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IMC Fat Away Kit

उत्पादक: Imc Pvt.Ltd.

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IMC Fat Away Kit का पैक साइज, कीमत - IMC Fat Away Kit Price and Pack Size in Hindi

Imc Fat Away Kit

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IMC Fat Away Kit की जानकारी

Weight L...oss Suitable for children aged 5 years to adults age 100 years.... Only Ayurveda Treatment with no side effect at all.... Once the weight is lost never you gain it again (like other products in the market)........ Just try for one month and see the difference in your body.... Keep healthy heart card in your heart pocket every time... and please walk without shoes for 15 minutes daily (any time) on the grass to activate it.... Includes: i.) Aloe Vera Juice 1000ml = Rs.650 ii.) Himalayan Berry Juice 500ml=Rs.500 iii.) Shri Tulsi 20ml=Rs.180 iv.) Fat Away Tablets (60)=Rs.600 v.) Aloe Spirulina Tablets (60)=Rs.600 vi.) Wheat Gold Tablets (60)=Rs.600 vii.) Protiwon Soya protein powder 500gm=Rs.900 viii.) Healthy Heart Card=Rs.1500 Healthy Heart Card Anti radiation, Bio Energy Healthy Heart Card consists of Far Infrared rays (F.I.R) and negative ions. Gives Instant energy to the body. Helpful in: Normalizing blood circulation. Protecting & keeping the heart healthy. Relieving tension, tiredness & removing foot odour. Increasing physical, mental & sexual capability. Relieving headache, body ache, foot ache, muscle pain & weakness. Kit Usage procedure will be defined in the courier you will receive.......
  • Type : Weight Management
  • Shop By Condition : Weight Loss
  • Key Feature : Reduces Weight
  • Quantity : 1 Month Course

IMC Fat Away Kit की सामग्री - IMC Fat Away Kit Active Ingredients in Hindi

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