Hormones are chemicals that carry messages through the blood to organs, muscles and tissues. It also works as a coordinator between organs, muscles and tissues. Hormones tell the body what to do when. Actually, there are many hormones in our body. All hormones have different functions, but we are talking about the leptin hormone, which was discovered in 1994.

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  1. What is Leptin Hormone?
  2. Functions Of Leptin Hormone
  3. Effect Of Weight On Leptin Levels
  4. Leptin Hormone Levels
  5. Low Leptin Levels
  6. High Levels Of Leptin
  7. Summary
Doctors for Unlocking the Power of Leptin Hormone

Leptin is a type of hormone. This hormone is released by white fat tissues. This tissue is located under your skin, around internal organs and in your bones.

Let us tell you that leptin is found in blood. The level of leptin present in the blood is directly related to the amount of fat in the body. People who have less fat in their body may have low levels of leptin in their body. At the same time, people who have more fat in their body may have higher levels of leptin in their body.

Leptin hormone provides the feeling of satiety after eating food, which controls appetite. That means this hormone tells you that your stomach is full. In such a situation, this hormone can help in maintaining normal weight. Many times people have to face leptin resistance. This is a condition in which the leptin hormone is not able to function properly. In this you may feel hungry again and again, even after eating you may not feel satisfied, due to which you may eat more. This may increase your weight.

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Leptin is a hormone, whose main function is to maintain the balance between food intake and energy use. Actually, leptin hormone sends a signal to the brain during eating that your stomach is full. After this the person stops eating food, that is, leptin hormone works to make you feel full and satisfied with food. This hormone makes a person feel less interested in food. Therefore, it is also known as satiety hormone. Apart from this, leptin also works to convert fat into energy in the body, that is, this hormone converts fat into energy and provides energy to the person.

Leptin helps curb appetite. It also controls the balance of energy. Let us tell you that leptin hormone mainly controls appetite and energy balance. For this, leptin hormone acts on the brain system and hypothalamus. However, the leptin hormone does not affect hunger levels and food intake. It just helps in maintaining your weight.

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Weight can affect leptin hormone levels, because as body fat decreases, leptin levels also decrease. In this situation this hormone signals your brain that you are hungry. This situation can increase appetite. Also, in this situation the person can eat more food. On the contrary, when body fat increases, leptin levels may increase. Scientists are still working on the leptin hormone. Many researchers believe that leptin hormone can also affect metabolism, immune system and endocrine system function.

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It is important to have balanced levels of leptin hormone. Leptin level should be low –

  • Leptin level in female at birth: 0.5 - 15.2 nanograms per milliliter
  • Leptin level in male at birth: 0.5 – 12.5 nanograms per milliliter

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If the level of leptin hormone is low, it is known as hyperleptinemia. This condition is seen in very few people. Low levels of leptin can be genetic, meaning a child can be born with this condition. Due to lack of leptin, a person may feel hungry. Due to this, obesity may increase. Besides, puberty may also be delayed in children. Due to low level of leptin, one may have to face these problems -

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If the amount of leptin in a person's blood is high, he may have to face obesity. In fact, it can cause lack of sensitivity to leptin. This is known as leptin resistance or hyperleptinemia. The following problems can occur if leptin levels are high -

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Leptin hormone was discovered only a few years ago. Many researches are still going on to get more information about this hormone. Let us tell you that leptin creates and releases the hormone fat tissue. Therefore, it is completely related to fat. Leptin hormone can help in maintaining normal weight, because this hormone makes one feel full after eating, which can avoid overeating and keep the weight under control. If you overeat, it may be due to high levels of leptin. In such a situation, you can contact the doctor once.

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