Running is one of the easiest, accessible and healthy forms of exercise. However, it doesn’t mean it is free of any pitfalls. Whether you run for fitness or you run marathons, there are mistakes that everyone makes while running. Listed here are some common mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Wearing wrong shoes

Wearing the wrong type of running shoes and wearing old running shoes can lead to running injuries. It is because running shoes lose their cushioning and supportive ability over time, which can lead to changes in running style and cause injuries. Select the right type of running shoe that will last longer and provide you with adequate protection.

Not setting goals

You need to expand your horizon and focus on specific goals. Set smart goals for yourself which keep you motivated for weeks, months and even years. A smart running goal can make a huge difference in your training. An example of a specific goal would be: "I m going to run the Ladakh marathon before turning 45".

Don’t ignore stretching

Running is an activity which requires continuous strength and endurance, which is important for runners. However, ignoring stretching before running can lead to tiredness, muscle imbalance, tight muscles and poor running performance. Stretching is beneficial for runners as it removes muscle stiffness. You need flexibility which can be simply achieved by stretching. This should not be avoided at any cost as it takes only a few minutes to stretch before running.

Take expert advice

Running may seem like a simple activity but if you want to get the best out of it, then meeting and discussing your problems with an expert before running can do wonders.  

It is always advisable to educate yourself well before trying any exercise including running. It is better to avoid mistakes and not to repeat them.

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