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There is a certain charm in straight and shiny hair that attracts attention no matter where you are. Ranging from a permanent solution to your curly and frizzy hair problem or temporary straightening procedures, hair straightening methods have advanced significantly with time. So now you have many available options to get those chic and elegantly straight tresses. But hair straightening, however easy it may seem, could be a bit tricky to do at home. Flat irons and rollers can provide you with the look in no time though they may have certain side effects when not used properly.
If you have ever burnt your hair with straighteners you’d know how dangerous direct heat can be. But you don’t really have to throw all your fancy equipment yet.

  1. Hair straightening at home without straighteners or chemicals
  2. Natural hair straightening at home
  3. Other techniques for straight hair

You must be wondering if this is really possible? Well, you can try any of these to find the answer to this question. These techniques work on the fact that on the addition of water or moisture to the hair, the hydrogen bonds in your hair shafts break, making them softer and easy to style. So, on drying, your hair will take the same shape and structure it is kept while wet. These techniques give results with zero damage to hair. The latter alone makes it worth trying. So, let us begin!

  1. Using rubber bands for straight hair
  2. Overnight hair wrap for straight hair
  3. Big hair rollers for straight hair

Using rubber bands for straight hair

Well, yes!  You just require a few rubber bands to get straight and beautiful hair in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab all your rubber bands and start.

What you will require:

  • Rubber bands
  • ​Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soft towel
  • Hairbrush
  • Scarf
  • ​Bobby pins


  • Begin with washing your hair properly with a shampoo
  • Once washed, drain all the excess water
  • Now apply a good conditioner on your hair and leave it for 10 minutes
  • Rinse your hair properly with cold water
  • Squeeze extra water using a soft towel
  • Now, using a hairbrush, detangle your hair gently
  • ​Once done with detangling, divide your hair into two parts near the nape of the neck into both sides like a pigtail
  • Secure hair by wrapping rubber bands on both sides.
  • Wrap more hair bands in the pigtails at an interval of ten centimeters approx.
  • Now, wrap a scarf around your hair. You can secure this scarf using bobby pins.
  • You need to keep your hair like this for a few hours. If possible do this at night and go to sleep
  • Unwrap the scarf and remove rubber bands
  • Brush your hair


  • Do not rub the towel on your hair. It is a major cause of frizz and split ends
  • Be gentle with your hair while detangling to avoid hair breakage
  • Make sure to keep your hair straight while securing rubber bands
  • You can apply some hair serum at the end to give your hair some extra shine

Overnight hair wrap for straight hair

If rubber bands look difficult enough to work with, here is another method to straighten your hair. It works on the same principle as rubber bands and is more effective for shorter hair. So, let us start.

What you will need:

  • Some bobby pins
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Leave on conditioner
  • Hairbrush
  • Towel


  • Begin by washing your hair properly
  • Drain the extra water in your hair and apply some leave on conditioner
  • Now, divide your hair into four equal parts across the scalp
  • Brush each section properly to remove all the tangles
  • Start wrapping any one section of your hair around your head. Use bobby pins to secure the hair flat at a gap of approx 5-10 centimeters
  • Wrap other sections of hair in the same way
  • You may want to keep them as flat as possible and wrap them in such a way so as to make a tight wrap
  • Cover with a cloth and leave it overnight
  • Remove the bobby pins and brush your hair in the morning to get straight and smooth hair

Tips: Excessive use of leave on conditioner can make your hair look oily. Make sure to take enough to just cover all your hair evenly.

Big hair rollers for straight hair

As contradictory as it may sound, hair rollers are probably the most well known and time tested remedy for straightening hair. You just need to know the right way to use it. Look for jumbo size rollers or the biggest rollers available in the market and follow the below-mentioned steps.

What you require:

  • Hair rollers
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Leave on conditioner
  • Wide hairbrush
  • Soft towel


  • Clean your hair properly with a shampoo
  • Rinse off with cold water
  • Apply some leave on conditioner and soak all the extra water with a soft towel
  • Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed hairbrush
  • Now take a small section of hair and wrap it in the roller by wrapping your hair towards the scalp
  • Secure the roller near the scalp using a bobby pin
  • Do this for the rest of your hair too
  • Leave it for a few hours and let your hair dry naturally
  • Remove the rollers and brush your hair properly

Tips: Keeping hair rollers on overnight can be a bit difficult. If you want to get straight hair overnight it is best to opt for flexible rollers.

Your hair texture is determined by your genes and environmental factors such as pollution and sun exposure. While it is not possible to completely straighten curly hair with home remedies, you can certainly reduce frizz, dryness and hair damage by using some simple ingredients available in your kitchen.
They help nourish and hydrate your scalp and hair follicles, making them look naturally softer and straighter.
One important point here is that you need to use these remedies regularly to get and maintain effective results.

  1. Eggs for straight hair
  2. Milk spray for straight hair
  3. Banana for straight hair

Eggs for straight hair

Eggs are a great source of amino acids and proteins along with biotin, a vitamin that plays an important role in maintaining the hair quality and growth. Regular application of eggs provide external nutrition to your hair, making them look healthier and frizz free. It also induces new hair growth in case of hair loss or alopecia. Here is how you can use egg on your hair.

What you will require:

  • Eggs
  • A clean bowl
  • Spoon
  • Yogurt


  • Take an egg or two, depending on your hair length and density
  • Crack the eggs into a clean bowl and blend well to mix the yolk and albumin
  • Add a tablespoon of yogurt to it and mix again
  • Apply this mixture on your hair evenly
  • Keep it on until it dries completely
  • Wash it off properly with some shampoo and water

Tips: Use only non-flavoured yogurt

Milk spray for straight hair

Milk, being a complete food, is a great source of nutrition, especially proteins. Using milk regularly can relieve frizz and curls to some extent and it also gives a shiny and straight look to your tresses. Here is how you can use milk on your hair.

What you need:

  • Some fresh milk
  • Spray bottle


  • Take some milk in a spray bottle
  • Divide your hair into small sections
  • Spray this milk on your hair evenly all over
  • Now, cover your hair with a shower cap
  • Leave it on for some time (15 minutes)
  • Wash your hair properly with shampoo and water
  • Pat dry your hair with soft satin cloth


  • Use full-fat milk for better result
  • You can also apply milk with a brush instead of using a spray bottle

Banana for straight hair

Banana is yet another option to get straighter and shinier mane. It helps lock up moisture in hair shafts, making them frizz free and provides the required nourishment to your scalp so you can sport that straight hairstyle effortlessly. For best results, you can use bananas with various other ingredients like olive oil or yogurt. These ingredients just add up to the benefits of the mask, making it more potent and effective. Here is how you can prepare a hair mask using a banana.

What you require:

  • Banana
  • Olive oil
  • Blender
  • Shower cap


  • Take a banana or two, peel them off and blend them to a paste
  • Add a tablespoon of olive oil and blend again
  • Your hair mask is ready
  • Apply this mask properly on your hair with the help of a brush and wear your shower cap
  • Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash off your hair properly using a mild shampoo and cold water

Apart from these natural methods, you can also use some heat and chemical methods to straighten your hair. These methods can prove to be really helpful when you need to straighten your hair instantly and mostly permanently. Read on to know about some of these methods.

  1. Electric straighteners for straight hair
  2. Keratin treatment for straight hair
  3. Chemical hair straightening for straight hair

Electric straighteners for straight hair

Electric straighteners or flat irons are the easiest and best way to get your hair straightened quickly. However, it is important to know that regular use of straightener can lead to severe hair damage, making your hair more rough, frizzy and dry. But in case of a quick outing plan or a party, straighteners can be a good solution. Get yourself a good straightener with temperature control and don’t forget to use a thermal protectant. These are available in the form of sprays and lotions and help minimize hair damage every time you straighten your hair. Here is the right way to use a straightener:

  • Plug in the straightener in an electric socket
  • Set the temperature of the straightener to the minimum required point
  • Brush your hair to remove all the tangles
  • Now, take a small section of your hair
  • Keep this section between the two arms of the flat iron and press it close
  • Slowly slide the straightener towards the tips of your hair
  • Repeat this on the rest of the hair by taking small sections
  • You can also use a hair setting spray or a serum after this procedure to keep your hair straight for longer

Keratin treatment for straight hair

Keratin treatment is one of the safest and most effective solutions to straighten your hair permanently.
It helps tame your hair shafts but has no effect on roots, so you’ll require to go through it over and again to get your recently grown hair straightened.
In this treatment, a formaldehyde cream is brushed into the hair. After which your hair is flat- ironed to make it straight. The combination of formaldehyde and heat along with compression reacts with keratin in hair, making curly or wavy hair more relaxed and straight.
However, being a chemical procedure, a keratin treatment is not devoid of side effects.

  • Formaldehyde or its supplements that are used in this treatment can lead to irritation in eyes, skin and nasal cavity
  • In case this chemical comes in contact with eyes, it can also lead to blindness.
  • Repeated exposure to formaldehyde can cause cancer and other major health problems.

Chemical hair straightening for straight hair

Hair straightening is yet another method that uses chemical and heat to give you straight hair permanently. The mechanism of this method is based on the breakage of the sulphur bonds in the hair. Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, which is stabilised by many sulphur bonds. These bonds tend to break temporarily on the application of heat. Hair straightening procedures utilise this property of keratin in the following way:

  • Hair is first treated with heat to break sulphur bonds and then a strong alkaline solution such as sodium hydroxide or ammonium thioglycolate to break the sulfur bonds in keratin.
  • They are combed straight and held in the same position while pouring an acidic solution over them. The latter leads to the formation of entirely new disulphide bonds in your hair shafts that change their original structure to a straighter one permanently.

Just like keratin treatment, you need to go through hair straightening over and again for newly grown hair and since it is more invasive, hair straightening could be much more harmful than a keratin treatment. Not only can it lead to hair loss if not done properly but also it can damage your scalp and skin. So, it is important that you visit a trained hair therapist to get these kinds of chemical treatments who take all the necessary precautions needed.

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