No, it is not connected to cheating or abuse, but according to science, wives have accepted that their kids make less trouble than their husbands. It is because married women have a lot on their plate namley kids, household chores, managing the husband and work pressure. We have listed some serious issues here which explain how husbands add to their wives’ stress.

Unending household chores

One of the major complaints that women have is that they are not getting enough help from their spouse. Husbands spend a lot of their time relaxing on Sundays while wives spend more time on household work like cleaning and dusting which also includes paying bills and going for grocery shopping. All they need is a helping hand from their husband to reduce their burden of workload and to feel appreciated.

Boredom in relationships

Wives miss their free time as they have the responsibility of raising kids. The best that husbands can do is to not only share the household work but also take up the responsibility of kids. This way both the partners will get plenty of time together.

Better time management

Women like to be organised and manage things as per their schedule. Problems occur when husbands try to disrupt that schedule by making demands at odd hours. To avoid upsetting the lady of the house, husbands should try and work around their wives schedules.

No quality time together

No relationship can last long if you keep acting like a parent and not as a partner. This is the reason why most parents put their relationship on the back-burner. Spending quality time with your partner will help you in nurturing a loving relationship. If you have any spare time then it is a good idea to engage with each other in a romantic way instead of wasting time on social media.

It is always easy to blame your partner for not handling responsibilities properly. However, there are always two sides to a story. It is better to trust each other and provide support wherever needed.

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