Dihydrotestosterone hormone i.e. DHT plays an important role in hair growth. Disturbances in its level can lead to hair loss, the victims of which are mostly men. DHT shrinks the hair follicles, due to which the problem of hair fall starts. In such a situation, the role of the DHT blocker becomes important, which opens the hair follicles. Along with this, hair fall is stopped and hair growth is also improved.

Today in this article you will know what is DHT blocker and what are its benefits for hair -

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Doctors for What is a DHT blocker and its benefits for hair?

DHT is also called androgen, which is a type of sex hormone. It has a special role in the growth of hair on the head and body of men. On the other hand, when this hormone becomes excessive in the body, it shrinks the hair follicles. Because of this, the hair starts getting thinner and starts breaking and falling. Along with this, there can also be a problem of split ends. Many times men also have to suffer baldness due to this, which is called androgenetic alopecia.

In this situation, DHT blockers can be used on the advice of the doctor. It works to reduce the effect of DHT on the body. It controls hair fall by helping in opening the hair follicles and plays a role in hair growth. DHT blockers are available in the form of medicine, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and supplement.

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DHT blockers for hair can work to some extent. It does not reverse male pattern baldness but can reduce hair fall. In this way, there are many benefits of DHT blockers for hair. Come, let us know in detail about the benefits of DHT blockers for hair -

Prevent baldness

Research suggests that DHT blocker medication such as Finasteride or Propecia may help prevent the progression of baldness. Even if this result is slow, but DHT blocker works.

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Grow hair again

Research also says that taking DHT blocker medicine or injection can also start hair regrowth. The DHT blocker works by opening the hair follicles, but for this, the DHT blocker must be taken regularly.

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Blood circulation in the scalp

The DHT blocker drug Minoxidil helps to widen and open the blood vessels of the scalp so that blood can easily circulate to the scalp. Proper circulation of blood in the scalp has a positive effect on hair growth.

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DHT is a male sex hormone, which causes hair fall by constricting the hair follicles. In this case, DHT blockers can help in reducing hair fall and hair fall by opening the hair follicles. DHT blockers can prove beneficial for hair by preventing baldness as well as increasing the blood circulation of the scalp. However, it is not necessary that taking a DHT blocker will stop hair loss, as there are many other reasons for hair loss.

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