Most people are troubled by the problem of hair fall. There can be many reasons for hair loss, such as genetic disorders, hormone imbalance, fungal problems on the scalp, stress, autoimmune diseases, and nutritional deficiencies in the body. Due to heavy hair fall daily, there can be a problem of baldness. To avoid this baldness and to grow hair again, people use many types of chemical-rich products.

There can be a risk of damage to the hair from these chemical-rich products. In such a situation, natural remedies should be used to re-grow hair. So that hair can be protected from damage. Due to this, the risk of damage to the hair is also less.

Today in this article, we will learn about the ways to re-grow hair naturally-

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Resorting to natural remedies can prove beneficial to re-grow falling hair. This makes the hair stronger than the roots. Come, let us know in detail how to re-grow hair naturally -

Aloe vera for hair growth

Aloe vera can be effective in removing the problem of hair loss for a long time. Along with this, it is also effective in removing the problem occurring on the scalp. It conditions the hair. Also effective in reducing dandruff. Not only this, by applying aloe vera to the hair, it can open the hair follicles, which can remove excess oil from the hair.

Hair can be regrown by applying pure aloe vera gel on the scalp and hair for a few weeks. Apart from this, shampoo and conditioner containing aloe vera can also be used. It is very effective in removing hair problems.

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Coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut oil contains a fatty acid called lauric acid, which penetrates inside the hair shaft and reduces protein loss in the hair. Coconut oil can be used before or after washing hair. It depends on the type of hair. If a person has oily hair, then in this case oil can be applied at night or a few hours before washing the hair. For this, massage coconut oil on the scalp and hair and leave it for some time.

On the other hand, people who have dry hair can use coconut oil as a live-in treatment. More research is needed on whether coconut oil can promote hair growth, but it appears to be effective in lubricating the hair shaft and preventing breakage. Hair can be regrown by using coconut oil regularly.

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Fish oil for hair growth

Fish oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which are known to be very good for hair growth. Omega fatty acids can help improve hair from the inside out, as they are packed with nutrients and proteins. The density and diameter of hair can be improved by taking omega supplements along with antioxidants. It reduces hair fall. Also, it can be effective in re-growing hair.

Omega fatty acids help the body's cells function properly and can boost the immune system, which is good for overall health. To regrow falling hair, a diet rich in omega fatty acids should be consumed.

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Ginseng for hair growth

Consuming ginseng stimulates the hair follicles, which can promote hair growth. Indeed, ginsenosides are the active constituents of ginseng, which have a positive effect on hair. Consuming ginseng can be beneficial for re-growing hair naturally.

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Onion juice for hair growth

Onion juice can be used for hair. However, it has a strong smell, due to which many people shy away from applying onion juice to their hair. Yes, if one wants to regrow hair naturally, then onion juice can be quite effective. Onion juice has the property of promoting hair growth and removing the problem of patchy alopecia areata.

Patchy alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition, in which the body's immune system attacks the hair follicles and causes hair loss on different parts of the body. Using onion juice in the hair improves blood circulation in the pores. This helps in the re-growth of hair. Along with this, hair growth is also better.

To use onion juice, take some onions. Now grind this onion and extract its juice. Now apply this juice to the scalp and hair. Then leave it for at least 15 minutes. After this wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo. Hair will get a lot of benefits from this.

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Geranium oil for hair growth

Geranium or Pelargonium graveolens is an aromatic plant. Essential oil is extracted from the leaves of this plant. It may be effective in promoting hair growth and promoting circulation.

Mix 3 drops of geranium essential oil with 8 drops of any carrier oil. Now apply this oil directly on the hair. Wash the hair after a few hours. This oil can also be used by mixing it in shampoo and conditioner. This gives strength to the hair. Also, it is effective in keeping the hair hydrated.

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Lemon for hair growth

Lemon or lemon oil can be used to re-grow hair naturally. It can be effective in promoting hair quality and growth. Lemon oil is effective in keeping the scalp healthy. Using lemon oil or lemon helps in stimulating hair growth.

For regrowth of hair, apply fresh lemon juice to the scalp and hair about 15 minutes before shampooing. After this wash the hair. Apart from this, the lemon essential oil can also be mixed with any carrier oil and applied to the hair. This will be of great benefit.

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Rosemary oil for hair growth

Rosemary is a common essential oil that is effective in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. To use this oil in the hair, mix a few drops of rosemary oil with a carrier oil such as argan oil or jojoba oil and apply it before washing. Using rosemary oil like this two to three times a week will give a lot of benefits.

Apart from this, adding a few drops of rosemary to the shampoo and conditioner can also be applied. However, keep in mind that this oil should not be applied directly on the scalp. Apply it by mixing it in carrier oil or shampoo.

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Natural things like rosemary oil, onion juice, geranium oil, and aloe vera should be used to regrow hair naturally. This gives natural nourishment to the hair. This strengthens the hair internally. This stops hair breakage and fall. Along with this, many other problems of hair go away. Keep in mind that if there is a lot of hair loss due to some physical problems, then in this situation, consult a doctor, so that you can avoid becoming a victim of baldness.

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