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What is a blister?

A blister is a collection of fluid in tiny sacs or spots on the surface (superficial layer) of the skin. Hands and feet are the most common areas on the body that are prone to blister formation. Blisters are usually filled with clear fluid (serum), blood or pus. Frequent irritation or friction damages the exposed area of skin and leads to collection of fluid, which protects the underlying tissue from further damage.

What are its main associated signs and symptoms?

Depending on the cause, different signs and symptoms are associated with blisters.

  • Pain and redness are commonly associated with blisters (e.g. wrong fitting shoes, burns, injury, etc).
  • Blisters with redness and peeling of skin occur due to burns, autoimmune diseases (epidermolysis bullosa).
  • Fever is present along with blisters near the lips in case of viral infection (fever blister).
  • Itching is associated with blisters in eczema, skin infection (impetigo).
  • Skin turns white and shiny and is associated with numbness in frostbite blisters.
  • Tanning with wrinkles on the skin is associated with blisters due to sunburn.
  • Burning pain with a scab on blisters is present in shingles (herpes zoster), chicken pox, etc.

What are the main causes of blisters?

Various causes are responsible for the development of blisters on the skin.

  • Prolonged friction or rubbing of the skin.
  • Injury due to exposure to heat, chemicals, ultraviolet rays, freezing temperature, etc.
  • Diseases such as chicken pox, herpes, zoster, and skin infections.
  • Immune system disorder such as pemphigus, epidermolysis bullosa, etc.
  • Allergic reaction such as exposure to certain plants (poison ivy, oak, etc.), chemicals, etc.

How are blisters diagnosed and treated?

Physical examination, history of symptoms, and different tests help doctors in making the diagnosis of blisters.

  • Examination and history
    • Appearance – Blisters consisting of clear fluid, blood, or pus
    • Location – Blisters on one side of the body or specific location or all over the body
    • History of symptoms – Blisters associated with pain, itching, fever, etc.
  • Tests
    • Complete blood count
    • Levels of IgE for detecting allergy, IgG, IgM, and other advanced tests for autoimmune diseases.
    • Culture of bacteria from the fluid sample taken from the blister helps in detecting the bacteria responsible for infection and to decide the antibiotic for the treatment.
    • Polymerase chain reaction or PCR to confirm the presence of bacteria or virus that cause blisters.
    • Blood allergy test and skin allergy test are performed to identify the allergen.
    • Skin biopsy – Skin sample is examined under a microscope to detect the cause and rule out other causes of the blister.
    • Special tests are performed to detect the presence of antigens and antibodies that are associated with blister formation.
    • Genetic tests are performed to detect hereditary issues.

Blisters generally heal by themselves without medicines. Medicines are used in conditions such as:

  • Antibiotics are used
    • To treat the infection when the blister is filled with pus
    • If the blister reoccurs
    • For severe blisters occur due to allergy, photosensitivity or burns
    • If blisters appear inside the mouth or other uncommon locations
  • Antiviral medicines
    • For blisters due to chickenpox, herpes zoster or fever blisters.
  • Corticosteroids and immunity modulating medicines are used in blisters due to autoimmune disorders.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines are used to reduce the pain.
  • Anti-allergy medicines are used to decrease the itching.
  • Sunscreen lotions are used to prevent sunburn.
  • Surgery and skin grafting is needed in severe cases of blisters and deformity caused by it, especially in cases of autoimmune diseases.


  • Avoid bursting and peeling the skin off the blister.
  • Cover the burst blister with a soft dressing after draining out the fluid from it.
  • Do not use incorrect fitting shoes that may cause blisters.
  • Use proper insole padding to avoid bursting of blisters, especially on feet.
  1. Medicines for Blisters
  2. Doctors for Blisters
Dr. Vimal Raj

Dr. Vimal Raj

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Dr. Sanjay Jindal

Dr. Sanjay Jindal

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Dr. Om Shah

Dr. Om Shah

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Medicines for Blisters

Medicines listed below are available for Blisters. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
EziwinEziwin Infusion224.0
MetatopMetatop Nasal Spray295.0
Mometasone CreamMometasone Furoate 0.1% w/w Cream14.0
CorticomCorticom 0.01% Cream75.0
MetarubMetarub 0.1% Cream81.0
AzokidAzokid 0.1% Cream46.0
ClearoidClearoid 0.1% Gel72.0
CortimomCortimom 0.10% Cream119.0
Cratisone CreamCratisone 0.1% Cream104.0
CricmoneCricmone 0.1% Cream102.0
DermanexDermanex 0.1% W/W Cream159.0
DermetDermet 0.1% W/V Lotion144.0
EcomomEcomom 0.1% W/V Cream49.0
EczmateEczmate 0.1% W/W Cream139.0
EloconElocon 0.1% w/v Lotion106.0
ElosoneElosone 1% Cream60.0
EmcortEmcort 0.1% Cream111.0
EtazeEtaze 0.1% W/W Cream104.0
EzimetEzimet 0.1% W/W Cream160.0
FemcortFemcort 0.1% Cream71.0
FumateFumate Cream86.0
Hh SoneHh Sone 0.1%W/W Cream125.0
MegasprayMegaspray 0.05% Spray160.0
MetaconMetacon 0.1% Ointment99.0
MetacortMetacort 0.1% Cream86.0
MetasprayMetaspray 0.05%W/V/0.01%W/V/0.25%W/V Spray245.5
MetazerMetazer Cream100.0
MetnilMetnil 0.1% Cream61.0
MetosMetos 0.1% Lotion85.0
MezoMezo Cream66.0
MfsoneMfsone Cream145.0
MkromaMkroma 0.1% Cream105.0
MmcMmc Cream43.0
MmsMms 0.1% W/W Cream202.0
MoizMoiz Cream108.0
MomactinMomactin 0.1% Cream90.0
MomateMomate 0.1% Lotion273.0
MomecortMomecort 0.1% Cream80.0
MomefloMomeflo 50 Mcg Nasal Spray222.0
MomentaMomenta 0.05%W/V Nasal Spray294.0
MomentMoment Cream130.0
MomesoneMomesone 0.1% Cream111.0
MomisoftMomisoft 0.1% W/W Cream218.0
MomivateMomivate 0.1% Cream100.0
MomstarMomstar 0.1% Cream110.0
MomtasMomtas 0.1% Ointment77.0
MoneMone 0.1% W/W Cream180.0
MoniterMoniter 0.1%W/W Cream75.0
MonosoneMonosone 0.1%W/V Cream80.0
MtazMtaz 0.1% Cream131.0
MytolicMytolic 0.1% Cream96.0
NasonexNasonex Nasal Spray476.0
SensicortSensicort 0.1% Cream60.0
SupramomSupramom 1 Mg Cream75.0
Topsoft 0.1% CreamTopsoft 0.1% Lotion112.0
UcecortUcecort 0.10% Cream93.0
VimetVimet 0.1% Cream145.0
Aquamet Nasal SprayAquamet 0.05% W/V Nasal Spray245.0
AthoconAthocon Cream115.0
CambizenCambizen 0.1% W/W Cream75.0
Carebet MCarebet M 0.1% Cream150.0
CortinaCortina Cream86.0
CutizoneCutizone 0.10% Lotion100.0
DermosDermos 0.1% Ointment57.0
EduvetEduvet Cream95.0
EloaEloa Cream47.0
Elomate CreamElomate Cream84.0
EpiroidEpiroid 0.1% W/W Cream108.0
EsynosEsynos 50 Mcg Nasal Spray190.0
EthimomEthimom 0.1% Cream75.0
EzisprayEzispray 120 Md 50 Mcg295.0
EzomaEzoma 0.1% Cream59.0
EzosoneEzosone 0.1%W/W Cream75.0
MesoneMesone Gel108.0
MetacortilMetacortil Cream86.0
MetasafeMetasafe Cream70.0
MetasoneMetasone Cream126.0
MfurateMfurate Cream109.0
MidsoneMidsone 0.1% Cream103.0
MmcodMmcod Cream45.0
MolevMolev 0.1% W/W Cream175.0
Momebest 0.1%W/V CreamMomebest 0.1%W/V Cream98.0
MomefurMomefur 0.1% Cream100.0
Momeltin CreamMomeltin Cream95.0
MomentoxMomentox Cream76.0
MomerisMomeris Cream65.0
MometamacMometamac Cream15.0
MomexMomex 0.05% W/W Cream147.0
MomozMomoz Cream185.0
Momton CreamMomton Cream105.0
MomtopMomtop 0.1% Cream140.0
MosoneMosone 1 Mg Cream73.0
MotesolMotesol Cream68.0
MotimeshMotimesh Cream149.0
M SprayM 5% Spray159.0
RhomentumRhomentum Cream53.0
SalsoneSalsone Cream57.0
SoftasSoftas Cream81.0
SteromomSteromom Cream113.0
TopcortTopcort Cream157.0
Panderm + CreamPanderm + Cream0.0
Erbinox TabletErbinox 250 Mg Tablet149.0
InafinInafin Cream90.0
LamifinLamifin 1%W/W Powder135.0
MycosealMycoseal 1% Cream49.9
NiofineNiofine 250 Mg Tablet125.0
PhytePhyte 250 Mg Tablet80.0
SebifinSebifin 250 Mg Tablet315.0
TebifTebif 1% Gel52.0
TebisureTebisure 250 Mg Tablet80.0
TerbestTerbest 1% Cream58.0
TerbexTerbex 250 Mg Tablet129.0
TerbicideTerbicide Cream80.0
TerbicipTerbicip 1% Cream68.0
TerbinaforceTerbinaforce 1% Cream52.8
TerbinatorTerbinator 1% Cream58.45
TerbisonTerbison 1% Cream33.0
TerbitTerbit 250 Mg Tablet122.0
TerbizedTerbized 1% Cream51.0
TerbofinTerbofin 1% Cream55.0
TerfastTerfast 250 Mg Tablet101.0
TerfazeTerfaze 250 Mg Tablet89.0
TergosilTergosil 250 Mg Tablet230.0
TexifenTexifen 1% W/W Ointment18.12
TinafineTinafine 250 Mg Tablet78.0
TrfyTrfy 1% W/W Cream110.0
TyzaTyza 1% W/W Cream75.0
ZimigZimig 1%W/W Cream69.35
Athfin TabletAthfin 250 Mg Tablet110.0
DaskilDaskil 1% W/W Cream93.4
Fastee TabletFastee Tablet113.0
FunziFunzi 250 Mg Tablet128.0
IfinIfin 250 Mg Tablet68.0
KeptafineKeptafine 250 Mg Tablet92.0
K TerbimaxK Terbimax 250 Mg Tablet165.0
TebinaTebina 1% Cream66.0
TerbicutisTerbicutis 250 Mg Tablet100.0
Terbinafine TabletTerbinafine Tablet31.0
TerbitotalTerbitotal 1% Cream65.0
TerbocetTerbocet 250 Mg Tablet135.0
Terfin (Inex)Terfin Powder210.0
TersigTersig Cream60.0
TinazenTinazen 250 Mg Tablet96.0
Dermafine CreamDermafine 1% Cream50.96
Exifine CreamExifine 1% Cream49.88
FintrixFintrix 1%W/W Cream68.42
FungotekFungotek 1% Cream47.7
MycofemMycofem Cream49.0
TefTef 1%W/W Cream114.0
TerbiclairTerbiclair 1% Cream125.0
TerbicratTerbicrat 1% Cream69.0
TerbikemTerbikem 1% Cream73.0
TerbinylTerbinyl 1% Cream53.0
TerboTerbo 1% Cream49.28
TifinTifin Cream69.0
TinabineTinabine 1% Cream42.4
TinafinTinafin 1% Gel46.2
TinapaxTinapax Cream54.0
AfterAfter 1% V/V Cream64.0
Derfine CreamDerfine Cream49.72
Erbimesh CreamErbimesh Cream89.89
FungicremeFungicreme 1% Cream262.5
TerbidermTerbiderm 1% Cream50.4
TerbifinTerbifin 1% Cream37.91
TerbosilTerbosil 1 % Cream125.0
TfineTfine Cream43.96
ZoterbZoterb 250 Mg Tablet105.0
ZygterZygter 250 Mg Tablet99.0
BatrafenBatrafen Solution23.65
NailonNailon Nail Lacquer299.0
OlaminOlamin 1.5% Lotion206.93
OnylacOnylac 8% Nail Lacquer34.35
StieproxStieprox Liquid219.9
TriogelTriogel 1% Cream90.95
Afderm MxAfderm Mx Cream0.0
Ofrun TcOfrun Tc Cream0.0
Taf PlusTaf Plus Cream0.0
Terbinafine 1% + Clobetasol 0.05% + Ofloxacin 0.75% + Ornidazole 2% CreamTerbinafine 1% + Clobetasol 0.05% + Ofloxacin 0.75% + Ornidazole 2% Cream0.0
Triben XtTriben Xt Cream0.0
Candid TotalCandid Total Cream74.0
Clarex PlusClarex Plus Cream47.0
Dermolin PlusDermolin Plus Cream42.76
DermosavDermosav Cream59.0
LincodermLincoderm Cream46.66
MicrodermMicroderm Cream46.0
MycopilMycopil Cream60.0
Novacor PlusNovacor Plus Cream34.0
Of DermOf Derm Cream51.17
Oq DermOq Derm Cream19.9
OrnodermOrnoderm Cream33.81
Tebif Co2Tebif Co2 Cream42.85
Terbinaforce Plus CreamTerbinaforce Plus Cream42.35
Total Derm PlusTotal Derm Plus Cream37.0
Bactirest MBactirest M 0.1%/2% Cream138.9
Eczmate FEczmate F Cream185.0
Etaze IdEtaze Id Cream157.0
Exevate FExevate F 0.1%/2% Cream85.57
Exevate MfExevate Mf 0.1%/2% Cream75.96
FusironFusiron Cream225.0
Metos FMetos F 0.1%/2% Cream85.58
Cutihyde XlCutihyde Xl Cream111.0
CutiliteCutilite Cream152.0
Depig TmDepig Tm Cream95.16
DremzDremz Cream135.0
Etaze HtEtaze Ht Cream141.0
EubitEubit Cream200.0
Eukroma PlusEukroma Plus 2% W/W/0.1% W/W/0.025% W/W Cream136.0
HhliteHhlite Cream159.0
Hydroquinone 2% + Mometasone 0.1% + Tretinoin 0.025 % CreamHydroquinone 2% + Mometasone 0.1% + Tretinoin 0.025 % Cream20.96
JustcleanJustclean Cream123.81
MelasolMelasol Cream111.13
SkinshineSkinshine Cream115.0
Cortina HCortina H Cream122.0
CosmeliteCosmelite Cream151.5
Elosone HtElosone Ht Cream108.0
EnshineEnshine Ointment36.1
FacicareFacicare Cream120.0
FemolinkFemolink Cream119.03
GetliteGetlite Cream153.0
Glowcare ForteGlowcare Forte Cream166.0
Glow LiteGlow Lite 2%/0.1%/0.025% Cream161.9
HtmHtm Cream120.0
Kaylite Anti Marks CreamKaylite Anti Marks Cream150.0
LookbriteLookbrite Cream130.5
Luminosa MLuminosa M Cream119.05
Melacare creamMelacare Cream170.0
Melalite XlMelalite Xl Cream185.0
Melanorm MsMelanorm Ms Cream150.0
MelnorMelnor Cream35.72
MelrioMelrio Cream180.0
Metacortil LiteMetacortil Lite Cream128.0
Momefur HtMomefur Ht Cream88.0
No Scars CreamNo Scars Cream190.0
PigmasonPigmason Cream60.0
SkinBrite CreamSkin Brite Cream135.0
Skinlite CreamSkinlite Cream165.0
Super GlowSuper Glow Cream25.0
TwinkleTwinkle Cream 15 Gm145.0
UltrabriteUltrabrite Cream37.5
Dermet FDermet F Cream111.43
HhfudicHhfudic Cream220.0
MfsudifMfsudif Cream150.0
Momate FMomate F Cream173.5
Fusiwal MFusiwal M Cream142.0
Metasone FMetasone F Cream120.0
Momisoft FMomisoft F Cream157.0
Momoz FMomoz F Cream147.25
Momtop FMomtop F Cream170.0
Motimesh SfMotimesh Sf Cream135.0
Eczmate SEczmate S 0.1% W/W/5% W/W Cream145.0
ElosalicElosalic Ointment259.7
Hh SalicHh Salic 0.1% W/W/3.5% W/W Ointment150.0
Hhsalic 6Hhsalic 6 Ointment149.0
Momoz SMomoz S Ointment125.5
Mone SMone S 0.01% Ointment93.0
Momate SMomate S Ointment220.0
Momtas SMomtas S Ointment99.2
Momtop SMomtop S Ointment145.0
Saltopic MSaltopic M Ointment62.5
Etaze AfEtaze Af 0.1% W/V/1% W/V Lotion121.0
Tyza MTyza M 0.1% W/W/1% W/W Cream65.0
Elomate AfElomate Af Cream90.0
Momesone TMomesone T Cream116.0
Momoz TMomoz T Cream127.25
TekfinemTekfinem Cream92.0
Terbinator MTerbinator M Cream112.9
FactodermFactoderm Cream0.0
Mexaderm PlusMexaderm Plus Cream0.0
Restoderm PlusRestoderm Plus Cream0.0
Zinclovil OtZinclovil Ot Cream0.0
CootCoot Ointment48.0
Dermikem Oc CreamDermikem Oc Cream65.0
Enderm PlusEnderm Plus Cream32.0
Lamiterb PlusLamiterb Plus Cream47.3
O2 DermO2 Derm Cream38.0
TerbofinocTerbofinoc Cream20.81
WidermWiderm Cream47.0
GlowtanGlowtan 2%/0.1%/0.025% Cream110.0
KligmelKligmel 2%/0.1%/0.025% Cream478.26
VilclearVilclear 2%W/W/0.1%W/W/0.015%W/W Cream110.0
FraxelFraxel Tablet25.71
TriclinTriclin Cream86.53
HhdermHhderm Cream235.0
Xinomom CfXinomom Cf Cream120.5
HhzoleHhzole Cream145.0
Metacortil CMetacortil C Cream106.0
MelapikMelapik Cream135.0
O Fair PlusO Fair Plus Cream140.0
PiglowPiglow Cream123.0
Brite OptiBrite Opti Cream120.0
EveglowEveglow Cream135.7
Grazia UpGrazia Up Cream299.0
LomelaLomela Cream130.0
MelabestMelabest Cream109.86
Metasone PlusMetasone Plus Cream118.0
Skin FairSkin Fair Cream25.0
Ultrasone HtUltrasone Ht Ointment98.0
Metarub SMetarub S 3%W/W/0.1%W/W Ointment81.0
Metos SMetos S 50 Mg/1 Mg Ointment96.16
Mezo SMezo S Ointment117.0
ProsalicProsalic 1 Mg/50 Mg Ointment103.0
Midsone SfMidsone Sf 5%/0.1% Ointment110.68
Momentox SMomentox S 5%W/W/0.1%W/W Ointment76.23
MomefitMomefit 0.05%W/V/0.02%W/V/0.25%W/V Nasal Spray185.0
Mezo TMezo T Cream97.0
Momenta TMomenta T 0.1%W/V/1%W/V Cream163.56
Cutizone TCutizone T 0.1%/1% Cream100.96
Sebifin PlusSebifin Plus 1% Cream173.0
Terbex MTerbex M Cream69.0
Mycoderm NmMycoderm Nm 2%/0.1%/1% Cream70.0
3 Mix3 Mix Cream65.5
BactimaxBactimax Cream54.75
Nadibact PlusNadibact Plus Cream64.5
NadimixNadimix Cream79.5
Mycoseal FtMycoseal Ft 0.05% W/W/1% W/W Cream67.36
Terfin FTerfin F Lotion80.0
ADEL Acid Nitricum DilutionAcid Nitricum Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL 22Adel 22 Renelix Drop215.0
ADEL 29Adel 29 Akutur Drop215.0
ADEL 2Adel 2 Apo Ham Drop215.0
ADEL 32Adel 32 Opsonat Drop215.0
ADEL 40Adel 40 Verintex Internal Drop215.0
ADEL 56Adel 56 Habifac Drop215.0
Dr. Reckeweg R13Reckeweg R13 Hemorrhoidal Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R26Reckeweg R26 Draining And Stimulating Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R27Reckeweg R27 Kidney Stone Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R32Reckeweg R32 Excessive Perspiration Drop200.0

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