In today's era where dust, pollution, and chemicals are a part of the environment we live and breathe, these can cause damage to our hair. When you feel that your hair has become drier or more oily, and lifeless, then you should consider getting a hair spa.

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Doctors for Hair Spa - What is it, Benefits, How to Do at Home

It's a spa for your hair but it doesn't take the whole day. It takes about an hour from start to finish, includes a relaxing head massage, and gives your hair the moisture it has lost due to styling, pollution, and lack of time. This treatment frees you from an itchy scalp and ensures that the lost moisture returns to your scalp and gently cleanses your scalp using mild shampoos and conditioners. It is not a magic wand that will suddenly solve all hair-related problems, but this treatment will help in removing all types of hair damage in the long run.

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The hair spa process starts with washing the hair with a special spa shampoo. Your hair is massaged for a few minutes with a mild shampoo before the hair is washed. Next, a special hair mask is applied to your hair in such a way that it covers every hair on your head. This is done by massaging a mask (or hot oil) into your scalp and hair. After this rejuvenating massage, the hair is steamed. Five to ten minutes of steam therapy for your hair can help regain lost moisture in your strands and roots, leaving hair smelling great, smooth, and soft. The last step is to wash off the mask and let the hair dry.

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Hair spa is the first and probably the last best treatment for dull and lifeless hair. Apart from treating dull and brittle hair, the hair spa also treats common hair problems like hair fall, damaged hair, split ends, and dandruff. This is the reason why it has emerged as a great hair treatment for people of all ages. Let us know about its benefits in detail -

Hair spa good for damaged hair

The hair spa removes all kinds of dirt from the hair that gets into the pores and thus treats damaged hair.

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Hair spa helps in hair growth

Hair spa not only ensures that the hair grows continuously but it also makes them shiny and vibrant.

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Hair spa treatment for hair fall

Hair spa also solves problems like hair fall and baldness.

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Benefits of hair spa for dandruff

Hair spa conditions the scalp and keeps it free from any pollutants or chemicals that go deep into the hair due to pollution and the use of chemical hair products. Besides, it also treats the problem of dandruff.

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Hair spa benefits for dry hair

Hair spa conditions the hair in such a way that there is no condition of split ends and dry hair.

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Hair spa good for oily hair

The hair spa normalizes the oil secretion, this helps in controlling the oil level in the hair.

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Hair spa makes hair soft

A hair spa works like oxygen for hair. It not only rehydrates and rejuvenates the hair but also improves the smoothness of the hair and makes it soft.

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Hair spa to get shiny hair

The hair spa opens the knots of hair. Hair spa supplies important nutrients to the hair by giving it smoothness. It also gives a natural shine to the hair.

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Hair spa stimulates blood flow

Hair spa treatments involve massaging the hair to stimulate blood flow and strengthen the nerves present in the scalp area. Hair spa stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp and increases the metabolism of the cells.

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Hair spa provides relief from stress

The hair massage involved in a hair spa helps people to feel relaxed to a great level. It also treats stress.

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Hair spa for healthy hair

Hair spa may seem like a short-term treatment but the results last longer than expected. This is because this treatment works directly on the roots and hence promotes healthy hair growth.

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The word 'spa' comes from the ancient Roman and Greek cultures. In which scented water was usually used in the hair. Hair spa not only massages your hair but also nourishes the hair. Hair spa consists of five essential steps namely - hair oil, massage, shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. But now you must be thinking that you have to go to the parlor for a hair spa, then it is not so at all. Today we are going to give you the pleasure of a hair spa like a parlor sitting at home. Just try these five steps and enjoy a hair spa -

Hair mask

This step is very important to retain the nutrition in the hair. Try making a hair mask at home. Mix two egg yolks, honey, and some amount of coconut oil in a bowl. You can also add peeled bananas to it. Banana makes hair soft. If you do not have coconut oil at home, you can also use olive oil instead. Then after mixing the whole mixture well, apply it to the hair. Now leave it like this in the hair for 20 minutes. Then wash the hair with shampoo.

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Apply conditioner after shampoo

Use conditioner after washing hair with shampoo. You can also use tea leaves mixed with water and a few drops of lemon juice as a conditioner. Apart from this, by grinding beetroot and mixing its paste with hibiscus powder, it can also be used as a conditioner. Hibiscus flower powder is very good for hair because it is rich in iron and vitamins. After applying the conditioner, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Do not use shampoo.

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Wash hair with shampoo

Remove the towel from the hair and now wash the hair with shampoo. Use cold water instead of hot water to wash your hair. Because hot water damages the hair roots.

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Steam hair

Dip a towel in hot water and then wring it out well. Then wrap the squeezed towel in the hair. With this, the oil applied to the hair will reach deep into the scalp and the hair will also get nourishment. Leave the towel wrapped around your hair for five to six minutes.

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Massage the scalp

This is the very first step for a hair spa at home. Heat some amount of coconut oil or olive oil. Now apply this oil on the scalp and massage for some time. It increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

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Take it, the hair spa at home was done easily and you did not even have to spend money by going to the parlour. Keep in mind, repeat this hair spa process once a month. This will keep your hair healthy, soft, and shiny.

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