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Sexual arousal is the feeling of being sexually active. Many changes can be felt physically and mentally in this stage. Sensitivity and wetness can be felt in the penis and vagina.

Sexual arousal can happen with the partner or even alone. Sometimes sexual arousal can also happen by touching the sensitive parts of one's own body, but it is not necessary that everyone feels the same. The experience of sexual arousal can be different for everyone. Along with this, many stages of sexual arousal have also been considered.

Today, in this article, we will learn about the definition of sexual arousal, its symptoms, stages, and ways to increase it -

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  1. What is sexual arousal?
  2. Symptoms of sexual arousal
  3. Stages of sexual arousal
  4. How to increase the level of sexual arousal?
  5. Takeaway
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For one's good sexual relationship, it is necessary to recognize the sexual response of one's body and the sexual response of the partner in a better way. Sexual arousal is mainly influenced by the hormones of the body.

Sexual arousal begins with the brain because the brain itself signals the body on a thought or image. By coming close to the partner, having a feeling of love, touching the partner, or touching the body, especially the genitals, the body reacts only when the brain gives signals and the man feels sexuality.

Sexual arousal can be different for everyone. Sexual arousal can occur on seeing an attractive person (partner can also be), any particular part of the body, any activity or any object which seems appealing, sexual fantasy, or sexual thoughts of people can also cause sexual arousal.

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Many types of physiological responses can be observed for sexual arousal. If research is to be believed, sexual arousal can happen suddenly without any symptoms even upon seeing any image or situation. Sometimes sexual arousal can also occur in dreams, which are also known as wet dreams. During this, the body feels wetness and excitement even in sleep. After reaching the level of sexual arousal, the following types of changes can be seen in the body of men and women -

  • Blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing rate, and body temperature increase.
  • In women, blood flow increases in the nipple, vagina, and clitoris, and these parts become very sensitive.
  • Men's penis becomes hard and erect.
  • Lubrication or wetness is felt in the vagina, which starts spreading when there is more excitement.

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Talking about the stages of sexual arousal, there are physical, mental, and emotional changes in a person during sexual arousal. When a person is sexually aroused and participates in other sexually stimulating activities including sex and masturbation, the person goes through four major stages during these sexual activities. Both men and women feel these phases, but the timing may be different for both. By the way, both don't need to have orgasms at the same time. Come, let us know in detail about the stages of sexual arousal -


Excitement can last from a few minutes to several hours. During this, many changes take place in the body, such as -

  • Muscle tension increases.
  • Heart rate and breathing become faster.
  • The skin may turn red.
  • The nipples may be hard or erect.
  • Blood flow to the genitals may increase, due to which the vagina may swell and the penis may become erect.
  • Lubrication may start coming into the vagina.
  • A woman may feel heaviness in her breasts.
  • Men may feel swelling or heaviness in the testicles.

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In the second stage of sexual arousal, the person reaches the climax, due to which some changes can be seen in the body, such as -

  • The physical changes that started in the first phase begin to accelerate.
  • The increased blood flow to the genitals can lead to increased vaginal swelling and discoloration of the vaginal walls.
  • A woman's clitoris becomes very sensitive and pain can also be felt by touching it many times.
  • In men, after the stimulation of the penis, the upper skin of the penis goes down and the testicles get tightened.
  • Breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure increase.
  • Cramps and tension in the muscles of the hands, feet, and face may increase.

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In the third stage of sexual arousal, the person reaches orgasm. Although this is the shortest phase, some changes can be seen in the body, such as -

  • You may start feeling pressure in the muscles.
  • Blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing are at their highest rates with a rapid intake of oxygen.
  • Cramps in the muscles of the legs can be felt.
  • Sexual tension is released suddenly and forcefully.
  • In women, the muscles of the vagina contract. Pressure is also felt in the uterus.
  • In men, semen ejaculates from the penis.
  • Rashes can appear all over the body, although these are temporary and only for a short period.

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In the fourth stage of sexual arousal, the body slowly starts returning to its normal state. In this phase, where women become normal quickly, it takes time for men to become normal. During this, many changes can be seen in the body, such as -

  • The parts of the body which have become swollen or have had hardness along with erection, gradually become normal.
  • The size and color of the genitals become normal.
  • During this, intimacy with the partner can be felt more.
  • In this phase, the person may feel the most tired.
  • It is not possible to have sexual intercourse again in this phase.

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Lack of sexual arousal can be due to menopause, sometimes due to some diseases. One reason for this can also be a problem in the relationship. In such a situation, sexual arousal can be increased by adopting options like Viagra and lubricants. Come, let us know in detail how the level of sexual arousal can be increased -

Use of lubricants

The most common symptoms of low sexual arousal are increased dryness in the penis or vagina. Over-the-counter lubricants can be used for this. If there is a decrease in vaginal lubrication due to menopause, hormone replacement therapy is often given to treat it. Drug therapy also exists for this problem, but this therapy also has some risks and side effects. In this case, an over-the-counter vaginal lubricant may be the safest option.

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Use of viagra

Sometimes drugs called Viagra (sildenafil) and alpha-adrenergic blockers can be used to overcome the lack of arousal or to increase the level of sexual arousal. It helps in increasing sexual arousal as well as helps in eliminating vaginal dryness in women. However, research has not confirmed sexual satisfaction or arousal from Viagra in women, and it is still not approved by the FDA for use in women. At the same time, men can be given Viagra or related drugs on the advice of a doctor.

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Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy can also be done to help increase sexual arousal. This therapy aims to increase sexual fantasies and focus more on sexual stimuli. In this therapy, it is also seen what are your communication problems with your partner. Also, your partner does not spend as much time as is necessary for sexual stimulation, these things are also taken into consideration.

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Other tips

Many times, lack of sexual arousal also happens due to anxiety, bad relationship, the problem of not getting good sleep, not exercising, not taking a good diet, increasing stress, and smoking. In such a situation, sexual arousal can be easily increased by removing these deficiencies.

Along with this, sex therapy can also help in increasing the level of sexual arousal. Sometimes sexual arousal can also be increased by talking about sex with the partner and watching erotic content with the partner.

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Sexual arousal is the condition when a person is sexually active and performs sexual activities. Common symptoms of sexual arousal include erection in the penis and lubrication in the vagina. There are four stages of sexual arousal starting from excitement and ending at stability through climax and orgasm. Viagra, sex therapy, and over-the-counter lubricants can be used to enhance sexual arousal.

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