Constipation is a common problem related to digestion. Nowadays most people are troubled by the problem of constipation. When a person becomes constipated, it becomes difficult for him to pass stool. It is normal to have occasional constipation, but if a person suffers from constipation for a long time, it can be called chronic constipation. In case of chronic constipation, a person may experience symptoms of constipation for a long time. Nausea, stomach pain and hard stools are symptoms of constipation. At the same time, stress, IBS and thyroid etc. have been considered the reasons for this. In such a situation, this problem can be cured by making changes in lifestyle and taking medicine if needed.

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  1. What Is Chronic Constipation?
  2. Symptoms of Chronic Constipation
  3. Causes of Chronic Constipation
  4. Bad Lifestyle and Diet
  5. Blockage in Rectum
  6. Problems With The Veins Of The Colon And Rectum
  7. Pelvic Muscle Problems
  8. Hypothyroidism
  9. Diabetes
  10. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  11. Tension
  12. Pregnancy
  13. Some Medicines
  14. Treatment Of Chronic Constipation
  15. Over-the-counter Medication
  16. Prescription Medicines
  17. Biofeedback Training
  18. Surgery
  19. Summary
Doctors for Medical Conditions and Chronic Constipation: Identifying Underlying Causes

Chronic constipation is a condition in which a person experiences difficulty in passing stools for several weeks. When a person usually has bowel movements less than three times a week, the condition is known as chronic constipation. The problem of chronic constipation can be troubling to a person. In this condition, a person may feel severe pain in the stomach and may also face difficulty in performing daily tasks.

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When constipation occurs, its symptoms start appearing in the beginning itself. As the condition of constipation becomes severe, it takes the form of chronic constipation. Many symptoms can be felt when there is chronic constipation -

  • Having Bowel Movements Less Than Three Times A Week
  • Hard And Hard Stools
  • Lumpy Stool
  • Straining To Defecate
  • Feeling Of Blockage In Rectum
  • Inability To Completely Empty Stool From The Rectum
  • Nausea
  • Severe Pain In Stomach
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Pricking Sensation During Bowel Movements

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Constipation usually occurs when waste or stool moves slowly through the digestive system. In this condition the stool becomes very hard, hard and dry. Due to this there is difficulty in passing stool. Chronic constipation can have many causes, these include -

Poor lifestyle and diet are considered to be the main causes of chronic constipation. A person who does not eat food on time, eats food late at night or consumes excess junk food and fast food may suffer from constipation. Apart from this, lack of fiber and water can also lead to chronic constipation. People who consume alcohol and caffeine may develop chronic constipation. Apart from this, if you are not physically active and are always surrounded by stress, it may become difficult to pass stools.

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Any kind of blockage in the rectum or colon can lead to chronic constipation. Actually, when there is obstruction in the rectum, the movement of the stool slows down or stops. In this situation the problem of constipation starts. Blockage in the rectum can be caused by stomach cancer or rectal cancer.

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Chronic constipation can also occur if there is a problem with the nerves around the colon and rectum. In fact, neurological problems can affect the nerves that connect the muscles in the colon and rectum. Besides, in this condition there is difficulty in passing the stool through the intestines.

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Chronic constipation can occur due to problems in the pelvic muscles. In this situation it becomes very difficult for the person to pass stool. Stomach pain and cramps may also occur.

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Hypothyroidism i.e. underactive thyroid can become a cause of symptoms of chronic constipation. In fact, when the thyroid gland is not able to produce enough hormones, metabolism starts getting adversely affected. In this condition, metabolism and digestion slows down, which leads to constipation.

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Like hypothyroidism, diabetes is also a hormonal problem. In diabetes, the body is not able to produce enough insulin hormone, due to which the body is not able to break down the sugar in the blood. This increases the sugar level in the blood. Continuously increased sugar levels can damage the nerves. Due to this, the nerves that control the digestive system also start getting damaged, which can lead to constipation.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome i.e. IBS is a disease of the intestines. IBS can be a main cause of constipation. A person who has IBS often has to suffer from constipation. A person with IBS may suffer from chronic constipation.

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Stress can cause diabetes, thyroid and obesity as well as constipation. If someone is often under stress, he may have to suffer from constipation. Due to stress, digestion stops, due to which it takes a long time for food to reach the rectum from the intestine. In such a situation, there may be severe pain during bowel movement.

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Constipation is common during pregnancy. 2 out of 5 women complain of constipation during pregnancy. Actually, during pregnancy, progesterone hormone starts being produced in excess in women's bodies, due to which the intestinal muscles become difficult to contract. Due to this constipation occurs.

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In some cases, medicines can also cause constipation. Antidiarrheal agents, iron supplements to treat anemia, painkillers, and calcium channel blockers can cause constipation.

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Chronic constipation can be cured by including more fiber and fluids in the diet and increasing physical activity. If even this does not cure chronic constipation, then it becomes necessary to get its complete treatment. For this the doctor can prescribe some medicines -

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If constipation is occurring, some medicines can be taken even without doctor's advice. These include-

  • Fiber supplements, such as psyllium. This medicine binds the stool and makes the process of bowel movement easier.
  • Stool softeners, such as Surfactant. This medicine helps in softening the stool. Due to this the stool comes out easily.
  • Osmotic, such as Phillips Milk of Magnesia. This medicine increases fluid in the colon. This makes bowel movements easier.

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If there is no relief from constipation after taking over-the-counter medications, your doctor may prescribe some medicines. These include-

  • Lubiprostone
  • Linaclotide

These medicines are generally considered effective in the treatment of chronic constipation.

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Biofeedback training is a type of behavioral therapy. Its main purpose is to treat constipation and other intestinal problems. This therapy is done to relax the pelvic muscles that support the bladder and intestines. In fact, when the pelvic muscles are relaxed, bowel movements can be made easier.

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When chronic constipation is not cured by medicine, the doctor may also recommend surgery. This is done only in rare cases. During surgery, the bowel blocker and part of the diseased colon may be removed.

Constipation is a sign of poor digestion. If bowel movements occur less than 3 days a week, it is called chronic constipation. Chronic constipation can be caused by many reasons, including poor diet, inactive lifestyle, pregnancy, diabetes, thyroid and rectum problems. Although constipation can be cured only by making changes in lifestyle, in case of chronic constipation, the doctor may prescribe some medicines. The condition of chronic constipation can be very serious. If your stomach is not cleared daily, then definitely contact a doctor in this situation.

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