The sac formed by the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) is called hernia. This bag surrounds the muscles. At the same time, when this sac comes out of that part due to weakening of the abdominal wall, then this problem is called hernia. This problem is seen in many children, due to which they may have to face many problems.

The main reason for hernia can be weakness of muscles and excessive pressure on the stomach. Swelling, severe pain, vomiting and fever can be its symptoms. To provide relief to the child, medicines or surgery can be taken.In this article you will learn in detail about the symptoms, causes and treatment of hernia in children -

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  1. Types Of Hernia In Children
  2. Hernia Symptoms In Children
  3. Causes Of Hernia In Children
  4. Hernia Treatment In Children
  5. Summary
Doctors for Causes of Hernia in Children: What Every Parent Should Know

Mainly two types of hernia are considered in children, inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia. Both these types are explained in detail below -

Inguinal Hernia

In this, a part of the intestine comes out through the waist due to a weak layer on the middle part of the thigh. This type of hernia affects the genitalia. This problem usually occurs in those children whose family has had this problem before or has had problems in the reproductive and urinary tract.

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Umbilical Hernia

In this type of hernia the navel area is affected. Umbilical hernia occurs when the muscle through which the baby's umbilical cord passes does not close properly. In this condition, a part of the intestine starts coming out through the open part of the muscle, due to which swelling can occur around the navel.

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Usually, hernia problems occur in newborn babies, but no symptoms of hernia are visible till a few weeks or months after birth. At the same time, after some time the following symptoms may appear -

  • In case of inguinal hernia, bulge and swelling may be seen in the testicles or waist.
  • In case of umbilical hernia, a bulge or swelling may be seen around the navel.

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In both these cases, swelling or bulge is visible when the baby cries, coughs or strains while defecating. After this this swelling gradually reduces. Apart from this, hernia can have the following symptoms -

  • If a child is suffering from hernia, he may vomit repeatedly.
  • Stomach pain is also a symptom of hernia, about which small children are usually unable to tell.
  • Some children also become irritable due to hernia.
  • Swelling and red rashes may appear on the part affected by hernia.
  • Some children may also get fever due to this problem.

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There are many reasons for the hernia problem. These include the muscle attached to the umbilical cord remaining open and Down syndrome. Let us know in detail about the causes of hernia in children -

Muscle Weakness In Kids

One reason for hernia problem is weakness of muscles. Actually, when the muscles in the abdominal area become weak, hernia starts coming out from that area.

Pressure In Children Stomach

Hernia problems can also arise due to pressure on the stomach of children. When the abdominal wall becomes weak, the risk of abdominal organ prolapse increases due to even slight pressure.

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Muscle Relaxation In Children

If the umbilical cord muscles remain open after the birth of the child, hernia problems may also occur.

Down Syndrome In Children

It is a genetic disorder caused by abnormal cell division. Due to this problem the risk of hernia also increases.

Cystic Fibrosis In Children

This is a kind of disorder, which causes damage to the lungs, digestive system and other organs of the body. This may increase the risk of hernia.

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As the problem of hernia increases, it is necessary to treat it, which depends on its type, which is explained in detail below -

Treatment Of Inguinal Hernia

As soon as this type of hernia is detected, the doctor may advise surgery, because in this case there is a fear of the intestine getting stuck in the inguinal canal. When this happens, the blood flow in the intestine can stop, due to which the intestine can get damaged. During surgery, after giving anesthesia to the child, the doctor makes a small cut in the area affected by hernia. The protruding part of the intestine is then placed back in its place. After surgery the baby can be sent home on the same day.

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Treatment Of Umbilical Hernia

In most cases, the problem of umbilical hernia gets cured on its own by the time the child is 3-4 years old. Yes, if this hernia keeps increasing over time and does not go back inside even after pressing, then the doctor may advise surgery to cure umbilical hernia in this condition. Synthetic mesh is also used to strengthen the muscles during surgery. This can prevent the hernia from coming out again.

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There can be many reasons for hernia in children. These reasons include excessive pressure on the stomach, Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis. At the same time, in this condition, children may experience symptoms like stomach ache, fever and vomiting. To get relief from this, surgery and some medicines can be taken. In case of hernia, follow the treatment procedure as per the doctor's advice. Also, if serious symptoms appear, contact the doctor immediately.

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