In diabetes, the level of blood sugar in the body becomes higher than normal. There can be two reasons for diabetes - not producing the right amount of insulin in the body or the body not being able to use insulin properly. Diabetes can cause many other serious diseases and if not treated on time, nerves, eyes, liver, etc. can be damaged. Of course, there are many diabetes medicines available in the market. Some of these medicines are taken before eating, while some are after eating. It completely depends on the type of medicine and the condition of the patient.

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Today in this article, we will try to understand that what is the right time to take diabetes medicine -

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  1. When should diabetes medicine be taken?
  2. Things to keep in mind while taking diabetes medicine
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Doctors for Right Time to Take Diabetes Medicine

The best time to take diabetes medicine depends on the type of medicine and the type of diabetes the patient has. For example, some medicines are taken a little before food, some immediately before food, and some after food. Some medicines are taken only before the first meal of the day. Insulin can be taken as an injection several times a day or taken by pump regularly throughout the day. While taking advice, the doctor tells all the doses as well as the exact time. Let us try to understand it in a little detail -

The right time to take type 1 diabetes medicine

In type-1 diabetes, the body's immune system attacks the pancreas and damages it. If diabetes is not identified at the right time, it can completely spoil the pancreas. In type-1 diabetes, there is a lack of insulin in the body. Therefore, treatment is insulin hormone. There are 4 types of insulin. Depending on the type, insulin should be taken at an appropriate time before each meal. Please consult a doctor for the correct timing.

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The right time to take type 2 diabetes medicine

In type-2 diabetes, the body is not able to use insulin hormones properly. In some cases, the reason for this may be less than the required amount of insulin. This type can be controlled by making changes in lifestyle and eating habits and exercising. If despite this the amount of sugar is not being controlled, then it is necessary to take medicine. It is explained below -

  • Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors: These drugs slow down the body's use of sugars and starches obtained from food. Due to this, the amount of sugar in the blood is controlled. It is advisable to take this tablet just before a meal.
  • Biguanides: These drugs reduce the amount of glucose produced by the liver. This tablet should be taken with food or after food.
  • Glucagon peptides: These medicines increase the amount of glucagon peptide hormone in the body. This hormone reduces appetite and increases the production of insulin. This tablet should be taken within 60 minutes before food.
  • Sulfonylureas: These drugs help the pancreas to make more insulin. This tablet should be taken immediately after food. This medicine should be taken regularly. Missing or stopping the medicine in between without the doctor's advice may result in a very low blood sugar level.
  • Meglitinide: These drugs help the pancreas to make more insulin. This tablet should be taken immediately before food.
  • SGLT2 inhibitors: These drugs reduce the ability of the body to absorb glucose and remove excess glucose from the body through urine. This tablet should be taken empty stomach in the morning. If the dose is missed, it can be taken at any time of the day, before or after meals.

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A diabetic patient needs to take some precautions while taking the medicine, which is explained here -

  • Take complete information about your medicine and dosage from the doctor.
  • Follow the dosage and timing as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Continue your diabetes medicine by consulting a doctor if you are sick.
  • Take medicine and food at the same time every day. This will enable the medicine to work better in the body.
  • If a dose is missed, take it as soon as possible, but if it is almost time for the next dose, do not take it.
  • Some other medicines, such as blood pressure medicines, can react with diabetes medicines. Therefore, do consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
  • Do not make any changes in the timing of the medicine without consulting the doctor.

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It is necessary to take diabetes medicine on time as prescribed by the doctor, because if not doing so, the effect may be reduced, or taking the wrong dose may also cause harm. In most cases, it can be controlled with proper medicines, lifestyle changes, healthy eating, and regular exercise.

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