Castor oil has anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. Because of this, it helps remove skin as well as hair infections. It also moisturizes the scalp and removes dandruff. Along with this, it also makes the hair soft and shiny. For these reasons, castor oil can be considered beneficial for hair growth. At the same time, some people may have the problem of rash or itching by applying castor oil.

Today in this article, you will know in detail about the benefits, side effects, and uses of castor oil for hair growth -

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Doctors for Castor oil for hair growth - Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses

There is little scientific evidence available about the benefits of using castor oil for hair growth. Still, it is a safe and easy method. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in castor oil prevent free radicals from damaging the healthy cells of the body. Its benefits also include hair growth and stopping hair fall. Using castor oil increases blood flow in the scalp and maintains moisture in the scalp. Come, let us know in detail about the benefits of castor oil for hair growth -

Increases blood circulation

When castor oil is massaged into the scalp and hair, it increases the blood circulation of the scalp. This increased blood circulation plays an important role in hair growth.

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Keep the scalp moisturized

If there is dryness in the scalp, then it increases the chances of hair loss. In this case, the use of castor oil can reduce the dryness of the scalp and moisture can come on the scalp. Due to the presence of moisture on the scalp, there is less possibility of hair fall and at the same time, it is also necessary for the growth of hair.

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Reduce dandruff

Castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which help reduce dandruff. By applying it to the hair, any other type of infection can be removed and the hair becomes healthy.

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Reduce inflammation in pores

Omega 6 fatty acids are found in castor oil, which plays an important role in hair growth. Along with this, inflammation in the hair follicles is also reduced by its use, which is necessary for hair growth.

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Thicken eyebrows and eyelashes

Castor oil can also be applied to eyebrows and eyelashes. This can make them dense.

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The benefits of castor oil for hair growth are talked about, but at the same time, it has some side effects as well. Let us know in detail about the side effects of castor oil on hair growth -

Sticky hair

Excessive application of castor oil in the hair can make the hair sticky. That's why it is advised that castor oil should be mixed with coconut oil or jojoba oil.

Itching problem

Some people may have the problem of itching by using castor oil, even if castor oil is applied to the hair. Due to this, there is a possibility of itching on the scalp.

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Stain on clothes

If castor oil gets on clothes, its stain does not come out. Therefore, after applying castor oil, it is advised to wrap a cloth on the head, so that it does not get anywhere else.

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Castor oil should be used carefully for hair growth, or else it can harm. Coconut oil or jojoba oil must be mixed with castor oil. Let us know step by step how castor oil should be used for hair growth -

  • Castor oil is very sticky and heavy, so first of all mix coconut oil or jojoba oil in castor oil. If taking one part of castor oil, then two parts of other carrier oil have to be taken. This also reduces its smell, which some people may not like.
  • Also, wear old clothes while applying them to your hair so that there is no problem if the clothes get stained.
  • Then the hair has to be divided into different parts.
  • Wearing rubber gloves, with the help of an applicator brush, castor oil is to be applied all over the scalp.
  • After this, with the help of a comb, spread castor oil properly all over the hair.
  • After this, a light massage of the scalp and hair should be done with rubber-gloved hands.
  • Now put on the shower cap, and make sure all the hair is inside the cap.
  • If oil comes out of the shower cap, wipe it with a towel.
  • Leave the shower cap on the head for two hours, so that the oil is well absorbed inside the scalp, hair follicles, and hair.
  • After two hours wash the hair with the help of shampoo and conditioner.

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Castor oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, which are said to play an important role in hair growth. Castor oil is believed to contribute to hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp. The use of castor oil can also cause side effects like rashes and itching, so it is advised to do a patch test beforehand. While applying castor oil for hair growth, it is advised to mix coconut oil or jojoba oil in it, so that it gets applied properly on the hair.

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