Everyone desires beautiful and thick hair, but have you ever paid attention to your hair type? Every person has a special type of hair and if they are taken care of accordingly, it can help in keeping the hair healthy. Healthy hair helps more in making the face attractive. Therefore, today in this article we will share with you information related to hair types and their care.

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  1. What are the types of hair?
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Hair types are mainly based on the curl pattern of the hair. The amount of curl in your hair is determined by the hair follicles and depends on the hair type, which is mainly straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Along with this, hair type also depends on genetics. Let us now try to understand these different types of hair in a better way -

Type 1 straight hair

Type 1 straight hair has no curls. This type of hair has more shine and is difficult to damage. This type of hair is also difficult to curl because sebum easily spreads from the scalp to the ends, due to which it becomes an oily type of hair and it also becomes difficult to style it. There are three different types of Type 1 -

  • 1A- Hair type 1A is straighter, which is also quite thin.
  • 1B- This hair type has straight and slightly curved hair.
  • 1C- Hair type 1C is straight and thick.

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Type 2 wavy hair

The hair of this hair type is between straight and curly hair. Type 2 wavy hair is more curly than straight hair. Some wavy hair types are easy to style, while some are difficult to style. Type 2 wavy hair also comes in three different types -

  • 2A- Hair type 2A is wavy and thin.
  • 2B- Hair type 2B is curly from the middle to the end of the hair length, which appears in an S shape.
  • 2C- Hair type 2C is curly, which is in S shape from the crown area down.

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Type 3 curly hair

3 Hair types look like S and Z. These types of hair are mostly dense. Apart from this, depending on the weather, type 3 curly hair gets frizzy easily and also gets damaged quickly. Type 2 curly hair also comes in three different types -

  • 3A- Type 3A hair has loose curls.
  • 3B- Type 3B hair is tight and spring-like curly.
  • 3C- S and Z-shaped spring curl hair come back into their shape after straightening them.

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Type 4 Coily Hair

Hair Type 4 Coily hair is highly dense. This type of hair shrinks when it gets wet because it has fewer cuticle layers than other types of hair. Besides this, such hair also gets damaged quickly. Type 4 coily hair also comes in three different types -

  • 4A- Type 4A coily hair has loose coils.
  • 4B- Type 4B hair has zig-zagging coils.
  • 4C- Type 4C hair has tight coils.

If these different types of hair are taken care of properly, it can be easy to keep them healthy.

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If hair is taken care of properly, one can eliminate hair-related problems. Therefore keep the following things in mind -

  • Massage hair with olive oilcoconut oil, or jojoba oil twice a week.
  • Use chemical-free shampoo.
  • Use conditioner after shampoo.
  • After hair wash, dry the hair with a towel.
  • Comb hair with light hands.
  • To keep hair healthy, use a homemade hair mask once or twice a week.
  • Avoid using electronic straighteners or curling machines.

Following these tips can help in making hair shaft, shiny and attractive.

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Hair type depends on the curl pattern of the hair. Type 1 hair is straight, while Type 2 is classified as wavy hair. Whereas, type 3 hair is curly and type 4 hair is coily. By the way, different curl patterns can also be seen on other parts of the head. If you are troubled by any kind of hair-related problems and are not getting any benefit from home remedies, then consult a dermatologist. The doctor will give you the right advice after looking at your health condition and hair type, which can make it easier to take care of your hair and make your hair healthy.

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