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Etopress At Price and Pack Size

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Etopress At Information

Etopress At Benefits & Uses

Etopress At is used to treat the following -

Etopress At Dosage & How to Take

Amlodipine - एम्लोडिपाईन

Amlodipine कैल्शियम चैनल ब्लॉकर दवाओं के एक वर्ग के अंतर्गत आती है। यह हृदय की मांसपेशियों के रक्त और ऑक्सीजन की आपूर्ति में सुधार लाती है। 

Atenolol - आटेनॉलोल

Atenolol दिल और रक्त वाहिकाओं पर रासायनिक दूतों की कार्रवाई को रोकता है। यह दिल का दौरा पड़ने पर दिल की धड़कन, रक्तचाप और दिल पर तनाव कम करता है।

This is the usual dosage recommended in most common treatment cases. Please remember that every patient and their case is different, so the dosage can be different based on the disease, route of administration, patient's age and medical history.

Find Dosage based on your Disease and Age Group

दवाई की मात्र देखने के लिए लॉग इन करें

Ingredients of Etopress At


Etopress At Side Effects

Based on research, the following side effects have been observed when Etopress At is used -

  1. Fatigue Mild
  2. Ankle Swelling
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Flushing
  5. Headache Mild
  6. Nausea or vomiting
  7. Dizziness Mild
  8. Palpitations (fluttering in chest)
  9. Edema Moderate
  10. Abdominal Pain Mild
  11. Weight gain
  12. Yellow eyes
  13. Wheezing
  14. Peripheral Edema
  15. Constipation Moderate
  16. Diarrhoea
  17. Orthostatic Hypotension (Sudden Lowering of Blood Pressure on Standing)
  18. Blurred vision
  19. Cold hands

Etopress At Related Warnings

Is the use of Etopress At safe for pregnant women?

Etopress At shows severe effect on pregnant women. For this reason, take it after medical advice only. Taking it with your desire can be harmful.


Is the use of Etopress At safe during breastfeeding?

Etopress At should not be taken without first taking your doctor's advice, as it may severe side effects for breastfeeding women.


What is the effect of Etopress At on the Kidneys?

Side effects of Etopress At rarely affect the [Organ].


What is the effect of Etopress At on the Liver?

Information about safety of Etopress At for [Organ] is not available since scientific research on this is yet to be done.


What is the effect of Etopress At on the Heart?

Etopress At may have mild side effects on the [Organ]. Most people will never see any effect on the [Organ].


Severe Interaction of Etopress At with Other Drugs

Etopress At should not be taken with following medicines due to severe side effects it may cause to patients -

Etopress At Contraindications

If you are suffering from any of the following diseases, you should not take Etopress At unless your doctor advises you to do so -

  1. Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)
  2. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
  3. Liver Disease
  4. Heart Failure
  5. Drug Allergy
  6. Kidney Disease
  7. Diabetes
  8. Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)
  9. Hyperthyroidism
  10. Asthma
  11. Kidney Disease
  12. Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)
  13. Glaucoma
  14. Myasthenia Gravis (MG)
  15. Tachycardia

Frequently asked Questions about Etopress At

Is this Etopress At habit forming or addictive?

No, Etopress At is not habit forming.

Is it safe to drive or operate heavy machinery when consuming?

After taking Etopress At, you should not drive or work on any heavy machine. It can be dangerous, as Etopress At can make you drowsy.


Is it safe?

" Yes, Etopress At it is safe but take it after seeking your doctor's advice."

Safe, but take only on Doctor's advise

Is it able to treat mental disorders?

No, Etopress At is not used to treat mental disorders.

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Etopress At Interactions with Food and Alcohol

Interaction between Food and Etopress At

When consumed with certain foods, Etopress At may take longer to have an effect. Contact your doctor about this.


Interaction between Alcohol and Etopress At

Consuming Etopress At with alcohol can have many serious effects on your body.


Etopress At से जुड़े सवाल और जवाब

सवाल 5 months पहले

How does Etopress At work?

Dr. Sameer Awadhiya MBBS, Pediatrics

Etopress At contains propranolol and atenolol which are presumed to work through multiple mechanisms. Together they reduce blood pressure and slows down the fast heartbeat by blocking the influx of calcium ions and binding to certain receptors (beta-adrenoceptors) in the smooth muscles of heart which prevent the effect of adrenaline and noradrenaline that also contributes in decreasing myocardial (heart) oxygen demand.

सवाल 21 days पहले

Does Etopress At cause drowsiness?

Dr. Anjum Mujawar MBBS, Diabetologist

Yes, Etopress At may cause drowsiness (sleepiness). It is a common side effect of this drug. If you experience drowsiness after taking this drug, then you are advised not to drive any vehicle or operate any machinery to avoid accidental injury.

सवाल 3 months पहले

How long can I safely take Etopress At?

Dr. Amit Singh MBBS, MBBS, General Physician

Take Etopress At as long as it is recommended by your doctor. Using this drug beyond that period might not be good for you because it can lead to unintended side effects.

सवाल about 1 month पहले

Can I use Etopress At without consulting a doctor?

Dr. Suhas Bhargav MBBS, General Physician

No, Etopress At is a prescription drug so do not use it without consulting a doctor. It can be harmful to the patient to use this drug without a doctor's advice because it can cause unpleasant side effects. Hence, the patient should seek doctors advice before using this medication by himself or herself.

सवाल about 2 months पहले

Can Etopress At cause cough?

Dr. Amit Singh MBBS, MBBS, General Physician

Yes, sometimes Etopress At might cause cough reflex. It occurs due to bronchoconstrictive (narrowing of the airways) effect of this drug. It is a rare side effect of this drug. If you are experiencing excessive coughing after taking this drug then you are advised to consult with your doctor.


सामग्री 10 Tablets(S)

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