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Dabur Shila X Oil का पैक साइज, कीमत - Dabur Shila X Oil Price and Pack Size in Hindi

Dabur Shila X Oil 20ml Pack दवा खरीदें

Dabur Shila X Oil की जानकारी

Dabur Shila X Oil is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine. It is available in liquid form (oil) and to be applied topically. Shila X Oil is manufactured by the Dabur. Dabur Shila X Oil is mainly used for improving strength and stamina. This medicine is helpful in providing strength to the muscular and nervous tissues. 

The major key ingredients present in Dabur Shila X Oil are srigopal tail, nutmeg oil, shilajit, and clove oil. Here are the health benefits of each of these:

  • Srigopal Tail is helpful in strengthing the nerves as well as muscles tissues and it is also effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is also helpful in managing neuromuscular conditions such as retention power and improves memory. 
  • Nutmeg Oil is extracted from the plant known as jaiphala. It contains aphrodisiac (agent stimulates sexual desire) action that is helpful for the treatment of sexual weakness. 
  • Shilajit has the ability to stimulate the formation of sperm and it is also helpful for the treatment of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and infertility. 
  • Clove Oil balances vata as well as kapha dosha and it is effective in improving strength and stamina. 

However, no side effects of Dabur Shila X Oil have been reported by patients till now, while taking this medicine. You are recommended not to exceed prescribed dosage and keep your physician informed while using this ayurvedic medicine.

Dabur Shila X Oil के लाभ और उपयोग करने का तरीका - Dabur Shila X Oil Benefits & Uses in Hindi

Dabur Shila X Oil इन बिमारियों के इलाज में काम आती है -

  1. नपुंसकता मुख्य (और पढ़ें - नपुंसकता के घरेलू उपाय)
  2. यौन शक्ति

Dabur Shila X Oil की खुराक और इस्तेमाल करने का तरीका - Dabur Shila X Oil Dosage & How to Take in Hindi

Dosage should be taken as 5 - 10 drops and to be applied topically with a light hand over the affected area. 

Dabur Shila X Oil की सामग्री - Dabur Shila X Oil Active Ingredients in Hindi

Dabur Shila X Oil के बारे में अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न - Frequently asked Questions about Dabur Shila X Oil in Hindi

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