Mobile has become an important part of our life. While this smartphone has a million advantages, it also has many disadvantages. Due to this the person has become lazy and is falling prey to diseases. Perhaps this is the reason why many people are suffering from diseases like obesity due to phone addiction and are not able to reduce obesity even if they want to. If there is a problem, there is also a solution. There are 5 such habits related to mobile, which if left, can help in getting rid of obesity.

Today in this article we are telling about these 5 bad habits which cause obesity -

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  1. Phone increases anxiety and stress
  2. Phone use while walking
  3. Use the phone while eating
  4. Phone disturbs your sleep
  5. Avoid exercising
  6. Takeaway
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In a way, we all have become addicted to phones. It is a bit difficult to stay away from it because during this time we are in a frenzy of notifications and all kinds of messages coming in the phone, which creates anxiety and stress in you.

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Due to stress, the body becomes vulnerable to the hormonal system and the immunity decreases. Not only this, you become a victim of chronic diseases, and losing weight thereafter can be difficult.

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When you are using your phone while walking, it slows down your speed. Due to this, your ability to burn calories is affected. So for weight loss and other health benefits, it may be good to walk for at least 150 minutes at a brisk pace.

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Using a phone or watching TV while eating is a common practice today, but it is an unhealthy habit and completely against the principles of eating in peace or leisure. When you are eating food, it can be wrong to use the phone (playing games, texting, and reading something on the phone) at that time, because at that time you do not know how many calories you are taking with the food.

Also, this makes you overeat (eating more than your appetite). Therefore, if seen in this way, it will be beneficial to take a balanced diet with peace to lose weight.

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Better and adequate sleep is a sign of good health, but phone addiction can help you gain weight by spoiling your sleep. Too much blue light from phones can reduce the production of melatonin. Due to this sleep is interrupted and later it can cause insomnia. Also, lack of sleep can alter the hormones that are responsible for controlling appetite, making you lethargic and tired to function.

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You may not even realize it, but constantly on your phone during your workout at the gym may not complete your workout. Due to this, you cannot take advantage of exercise. Phone addiction can distract you from concentrating completely on your workout. Well, using the phone while exercising distracts your attention from the exercise. Due to this your dedication towards reducing weight remains on the ground.

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Overall, addiction related to the phone can put you in many other problems, but if it is a matter of reducing weight, then the phone reduces every effort related to eating, sleeping, and exercising. Therefore, now stop worrying about obesity and make up your mind and try to stay away from these bad habits related to mobile. These small efforts only help in reducing weight.

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