Ringworm is not caused by any worm or any live parasite. It is caused by a type of fungus on the skin called tinea. They live in the dead tissue of the skin, nails, and hair. Ringworm causes your skin to become red, scaly, and itchy. Ringworm is round, hence it is called ringworm.

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You can have the problem of ringworm on the nails and skin. It is very common in the hands and hair roots, but you can have this problem anywhere on the skin. It can also happen on the face. If ringworm occurs in different areas then you may see it called by different names. For example, if it occurs between the abdomen and thigh, it is called jock itch. If it occurs in the toes, it is called an athlete's foot. Ringworm can be cured not only with medicines but also with home remedies.

So today we are going to tell you some home remedies to get rid of ringworm -

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  1. Antifungal soap for ringworm
  2. Apple cider vinegar for ringworm
  3. Tea tree oil for ringworm
  4. Coconut oil for ringworm
  5. Turmeric for ringworm
  6. Aloe Vera for ringworm
  7. Oregano oil for ringworm
  8. Lemongrass oil for ringworm
  9. Licorice for ringworm
  10. Garlic for ringworm
  11. Neem for ringworm
  12. Papaya for ringworm
  13. Takeaway

When you have ringworm, try to keep the area as clean as possible. This will prevent your ringworm from spreading further and will keep the affected area under control.

How to use soap -

  • First, clean the affected area with water and then wash the area with anti-bacterial soap before using any home remedy.
  • Now dry the affected area so that no moisture remains on it and the infection does not spread further.
  • Pine and coal tar are old home remedies but they can irritate the skin.

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Apple cider vinegar has strong antifungal properties which are extremely beneficial in treating ringworm. To use it, first, dip cotton in apple vinegar and then apply it on your skin. Make sure to use it thrice a day.

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Tea tree oil was used in Australia for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, and it is still used for these properties today. It is extremely effective for treating fungal skin infections. Apply tea tree oil to the affected areas with cotton. If you have sensitive skin, you can mix tea tree oil with coconut oil. Coconut oil also has antifungal properties of its own.

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Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that treat ringworm infection. It is a very effective home remedy for ringworm and also helps in treating other fungal infections like Candida. Coconut oil can be easily applied to the roots and it acts as an effective hair conditioner. To apply coconut oil, first heat the coconut oil. Then apply it to the affected areas. It will be easily absorbed into the skin. Apply it at least thrice daily.

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Turmeric has many health benefits including antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effective antifungal that prevents the growth of ringworm.

How to use turmeric -

  • To make turmeric paste, first, take some water and mix one or two teaspoons of turmeric in it.
  • Mix it until its paste is ready.
  • Now apply this paste on the affected areas and leave it to dry.
  • You can drink turmeric water or turmeric tea every day to get internal benefits.

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Aloe Vera has long been used as a natural remedy for both bacterial and fungal infections. Aloe Vera treats ringworm and also reduces its symptoms like itchingswelling, and discomfort. You can apply Aloe Vera ointment or Aloe Vera gel on the affected areas. Make sure to use it thrice a day.

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Oregano oil is considered superior to other anti-fungal products. It prevents and treats ringworm and ringworm of the feet. You can buy oregano oil in stores or online. You can also add a few drops of other oil to it like olive oil or coconut oil. You must use the mixture of these oils thrice a day.

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Both lemongrass oil and lemongrass tea have antifungal properties that treat fungal infections of the skin.

How to use lemongrass oil -

  • Mix lemongrass oil with other oils and apply to your affected areas.
  • You can also use lemongrass tea bags directly on ringworm.

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Licorice has antimicrobial properties and research has shown that licorice juice is used to treat fungal infections.

How to use licorice -

  • Mix eight spoons of licorice powder in one cup of water and keep it boiling.
  • When the mixture boils, keep it cool for ten minutes.
  • After it cools down, keep stirring it till it becomes a paste.
  • When the paste becomes touchable, apply it to the affected areas.
  • Make sure to use this mixture twice a day.
  • After applying the paste, leave it like this for ten minutes.

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Garlic has effective antifungal properties that help in treating ringworm.

How to use garlic -

  • Crush 2 garlic cloves.
  • Rub them on the herpes sores several times a day.
  • Keep doing it till there is an improvement.

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Neem has antiseptic and antibiotic properties that help in treating ringworm, scabies, and various skin infections.

How to use neem -

  • Keep applying neem oil to the affected areas once a day for a few days or until the effect goes away.
  • You can apply one or half teaspoon of neem oil mixed with one cup of Aloe Vera gel.
  • Apart from this, mix equal amounts of neem leaves, turmeric powder, and sesame oil.
  • Now apply this paste to the affected areas.

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Unripe papaya has antifungal properties that help in killing the fungus that causes ringworm.

How to use papaya -

  • Apply raw papaya pieces on the affected areas.
  • Then leave it like this for 15 minutes and then wash it with warm water.
  • Use it twice a day for a few days.
  • Apart from this, you can make juice from fresh papaya leaves or prepare a paste of dried papaya seeds.

Anyone can face the condition of herpes. In such a situation, it must be treated in time, because if it is left like this, it can spread and take seriously. Therefore, it is most beneficial to use home remedies as a treatment. If someone has ringworm, then he can use aloe vera, licorice, neem, etc. as home remedies.

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