The problem of graying of hair starts with increasing age. This happens due to a lack of melanin in the body with increasing age. At the same time, in today's time, the problem of graying of hair starts at an early age. Deteriorating lifestyle and genetic reasons are responsible for this. In such a situation, the process of graying hair can be slowed down by consuming essential nutrients.

Let us know in detail in this article whether white hair can turn black again -

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  1. Can graying hair be blackened?
  2. Can hair graying be prevented?
  3. Other remedies for premature graying of hair
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Doctors for Can grey hair turn black again?

Melanin is responsible for hair color. The pigment present in the cells of the scalp, together with the protein carotene, forms a compound called melanin, which determines the color of the hair. Let us understand this in more detail -

  • After turning 30, melanin in hair starts decreasing, but in today's time, due to an unbalanced lifestyle, melanin in the body starts decreasing prematurely. Due to this, hair starts turning gray before time.
  • Various scientific research has found that once melanin in the hair starts decreasing, it becomes difficult to improve its levels again. Then there comes a time when melanin production stops completely. Due to this, the hair becomes completely white.
  • Once melanin production in the body stops, it cannot be regained. In such a situation, by taking special care of nutrition-related things and taking the doctor's advice, your hair can be saved from turning grey.

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Once melanin production starts decreasing, it becomes difficult to restore it as before. Yes, this much can be done to slow down the rate of melanin reduction. For this, essential nutrients like Vitamin B12, folate, copper, and iron can be included in the diet. There are some other nutrients for the production of melanin, consumption of which can prevent premature graying of hair. These nutrients are explained below -

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Apart from consuming nutrients regularly, the natural color of hair can be maintained for a long time by making some lifestyle changes. This is explained below -

  • Ignore smoking, because it damages the hair follicles and they start shrinking.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Use a hat and scarf to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Use bleaching less.
  • Use a brush instead of a wide-toothed comb on wet hair.
  • To make hair curly, avoid excessive use of a curling iron and hairdryer.
  • Do not use harsh soap or shampoo.
  • Do not shampoo hair more than three times a week.

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The reason behind the premature graying of hair is the lack of production of melanin by the follicles present in the hair. To ensure continuous production of melanin, a balanced diet as well as a lifestyle change is necessary. Although there are many products available in the market, using which you can give the desired color to your hair, their use can hurt the skin and scalp.

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