The Mind Pod, Conversations on Mental Health

The Mind Pod - these are conversations about Mental Health. This podcast is brought to you by myUpchar and Fortis National Mental Health Program, Fortis Healthcare.The Mind Pod brings to you the much-needed conversations about the most important and probably, the most stigmatized and neglected aspects of our life related to our well-being, mental illness and mental health.Dr Samir Parikh, Psychiatrist and Director of the Fortis National Mental Health Program, Fortis Healthcare will be taking you through this series of conversations on various topics with experts from across the country, because mental health matters!

Episode 22: Happiness or Success

Happiness or Success? Have you ever wondered why we use “or” in between? Why can’t one be happy and successful? In fact, being happy is being successful, isn’t it? Join Dr Samir Parikh in this fascinating conversation with Mimansa Singh Tanwar, a Clinical Psychologist and Kamna Chibber, a Clinical Psychologist in this episode of The Mind Pod.

Episode 21: Psychological First Aid

Whom do you go to when you struggle - a friend, a parent, or a colleague? How do you feel when you talk about something that bothers you? That first interaction may shape how you continue to have these conversations. And that is a part of Psychological First Aid. Join Dr Samir Parikh as talks with Mimansa Singh Tanwar, Clinical Psychologist and Nishtha Narula, Counselling Psychologist about psychological first aid and its three key components - look, listen, link. Further reading: World Health Organization, War Trauma Foundation and World Vision International (2011). Psychological first aid: Guide for field workers. WHO: Geneva.

Episode 20: Media Literacy

You switch on your phone and there is a pop-up. You look at any screen and there are a lot of messages you may or may not want. You go on social media and there are so many messages and opinions reaching you. In this maze of ever-present media, how does one navigate their life and ensure they are not negatively impacted by the media that surrounds them? Mimansa Singh Tanwar, Clinical Psychologist and Divya Jain, Clinical Psychologist join Dr Samir Parikh in this episode of The Mind Pod for a very useful discussion on what is media literacy, and how can we empower young people and make them media literate.

Episode 19: Learning Disabilities

In this week’s episode Geetika Kapoor, School Psychologist and Mimansa Singh Tanwar, Clinical Psychologist join Dr Samir Parikh to discuss learning disabilities. This is a topic that doesn’t get its due attention. What are learning disabilities? How prevalent is it and are we able to identify the signs early enough? What are the provisions available to help children and parents, and how many are able to access them? Listen to this episode of The Mind Pod for answers to these questions and more.

Episode 18: Suicide Prevention

Every forty seconds we lose an individual to suicide. Every forty seconds a family is bereaved of a loved one. Every year 700,000 people die by suicide. Suicide is preventable. We are losing our loved ones to a preventable cause of death. This is something for all of us to think about and to see what we can do as individuals to be a part of suicide prevention. Listen to this very important conversation between Dr Samir Parikh, Kamna Chibber (clinical psychologist), and Divya Jain (counselling and sports psychologist) in this episode of The Mind Pod.

Episode 17: Why We Buy What We Buy

Why do we buy what we buy? What makes me click that button? What makes me stop at that store? And so many times, after buying, why do I feel that I didn’t need it? I just bought this a few weeks back, why has it gone out of fashion? Why has this trend changed and why am I not a part of the new trend? Answers to these and more questions in this episode of The Mind Pod with Dr Samir Parikh, Kamna Chibber (clinical psychologist), and Divya Jain (counselling and sports psychologist).

Episode 16: Eating Disorders

Dr Rupika Dhurjati, a psychiatrist, and Kamna Chibber, a clinical psychologist, join Dr Samir Parikh to talk about Eating Disorders. What are Eating Disorders? What is Binge Eating and when does it become a problem? How is it different from Bulimia? What is Anorexia and how does it progress? And what are the causes and treatments of these disorders? Listen and find answers to these and other questions in this episode of The Mind Pod.

Episode 15: Body Image

We keep hearing, “you are unique”. Despite that, across age groups, we keep worrying about how we look. Is my look fitting in my perception of what looks should be? Am I happy with how I look? In this world of social media, and social conformity, sometimes individuals feel pressure and they feel there is something amiss because one is not comfortable with one’s own body image. To talk about this, Dr Samir Parikh is joined by Dr Rupika Dhurjati, a psychiatrist and Kamna Chhibber, a clinical psychologist.

Episode 14: Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

A sudden feeling of restlessness, breathlessness, something happening to me, choking, butterflies in the stomach, or perspiration. Sudden episodes that could be before an examination, in a mall, at a height, when I heard something and I fear the worst. In this episode, Dr Venkatesh Babu, psychiatrist and Akanksha Pandey, clinical psychologist join Dr Samir Parikh to help us understand Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder.

Episode 13: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In this episode, we talk about an illness that requires our attention so that we can all be aware and ensure timely intervention and support are provided to the individual who is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD. The experts joining Dr Samir Parikh are Dr Venaktesh Babu, a psychiatrist and Akanksha Pandey, a clinical psychologist.

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