrTorex Br Syrup0.0
Citikof XCitikof X Syrup57.2
CofhealCofheal Syrup69.5
MegarilMegaril Expectorant50.9
Mucomelt XpMucomelt Xp Syrup59.0
Prodyl XProdyl X Syrup49.01
RexRex Syrup52.37
Sothrex BrSothrex Br Syrup58.0
Sothrex Junior SyrupSothrex Junior Syrup18.68
TopcureTopcure Syrup42.86
Tus AwayTus Away Syrup65.0
SoothexSoothex 2 Mg/30 Mg Liquid0.0
AlernylAlernyl 5 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Altime Cf JuniorAltime Cf Junior 5 Mg/10 Mg Syrup59.0
Cetmet TcfCetmet Tcf 5 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
RekofRekof 5 Mg/10 Mg Syrup45.9
Alernyl BAlernyl B Syrup 4 Mg/100 Mg/1 Mg/2 Mg40.0
Benylin EBenylin E Syrup36.11
New EascofNew Eascof Syrup42.86
OkarilOkaril Expectorant70.0
Pedex SPedex S Syrup41.98
Synabron ExpectorantSynabron Expectorant42.0
TordexTordex Syrup63.0
Viscodyne SViscodyne S 4 Mg/100 Mg/1 Mg/2 Mg Syrup67.46
Alocet DAlocet D 5 Mg/10 Mg/5 Mg Syrup71.0
Childryl ZChildryl Z Syrup57.05
Alkof AAlkof A Syrup31.25
Alkof LiquidAlkof Liquid22.2
Decoril DxDecoril Dx Syrup 100 Ml60.0
Altime CfAltime Cf Syrup0.0
Arid DArid D Syrup0.0
Cetmet AccCetmet Acc Tablet0.0
Biterles PlusBiterles Plus Syrup55.0
Retherma CdRetherma Cd Syrup38.41
Ambrolite DAmbrolite D 30 Mg/10 Mg/5 Mg Syrup0.0
D CofD Cof Syrup0.0
GalirexGalirex Syrup Syrup 5 Mg/10 Mg/5 Mg0.0
TurboTurbo 30 Mg/10 Mg/5 Mg Syrup0.0
Cz TusCz Tus Syrup65.0
DrykofDrykof 15 Mg/5 Mg/2.5 Mg Syrup56.57
Kaff DmKaff Dm Syrup51.23
Megavent DMegavent D Syrup59.52
Xpect AXpect A Syrup64.0
AmbronacAmbronac Tablet76.0
Megavent AmMegavent Am Expectorant38.83
Mucomelt AMucomelt A Tablet75.0
NaciventNacivent Tablet52.48
Nactal(Sld)Nactal Tablet50.0
RtoRto Capsule84.2
Ventirex AVentirex A Tablet71.43
Ambrosol DAmbrosol D 10 Mg/5 Mg Syrup66.0
Lemolinctus PdLemolinctus Pd 2.5 Mg/5 Mg Syrup39.88
Aminodrip (Baxter India)Aminodrip Infusion124.53
BiorexBiorex 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Chupp CChupp C 10 Mg/4 Mg Syrup0.0
C KofC Kof 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
C KoffC Koff Syrup0.0
CodeliteCodelite 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CodexCodex 4 Mg/10 Mg Expectorant0.0
CodiconCodicon 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CodimarcCodimarc 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CodistarCodistar 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CodylCodyl 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CodziCodzi 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CofstayCofstay Syrup0.0
Comtus DxComtus Dx 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Comtus LinctusComtus Linctus 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
ConarilConaril 200 Mg/80 Mg Syrup0.0
CophedrinCophedrin 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CoscodinCoscodin 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Cosome LcdCosome Lcd 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
CosydrylCosydryl 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Co TerexCo Terex Syrup0.0
CufexCufex 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Daslin CdDaslin Cd 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
DicodylDicodyl 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Elu CdElu Cd 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
EphrilimeEphrilime 7.5 Mg/2 Mg Syrup0.0
ExiplonExiplon 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
GlucorexGlucorex 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Grilinctus CdGrilinctus Cd 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
KodexKodex 5 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
KodinKodin 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Kufril CKufril C 10 Mg/4 Mg Syrup0.0
Linctus Codeinae CoLinctus Codeinae Co 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Mit S CodeineMit S Codeine 4 Mg/5 Mg Syrup0.0
Mits Linctus CodeinaeMits Linctus Codeinae 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
NyquilNyquil Cough Syrup0.0
Pencolin CPencolin C Liquid0.0
PhencodinPhencodin 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
PhensedylPhensedyl 4 Mg/10 Mg Expectorant0.0
Phensicod CoughPhensicod Cough Syrup0.0
RedoRedo 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
SilenserSilenser 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
SupkofSupkof 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Xenocof DXenocof D 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Xpect CXpect C 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup0.0
Ascodex CAscodex C 10 Mg/4 Mg Syrup28.57
BronosolBronosol 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup51.53
CadicoffCadicoff Lozenges64.0
CadistarCadistar Syrup43.35
CarionCarion 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup90.0
Codectuss GrCodectuss Gr Syrup48.12
CodectussCodectuss 4 Mg/100 Mg Syrup35.62
CodineCodine 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup51.77
CodinirCodinir 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup37.5
CodirexCodirex Syrup64.06
CodorexCodorex 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup76.65
CodoricCodoric 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup71.22
CodrilCodril Syrup68.58
CoffwinCoffwin 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup16.6
Cozin ForteCozin Forte 4 Mg/30 Mg Tablet77.0
CozinCozin 4 Mg/10 Mg Liquid57.51
Dialex DcDialex Dc 10 Mg/4 Mg Liquid77.0
ElcodinElcodin Syrup41.25
Elderyl CElderyl C 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup50.0
Eltuss CEltuss C 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup55.0
Ephedrex CdEphedrex Cd Syrup56.35
ExtrentExtrent Syrup45.0
FaringodylFaringodyl 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup58.3
GemkofGemkof 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup69.9
GenosedylGenosedyl Syrup73.85
Glycodin PlusGlycodin Plus Syrup56.5
Indikof CIndikof C Syrup61.5
InstacodinInstacodin 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup81.0
Kofzero DcKofzero Dc Syrup30.8
LeerexLeerex Syrup75.0
NormoventNormovent Syrup69.0
Parvo CofParvo Cof Syrup65.32
PhenkuffPhenkuff 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup65.0
Phensedyl CoughPhensedyl Cough Linctus116.0
RancofRancof 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup82.5
RecodexRecodex 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup20.41
Respinex CdRespinex Cd 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup26.0
RexcodRexcod Syrup61.91
RexcofRexcof 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup41.25
Rexcof Dx SyrupRexcof Dx Syrup70.0
RextasRextas 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup79.0
Sothrex CSothrex C Syrup31.62
Thiokof CdThiokof Cd 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup64.87
TossexTossex 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup99.8
Trustyl CdTrustyl Cd 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup73.5
WocodexWocodex 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup39.81
Xepin CoughXepin Cough 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup61.25
ZepdylZepdyl 4 Mg/10 Mg Syrup75.23
Ascoril DAscoril D 5 Mg/10 Mg/1.25 Mg Syrup0.0
CoritussCorituss Syrup0.0
DeletusDeletus 10 Mg/5 Mg/1.25 Mg Tablet0.0
Kofnok DKofnok D Syrup49.52
New Deletus DNew Deletus D Syrup69.2
RatifedRatifed Syrup91.36
Ascoril Plus DAscoril Plus D Syrup94.0
Refid DRefid D Syrup60.0
Asthacure AmAsthacure Am Syrup26.7
FrankoffFrankoff Syrup65.0
KofgonKofgon Syrup52.0
AmcofAmcof Expectorant60.0
CofsolCofsol Expectorant49.2
Mucobar SMucobar S Syrup59.0
New Epixyl SyrupNew Epixyl Syrup46.2
Recofast SRecofast S Suspension37.77
AxalinAxalin Expectorant53.0
BdxBdx Expectorant43.51
BigtussBigtuss Syrup59.9
Coughsee AmCoughsee Am Syrup47.31
Dotcoff M SyrupDotcoff M Syrup58.0
Kanaka PlusKanaka Plus Syrup71.25
Kazicof Tl SyrupKazicof Tl Syrup55.0
NoxcoldNoxcold Cs Syrup65.0
Oripect AxOripect Ax Syrup46.56
Radihist AxRadihist Ax Syrup52.37
ShipectShipect Syrup69.0
Tacof ExTacof Ex Expectorant55.0
Broncho XpBroncho Xp Syrup50.0
Coffwin AmbCoffwin Amb Syrup18.97
CofvectorCofvector Syrup58.5
Coriza AmCoriza Am Syrup47.7
Deriphyllin BmDeriphyllin Bm Expectorant71.4
Elzin TrElzin Tr Syrup68.57
EudrylEudryl Syrup39.96
ExkofExkof Syrup51.3
FreecofamFreecof Am Syrup55.23
Gerifen ArGerifen Ar Syrup55.38
HelpotusHelpotus Syrup59.0
Kofarest LsKofarest Ls Syrup81.75
New Ventisol ExpectorantNew Ventisol Expectorant60.0
Refid PlusRefid Plus Syrup65.0
Salbex PlusSalbex Plus Syrup56.18
Silkof XSilkof X Expectorant33.33
Soothinex PlusSoothinex Plus Syrup47.25
TricorexTricorex Syrup65.92
Trustyl BrTrustyl Br 100 Ml Syrup55.0
XrateXrate Syrup41.1
ZentussZentuss Syrup47.16
DicloplastDicloplast Patch126.0
FremovFremov Capsule80.6
BroclearBroclear 100 Mg/600 Mg Tablet139.0
Eb MaxEb Max Tablet114.91
PulmoclearPulmoclear 100 Mg/600 Mg Tablet120.0
AbiwaysAbiways 100 Mg/600 Mg Tablet108.77
Effenac AbEffenac Ab Tablet115.0
CarbomoxCarbomox 500 Mg/150 Mg Capsule45.25
CarlymoxCarlymox 250 Mg/150 Mg Capsule44.06
CidorespCidoresp Capsule59.0
MoxycarbMoxycarb 250 Mg/150 Mg Capsule55.41
MucobronMucobron 500 Mg/150 Mg Capsule78.16
Encet D PlusEncet D Plus Tablet37.5
Cofwin PzCofwin Pz Syrup0.0
Wifi DWifi D Syrup59.95
Coekastle ACoekastle A Tablet0.0
Ebmont AlEbmont Al 10 Mg/5 Mg/2 Mg Tablet0.0
Jotair LaJotair La 10 Mg/5 Mg/200 Mg Tablet Sr0.0
TrimontemacTrimontemac 10 Mg/5 Mg/200 Mg Tablet0.0
VentocoreVentocore 10 Mg/5 Mg/200 Mg Tablet0.0
Acebrofact LmAcebrofact Lm Tablet150.0
L Montus AbL Montus Ab Tablet160.0
Cofstop ZCofstop Z Syrup65.8
Coldarin Cough &Amp; ColdColdarin Cough &Amp; Cold 500 Mg/30 Mg/15 Mg Tablet19.17
NukofNukof 500 Mg/60 Mg/15 Mg Tablet60.0
PediaPedia Syrup37.5
KaffKaff Dry Syrup37.8
Kaff PedKaff Ped Syrup34.8
SreyasSreyas Syrup29.03
ColikyColiky Drop36.0
CopanatCopanat 650 Mg/30 Mg Tablet96.15
Oxymark CdOxymark Cd 650 Mg/30 Mg Tablet104.76
CodomolindonCodomolindon 500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet32.28
ComigComig Tablet43.0
KongesicKongesic 500 Mg/10 Mg Tablet19.23
Narcogin ForteNarcogin Forte Tablet108.0
ParacodParacod 650 Mg/30 Mg Tablet67.65
Coryl TabletCoryl Tablet0.0
C.R.MC.R.M Linctus0.0
Tedykoff CoughTedykoff Cough 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg Syrup0.0
Tedykoff LxTedykoff Lx 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg Linctus0.0
TixylixTixylix New Syrup0.0
Zytolix PZytolix P 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg Syrup0.0
TedykoffTedykoff Syrup35.0
TiskytasTiskytas Syrup27.5
Tixylix Alert SyrupTixylix Alert Syrup71.0
DandridDandrid Lotion282.0
Denituss DDenituss D Syrup38.05
Oripect CcOripect Cc Syrup32.15
Megatuss DMegatuss D Syrup20.37
DiapyrinDiapyrin 250 Mg/250 Mg/5 Mg Tablet19.47
DolarDolar 7.5 Mg/4 Mg Syrup46.66
TussalyteTussalyte 4 Mg/5 Mg Syrup62.0
Dolar ADolar A Syrup42.47
Alvex PAlvex P Syrup56.0
Cofdex PCofdex P Expectorant43.0
KofnokKofnok Syrup52.93
Tridex BTridex B Syrup45.0
Tuxiril XTuxiril X Syrup62.0
Ebmont Fx3Ebmont Fx3 Tablet180.0
Spiromont FaSpiromont Fa Tablet184.0
Elzin DxElzin Dx 2.5 Mg/10 Mg/1 Mg Syrup66.66
Indikof AIndikof A Syrup63.5
E Ova PlusE Ova Plus 100 Mg Tablet449.0
ExotusExotus 15 Mg/2.5 Mg/10 Mg/50 Mg/5 Mg Syrup73.13
Tussin DmrTussin Dmr Syrup75.0
Recool PlusRecool Plus Eye Drop90.0
KidylinctusKidylinctus 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg/2.5 Mg Syrup0.0
Kidylinctus ZKidylinctus Z Syrup47.0
Zoline GoldZoline Gold Eye Drop0.0
Cofvector LsCofvector Ls Syrup43.5
Phensedyl CrPhensedyl Cr Syrup65.0
Methazil Ear DropsMethazil Ear Drops47.41
Mucomelt ForteMucomelt Forte Tablet207.0
I KulI Kul Eye Drop44.0
Relax PlusRelax Plus Eye Drop79.0
New AiromlNew Airoml 1 Mg/50 Mg/0.5 Mg Liquid17.4
New Ventiphylline PdNew Ventiphylline Pd 1.5 Mg/50 Mg/0.5 Mg Syrup27.0
Ovaa ShieldOvaa Shield 600 Mg/4 Mg/50 Mg Capsule520.0
Rekof CcRekof Cc Tablet0.0
Scabal P 1%W/W/0.5%W/W/1%W/W SoapScabal P 1%W/W/0.5%W/W/1%W/W Soap58.0
SensitusSensitus 300 Mg/60 Mg/24 Mg Syrup49.0
Ascodex PlusAscodex Plus Syrup43.52
SmartovaSmartova 100 Mg Capsule499.0
Clomipure PlusClomipure Plus Capsule328.5
Spirodin AbSpirodin Ab Tablet125.0
ThiorubThiorub Roll On Liniment75.0
Tixy SoftTixy Soft 10 Mg/100 Mg Capsule0.0
Xl 90Xl 90 10 Mg/100 Mg Syrup0.0
Dextopen SyrupDextopen Syrup41.47
Tussmax SyrupTussmax Syrup45.32
Chupp DChupp D Capsule13.12
Ventirex BrVentirex Br 2.5 Mg/1.25 Mg Syrup50.6
ViscodyneViscodyne Syrup74.5
BrexBrex Expectorant120.0
Zirlon PlusZirlon Plus Syrup42.6
FlucocideFlucocide Syrup38.0
Kuftive JuniorKuftive Junior Syrup60.0
Zoline PlusZoline Plus Eye Drop72.0
HadensaHadensa Capsule40.0
NefrozonNefrozon Tablet80.0
RenolenRenolen Eye Drop49.1

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