People suffering from overweight or obesity feel pain in the joints or knees. There are many cases where losing weight can help reduce joint pain and reduce the risk of osteoarthritis. According to a study, people with healthy weight are less prone to knee or joint pain. Having extra weight puts extra pressure on the joints, and as a result of which joint pain can start.

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Today in this article, you will know whether joint pain can be reduced by reducing weight or not -

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  1. How does weight affect joint pain?
  2. Exercise reduces joint pain
  3. Weight loss tips
  4. Takeaway
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Maintaining a healthy body weight can have many benefits, which are as follows -

Less pressure on the knees

People who are overweight put a lot of load on the knee joints. In this case, reducing weight can reduce the pressure on the knees or joints. Due to less pressure on the joints or knees, the discomfort pain, and swelling is reduced, due to which the risks of osteoarthritis can be reduced.

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Relife from body swelling

Patients suffering from osteoarthritis have to face pain and swelling in the joints for a long time. Recent research shows that due to inflammation, the problem of joint pain can increase. Obesity can increase the level of inflammation in the body, which can lead to joint pain. Losing weight reduces the inflammatory response, which in turn reduces swelling in the body. In such a situation, the pain in the knees and joints can be reduced by this.

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Relationship between joint pain and metabolic syndrome

Obesity, type 2 diabetescardiovascular disease, and all these conditions are conditions known as metabolic syndrome. Due to these conditions, a lot of swelling can be seen in the body. There is some evidence that osteoarthritis may also be part of the metabolic syndrome. In such a situation, a person suffering from metabolic syndrome should include such food in his diet, so that this condition can be slowed down. Along with this, the problems caused by osteoarthritis can also be reduced. Some of the following tips can be followed for this -

  • Consume fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants.
  • Include fiber-rich foods in the diet.
  • Include healthy fat in the diet.
  • Eat sugar, fat, and salt in minimum quantities.
  • Keep your distance from processed foods.
  • Stay away from foods that promote inflammation.

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Many people exercise to lose weight. Exercising regularly not only helps in weight loss but can also help in reducing the risk of joint pain. For this, some exercises can be done daily, such as -

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To reduce weight, you can follow some easy tips, such as -

  • Include more vegetables in the food.
  • Pay special attention to your diet, and eat little by little.
  • Walk daily after eating.
  • Use the stairs instead of the escalator or lift.
  • Avoid eating outside.

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Losing weight can reduce joint pain. Actually, due to the loss of weight, there is no extra load on the joints, in such a situation, joint or knee pain can be relieved. However, keep in mind that while losing weight, pay special attention to your diet. At the same time, to reduce weight, take advice from a good dietician.

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