Collagen is present in the body since birth. But upon reaching a certain age, its production stops completely and this is when collagen injections or fillers can come in handy. These replenish natural collagen in the skin. Reduces wrinkles, can fill facial depressions and is also helpful in reducing marks on the face.

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  1. What Are The Benefits Of Collagen Injections?
  2. Where Can Collagen Be Injected?
  3. How Long Do Collagen Injections Last?
  4. What Are The Side Effects Of Collagen Injections?
  5. Other Options For Skin Problems
  6. Summary

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin. It is found in bones, cartilage, skin and tendons.Collagen injections commercially known as Bellafill. Potential benefits include the following:

1. Can Replace Skin's Natural Collagen
Due to the lack of collagen in the body after a certain age, collagen injections are helpful in replenishing the collagen in the body. Since collagen is largely responsible for skin's elasticity, it makes the skin look more youthful. Collagen injections also help reduce wrinkles in other specific areas of the face, including:

  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Forehead

2. Helpful In Reducing Scars
Soft-tissues like collagen are ideal for reducing pits and scars. Collagen is injected into the skin to enhance radiance and reduce the appearance of scars.

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3. Useful As Lip Fillers
Collagen lip fillers make the lips plump. Although these were once among the most commonly used fillers for lips, fillers containing hyaluronic acid (HA) have since become more popular. HA is a gel-like molecule naturally found in the body that keeps the skin moisturized. Like collagen, it plumps the lips and can be used to eliminate lines over the lips. People usually need three injections over 3 to 4 months. However, this varies from person to person. For example, treatment may be needed depending on how much collagen has been destroyed in the body.

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Collagen injections can be injected into problem areas. As -

Stretch marks occur when the skin stretches or contracts too quickly. This can happen for various reasons, such as pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, and muscle gain. When this happens, the collagen in the skin gets torn, causing scars on the skin. By injecting collagen into stretch marks, the skin heals on its own and starts looking smoother.

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Collagen injections are considered permanent, results can be seen for up to 5 years. In comparison, HA fillers only last 3 to 6 months. To remove facial wrinkles, you may have to get touch-ups done several times a year. To reduce scars, you only have to get collagen injections once or twice a year, you can get collagen injections every 3 months for lip improvement. The effects of collagen injections are immediate, although full results may take up to a week or month. This is great for people who don't want to have plastic surgery to achieve a more radiant, youthful look.

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Since the skin test is performed by a health care professional and monitored for a week before the collagen is injected, serious reactions do not occur. However, like any cosmetic procedure, there are potential side effects. which consists of-

  • Skin Redness
  • Skin Swelling, Bleeding And Bruising
  • Infection At Injection Site
  • Skin Rash With Itching
  • Wound
  • Knot
  • Bruising On The Face If The Injection Penetrates Too Deeply Into A Blood Vessel
  • Blindness If Injection Is Too Close To The Eyes

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Collagen Supplement
Research has found that collagen supplements and peptides are useful in slowing the aging process by increasing skin elasticity and hydration. In one study, taking a collagen supplement containing 2.5 grams of collagen daily for 8 weeks showed significant results. The effects of injections are immediate, whereas collagen supplements show results over time.

Injectable Fat
Microlipoinjection, or fat injection, involves injecting fat from one part of the body into fat from another part. It is commonly used to improve the appearance of:

  • Old Age
  • Sun Damaged Skin
  • Scar – This Has Less Risk Of Allergy As The Person's Own Fat Is Used For The Procedure.

Collagen Fillers
Collagen fillers are a long-term way to get younger looking skin. They reduce wrinkles, improve the appearance of blemishes and even make lips look plump.

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Choose a certified doctor to get collagen injections and understand the procedure completely. If you feel the need for collagen injections for yourself then definitely try it, but remember one thing that you are beautiful the way you are and it is great to accept yourself.

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