Paneer is an Indian cheese. It is slightly different from cheese. Whereas paneer is made from lemon. Paneer is rich in calcium and protein. Apart from this, the amount of carbs in paneer is also less. In such a situation, consuming paneer can be beneficial for weight loss, but is it beneficial for sugar patients?

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Yes, paneer is good for sugar patients. There is no problem in eating paneer because paneer has a low glycemic index and glycemic load. In such a situation, sugar patients can consume it adequately.

Today in this article, we will try to know why a patient suffering from sugar should eat paneer -

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  1. Should we eat paneer with sugar or not?
  2. Glycemic index of paneer
  3. How to eat paneer in sugar?
  4. Takeaway
Doctors for Is Paneer Good for Diabetic Patients?

Consumption of paneer can be beneficial for sugar patients. The nutritious elements present in it can be effective in removing many problems of diabetes. Along with being included in the low glycemic index of paneer, carbs are also less in it. In such a situation, patients suffering from diabetes can consume paneer.

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The glycemic index of paneer is very low. Not only this, but its glycemic load is also low. The amount of carbs in paneer is also less. Low glycemic index food is considered beneficial and safe for diabetes patients.

There are many different categories of paneer. In such a situation, not every paneer needs to have a low glycemic index. In such a situation, take special care of this while buying paneer in the market. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, different types of cheese have different glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL), which are explained below -

  • Cheddar cheese has zero glycemic indexes and zero glycemic loads.
  • Low-fat processed cheese has a glycemic index of 10 and a glycemic load of 2.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese has a glycemic index of 10 and a glycemic load of 1.
  • The glycemic index of cream cheese is zero and the glycemic load is also zero.

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Consumption of paneer can be beneficial for sugar patients. It can be consumed in both raw and cooked forms. However, the amount of fat in raw paneer is less, so it is more beneficial for sugar patients.

Apart from this, paneer can also be used in different dishes. Paneer can also be consumed in the form of vegetables and snacks. It can be consumed by adding black pepper or black salt to raw paneer.

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The consumption of paneer can be beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes. However, while buying paneer in the market, do pay attention to its quality. At the same time, buy paneer only after seeing the amount of GI and GL. Along with this, if the sugar level is very high, then consume paneer only on the advice of the doctor.

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