Ageing is a vicious process which slowly deteriorates the human body and affects its vital functions. But one of the first apparent signs of ageing show up on the skin, particularly on the face. I am sure a lot of you who are reading this article might either be worried about them or are looking forward to delaying them as much as possible.

And that is what fuels your favourite cosmetic brands. Over-the-counter anti-ageing products may be beneficial for your skin. But of course, you need to be careful before buying them and only purchase from trusted brands having good reviews. Tedious, right?

What if I tell you that you can save some time and money and get that glowing and youthful looking glow at home?

It is said that nature has a solution to all of our problems. Why should ageing be any different? Your kitchen alone is stocked with age-defying foods, which can be mixed and matched with various ingredients to cook up your own anti-ageing recipes.

So, wear that mystical robe and defy age like a pro.

  1. Precautions for sagging face skin
  2. Face skin tightening tips
  3. Yoga fights skin sagging
  4. Takeaway
Doctors for How to tighten face skin

So, you have finally decided that you want to get rid of those fine lines on your forehead and give a lift to those sagging cheeks. But how do you defeat something when you don’t know where to target and what to look for. There are several factors that cause your face to sag. Let's have a look at them.

  • Loss of collagen and reduced collagen production: Collagen is the structural protein of the skin. Reduction in collagen fibres and an increase in its cross-linking are the molecular signs of an ageing skin
  • Degradation of elastin (a skin protein), which, as the name suggests is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity.
  • Smoking and tobacco are probably the worst nemeses of the natural glow of your face. It not only reduces the growth and spread of fibroblasts (skin cells) but also reduces the antioxidant status of the skin. Studies indicate that the fibroblast reduction in smoking individuals is similar to that of an ageing person and in twin studies, it has been observed to increase the skin age by an extra 2.5 years. About time you decide to quit your smoking habit.
  • It has been suggested that long-term exposure to sun rays can break down the skin matrix which leads to skin sagging. It also modulates the fat and pigments in the skin causing hyperpigmentation. Interestingly, not all types of rays in sunlight are harmful to the skin. But then you can’t really utilise a single type of sun ray and keep off all the others. Regular use of sunscreen has been found to slow down skin sagging. So, it is recommended to use a sunscreen the next time you go out to prevent signs of ageing.
  • Hormonal changes, especially after menopause lead to changes in fat deposition. Low estrogen levels cause fats to move away from your face and neck, causing the skin to be sagged and wrinkled in this area.
  • Increased air pollution can also have a role in early skin ageing. In epidemiological studies, factors like traffic pollution, an increase in nitrogen dioxide and high levels of ozone have been associated with skin wrinkles and sagging. It has been reported that ozone depletes the natural antioxidants present in the skin and increases oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is one of the primary causes of the premature signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles. It has further been said that ozone activates the AhR pathway in body, which degrades skin matrix and leads to sagging skin.
  • Undernourishment may also be a factor in early skin ageing.
  • Consuming excess sugar has been linked to skin sagging and wrinkles due to a process called glycation (binding of sugar to body tissues).
  • Junk food and processed food increase inflammation and free radicals which in turn cause skin ageing due to a similar mechanism.
  • Loss of moisture: While moisture loss may not have a direct effect on skin ageing, it contributes to skin dryness which just accentuates the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Stress, Sleeping position, sleep disturbances or lack of sleep and overuse of cosmetics are also some of the culprits behind skin ageing.
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After listing the major factors responsible for losing your facial skin. We are at least equipped with the precautionary tool, that is what to avoid to maintain a smooth face texture. Now, let us move on to the remedies because let’s face it, we all need to go out in the sun, eat some amount of outside foods and we can definitely not avoid stress altogether.

Yoghurt for skin tightening

Yoghurt is one of the most easily available remedies for lose and sagging skin. Extensive studies have been done on the skin healing benefits of fermented milk products. A review article published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine suggested that both oral and topical application of yoghurt has significant skin healing benefits. However, the study was inconclusive and evidence to find the mode of action and efficiency of these products is yet to be completed.

In a recent study, yoghurt consumption is reported to improve gut microflora which is known to have an additional benefit in reducing skin sagging and wrinkles.

In a clinical study, a face mask made from yoghurt and eastern prickly pear was found to improve skin elastin and reduce free radicals, leading to a rejuvenated skin. But, if you don’t have a prickly pear you can always add some honey to yoghurt and make your own face tightening mask at home.

Honey for facial skin tightening

Honey is nature’s gift to mankind. It has been used since ancient times for its varied skin benefits. It is well-demonstrated that honey can heal skin by remodelling collagen and promoting wound healing. This property may be helpful in lifting saggy skin. Additionally, it helps maintain the skin's pH and provides a soothing glow to the skin. What better than a natural product with such a beneficial action?

Honey face mask can easily be made by adding honey and mixing with a few drops of lemon. This gives an antioxidant boost to the skin thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Apples for face skin tightening

Apples have several qualities that aid in skin tightening. First, they contain a good amount of vitamin C, which is known to play a crucial role in the biosynthesis of collagen. Second, they supply several nutrients to your skin which prevents skin ageing and wrinkles. And finally, they contain several antioxidants which scavenge free radicals and reduce skin damage. A study done on apple-based cream demonstrated a significant reduction in oxidative stress.

You can easily make a face tightening mask by blending a few slices of apples (with skin) with some honey and yoghurt.

Tomatoes for facial skin tightening

Tomatoes are your best bet against sun-induced skin damage. They contain an antioxidant pigment called lycopene, which has been suggested to reverse the damage to the skin matrix caused by UV radiations. 

A clinical study done on 20 healthy women noted significant improvement in photodamage (damage due to sun rays) to the skin upon regular application of tomato paste in olive oil. This is such an easy skin tightening pack to make at home, isn’t it?

Eggs for face skin tightening

Eggs have several essential amino acids which are needed for collagen synthesis and maintenance. Also, they are rich in vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant and can thus reduce skin sagging due to oxidative stress. 

A pilot study demonstrated a significant reduction in wrinkle depth on topical application of eggshell membrane. Though it is a commercial product available for facial skin tightening and cannot be made at home, an egg mask can be utilised. 

It is made by whipping an egg and adding some honey, lemon juice and an essential oil of your choice to mask the smell and enhance its skin tightening benefits.

Avocado for face wrinkles

Avocados are the sweethearts of the skin tightening creams due to their rich Vitamin E content. Additionally, they contain a fairly good amount of vitamin C. Together, these vitamins not only improve skin matrix and reduce wrinkles but also promote a younger and brighter looking skin.

Blend an avocado with some olive oil and yoghurt to make the perfect tightening mask for your face.

Banana for skin tightening

Banana is probably one of the best-known anti-ageing and skin tightening fruits. It is traditionally used for skin healing and is considered an excellent remedy for inflammation. Also, it moisturizes your skin and provides vitamins, which are essential for maintaining skin elasticity.

Banana peel has further been found to possess potent antioxidant properties. According to a study, unripe banana peel has stronger antioxidant potential than ripe peels. So next time you go shopping for bananas, pick up a few unripe ones and mash to apply them to your face.

Oils for face skin care

Oils provide moisture and lipids to the skin which are important for maintaining skin barrier function and flexibility. Coconut oil and palm oil contain essential fatty acids which are needed for maintaining a soft and supple skin. Additionally, coconut oil and jojoba oil have been found to aid in collagen synthesis while argan oil has been found to improve skin elasticity. The former is also reported to have some antioxidant properties which protect the skin from harmful free radicals and alleviate premature fine lines and wrinkles.

Apart from their own healing properties, most of these oils can be used as a carrier for essential oils, As carrier oils, these improve skin permeability and make sure that the bioactive components from essential oil permeate to the inner layers of your skin.

According to a study published in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, the order of permeability of various oil is Olive oil > Grapeseed oil > Coconut oil > Avocado oil.

You can add a few drops of essential oil like frankincense, rosemary or lavender to break free of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. But. make sure that you buy essential oils from trusted brands and ask for a lab testing certificate confirming its quality.

Multani mitti for skin tightening

Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti, is an excellent home remedy for getting rid of age lines and wrinkles. It closes open pores and tightens your skin along with improving blood circulation. Together, all of the properties not only help in providing a smooth skin texture but also provide a soft radiant glow to your skin. Furthermore, fuller’s earth contains a mineral called selenium. Selenium has antioxidant properties which make multani mitti as the perfect base for any of your skin tightening face masks.

You can either add a few drops of lemon, honey and yoghurt or go for an essential oil, fruit peels face mask with multani mitti. What’s more, nobody would be able to notice the individual ingredients in your mask and your skin tightening secret would be safe with you.

It is hard to neglect yoga and pranayama when it comes to health. Of course, you can stay young by using some foods, oils and making face packs but changing lifestyle habits can just be the thing you need to keep off those signs of skin sagging.  And what’s more, it is now backed by evident scientific results. Let’s have a look at just how these asanas and breathing techniques could be helpful.

  • Asnas improve the blood circulation in your body which means your body tissues get optimal oxygen and the waste products are taken away quickly.
  • Studies demonstrate that people who practice yoga and breathing techniques regularly show a much higher level of antioxidant enzymes.
  • Yoga downregulates the expression of certain ageing related genes and depicts a much lower inflammatory response which is a natural contributor to ageing skin.
  • Tissue glycation is yet another process that is controlled by regular yoga and meditation practice. Glycation happens when the body is not able to metabolise insulin. These sugars then bind to the tissues and break down proteins like collagen and elastin ultimately leading to loose and sagging skin.
  • Yoga is an excellent way to de-stress your life. It reduces stress and tension in your body helps to reduce those frown wrinkles, as demonstrated by scientific studies.

If you still think yoga is just a set of postures and something to do on weekends, think again!

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While a young and supple looking skin is a dream of many, it takes constant effort and lifestyle changes to maintain. Saying no to junk food, alcohol, smoking and stress and following a healthier lifestyle including yoga and pranayama may help you reach that perfectly taut skin. 

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Dr Shishpal Singh

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