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Ahlflam Eye Drops

Prescription Required

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Ahlflam Eye Drops

Out of Stock

Prescription Required

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Ahlflam के सारे विकल्प देखें

Prescription Required

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  1. Ahlflam Benefits & Uses
  2. Ahlflam Dosage & How to Take
  3. Ahlflam Side Effects
  4. Ahlflam Related Warnings
  5. Severe Interaction of Ahlflam with Other Drugs
  6. Ahlflam Contraindications
  7. Frequently asked Questions about Ahlflam
  8. Ahlflam Interactions with Food and Alcohol

Ahlflam Benefits & Uses

Ahlflam is used to treat the following -

  1. सिरदर्द
  2. जोड़ों में दर्द (और पढ़ें - जोड़ों में दर्द के घरेलू उपाय)
  3. मांसपेशियों में दर्द (और पढ़ें - मांसपेशियों में दर्द के घरेलू उपाय)
  4. दांत में दर्द
  5. बदन दर्द (और पढ़ें - बदन दर्द के घरेलू उपाय)
  6. टांगों में दर्द
  7. गर्दन में दर्द (और पढ़ें - गर्दन में दर्द के घरेलू उपाय)
  8. आंखों में एलर्जी
  9. आंखों की सूजन
  10. दर्द Primary
  11. आंखों की बीमारी
  12. आंख का संक्रमण
  13. आंखों से पानी आना
  14. आंखों में दर्द

Ahlflam Dosage & How to Take

This is the usual dosage recommended in most common treatment cases. Please remember that every patient and their case is different, so the dosage can be different based on the disease, route of administration, patient's age and medical history.

Find the right dosage based on disease and age

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Ingredients of Ahlflam


Ahlflam Side Effects

Based on research, the following side effects have been observed when Ahlflam is used -

  1. Abdominal Pain Mild
  2. Constipation Moderate
  3. Diarrhoea
  4. Epigastric Pain
  5. Flatulence Mild
  6. Nausea or vomiting
  7. Indigestion Mild
  8. Weight gain
  9. Skin Rash Mild
  10. Swelling
  11. Mouth ulcer Moderate
  12. Headache Mild
  13. Edema Moderate

Ahlflam Related Warnings

Is the use of Ahlflam safe for pregnant women?

Ahlflam can cause severe side effects if taken during pregnancy, so, pregnant women should talk to their doctor before taking it.


Is the use of Ahlflam safe during breastfeeding?

Women who are breastfeeding, may experience serious side effects after taking Ahlflam. So it is adviced to consult the doctor before using it.


What is the effect of Ahlflam on the Kidneys?

There can be some harmful effects on your kidneys after taking Ahlflam. If you witness any side effects, discontinue its use. Consult your medical practitioner, do as he/she suggests.


What is the effect of Ahlflam on the Liver?

Ahlflam can have moderate side effects on the liver. If you notice any harmful effects then stop taking this drug right away. Consult your doctor before using this medicine again.


What is the effect of Ahlflam on the Heart?

Ahlflam has very mild side effects on the heart.


Severe Interaction of Ahlflam with Other Drugs

Ahlflam should not be taken with following medicines due to severe side effects it may cause to patients -

Ahlflam Contraindications

If you are suffering from any of the following diseases, you should not take Ahlflam unless your doctor advises you to do so -

  1. Bleeding
  2. Asthma
  3. Skin Rash
  4. Edema
  5. Kidney Disease
  6. Anemia
  7. Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  8. Heart Disease
  9. Liver Disease

Frequently asked Questions about Ahlflam

Is this Ahlflam habit forming or addictive?

Ahlflam does not cause addiction.


Is it safe to drive or operate heavy machinery when consuming?

Ahlflam does not cause dizziness or sleep, so you can drive a vehicle or operate machinery also.


Is it safe?

Yes, but consume Ahlflam only on doctor's advice.

Safe, but take only on Doctor's advise

Is it able to treat mental disorders?

There is no benefit of taking Ahlflam for mental disorders.


Ahlflam Interactions with Food and Alcohol

Interaction between Food and Ahlflam

Due to a lack of research, nothing can be said about the consequences of taking Ahlflam together with food.


Interaction between Alcohol and Ahlflam

Consult your doctor before consuming alcohol while taking Ahlflam as it can have severe side effects.


Ahlflam FAQs

Question over 1 year ago

Can Ahlflam cause allergy?

Dr. Saurabh Shakya MBBS , General Physician

Rarely, one can develop an allergic reaction to Ahlflam. One might feel short of breath and might find it difficult to speak, one might develop a rash or an itch and swell on the lips, face, and throat. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, inform your doctor immediately. 

Question almost 2 years ago

Is it safe to take Ahlflam

Dr. Abhijit MBBS , General Physician

Yes, Ahlflam is safe to use, if taken in a prescribed amount for a specified time as advised by the doctor. However, few side effects are observed at a regular dose such as drowsiness, diarrhea, sweating, and sore in the mouth.

Question over 1 year ago

Can I discontinue Ahlflam on my own?

Dr. Uday Nath Sahoo MBBS , Internal Medicine

Yes, Ahlflam is given for short-term treatment of inflammation and pain, once you find relief from pain and inflammation then you can discontinue it if taken by yourself. But if your doctor has prescribed Ahlflam and if you are thinking about discontinuing this medicine then do discuss with your doctor.

Question almost 2 years ago

Is Ahlflam effective for dental pain?

Dr. Vinod Verma MBBS , Diabetology

Yes, Ahlflam might be used for dental pain if other effective painkillers are not available. It is not preferred as the first-line drug of choice for dental pain. It is not advised to take this medicine by yourself, always take it on doctor's advice.

Question over 1 year ago

How long can I take Ahlflam?

Dr. Saurabh Dhamdhere MBBS , Orthopedics

Ahlflam is a potent, short-acting non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It is extremely important that you follow the instructions of your doctor completely and do not take any extra doses or take it for a longer period of time as that might result in some side effects.

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