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What are hand tremors?

Tremors are involuntary, rhythmic movements of a certain group of muscles. Hand tremors are involuntary movements of the muscles of the hands (wrist, fingers and thumb), also known as shaky hands. This condition is relatively common in elderly individuals and makes their routine tasks difficult. It is not a life-threatening condition, but it can point towards a degenerative process occurring in the brain cells.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Symptoms of hand tremors are simple and evidently visible as involuntary movement of the hands. But, sometimes, hand tremors are also associated with symptoms such as:

  • Gradual unilateral (one-sided) onset of tremors that spread to the other hand (affecting both hands)
  • Worsening of tremors with movements of the hands
  • Worsening of tremors due to stress, fatigue, use of stimulants, etc.
  • Generalised symptoms of ataxia (unsteady gait)

Symptoms become more troublesome when one finds it difficult to perform daily activities like wearing clothes, holding a glass or cup, eating or shaving. Even writing becomes difficult, which may have legal ramifications.

What are its main causes?

Hand tremors are generally due to essential tremors (nervous system disorder) or due to Parkinson’s disease. Both are genetic disorders that occur due to a mutation in the genes.

Other causes of hand tremors include:

How is it diagnosed and treated?

A thorough medical history along with family history and a proper clinical examination usually confirms the diagnosis of tremors. Certain blood investigations like complete blood count (CBC), vitamin B12 levels, and routine investigations such as brain CT scan can be done to rule out other factors responsible for tremors.

Treatment modalities of hand tremors include:

Hand tremors cannot be cured, but certain treatment modalities that can help improve the symptoms are:

  • Medications – Oral medications such as beta-blockers (e.g., propranolol and primidone), anti-seizure drugs, botox and drugs that treat anxiety can help in reducing the intensity of tremors.
  • Surgical treatment – Deep brain stimulation and thalamotomy help in reducing tremors.
  • Physical therapy – Use of weights, wearing wrist straps (wrist weights) and stress ball exercises can help in reducing tremor intensity.
  1. Medicines for Hand Tremors
  2. Doctors for Hand Tremors
Dr. Swati Narang

Dr. Swati Narang


Dr. Megha Tandon

Dr. Megha Tandon


Dr. Shakti Mishra

Dr. Shakti Mishra


Medicines for Hand Tremors

Medicines listed below are available for Hand Tremors. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
AkutimAkutim 0.5% Eye Drops45.0
AppatimAppatim Eye Drop36.0
Glauc AidGlauc Aid Eye Drops45.0
Gluc Aid Eye DropsGluc Aid Eye Drops47.0
GluchekGluchek Eye Drops50.0
GlucomolGlucomol 0.5% W/V Eye Drop58.0
GlucotimGlucotim 0.25% Eye Drop10.0
Glucotim LaGlucotim La 0.50%W/V Eye Drop52.0
GlunilGlunil Eye Drops50.0
NyololNyolol 0.5% Eye Drop43.0
OcupressOcupress 0.5% Eye Drops30.0
TimanolTimanol 0.25% Eye Drop39.0
Timlol PfTimlol Pf Drop90.0
Timo 5Timo 5 Eye Drop59.0
TimogoldTimogold Eye Drop50.0
Timol (Jawa)Timol 0.5% Eye Drops50.0
TimolTimol 0.5% Eye Drops60.0
TimolenTimolen 0.25% Eye Drop51.0
TimoloTimolo 0.5% Eye Drops48.0
Timolol Maeleate 0.5% Eye DropTimolol Maeleate 0.5% Eye Drop14.0
TimolongTimolong 0.5% Eye Drop76.0
TimonaTimona 0.25% Eye Drops46.0
TimopressTimopress 0.5% Eye Drops32.0
TimoriteTimorite 0.5% Eye Drops54.0
TimostarTimostar 0.5% Eye Drops57.0
TimowaTimowa 0.5% Eye Drops28.0
TimozenTimozen 0.5%W/V Ear Drops50.0
GlucamolGlucamol Eye Drops44.0
LowtimolLowtimol 0.5% Eye Drops40.0
MopMop Eye Drops70.0
SiotimSiotim Eye Drop50.0
TeemolTeemol 0.5% Drops90.0
TimcolTimcol Eye Drops29.0
TimonixTimonix Eye Drop52.0
AbpressAbpress Eye Drop186.0
Akudin TAkudin T 0.15%/0.5% Eye Drops199.0
Albrim LstAlbrim Lst 5 Mg/2 Mg Eye Drop239.0
Alfaprest TAlfaprest T Eye Drops165.0
BetabrimBetabrim 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop260.0
Bidin TBidin T 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop113.0
Brimochek TBrimochek T 0.5%/0.15% Eye Drops258.0
BrimocomBrimocom 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop219.0
BrimofinetBrimofinet 5 Mg/1.5 Mg Eye Drop150.0
BrimololBrimolol 5 Mg/1.5 Mg Eye Drop295.0
BrimotimBrimotim 0.5%/0.2% Eye Drop176.0
BrioptBriopt 0.5%/0.2% Eye Drop259.0
BritibluBritiblu 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop119.0
CombiganCombigan 0.5%/0.2% Eye Drop351.0
GlubrimGlubrim Eye Drops146.0
Iotim BIotim B 0.5% W/V/0.2% W/V Eye Drop290.0
Apbidin TmApbidin Tm Eye Drops155.0
BrimotusBrimotus Eye Drops161.0
Cibrim TCibrim T Eye Drop95.0
GlutimGlutim 0.5% Eye Drop52.0
IotimIotim 0.5% W/V Eye Drop51.45
TimobluTimoblu 0.5% Eye Drop45.5
TimolastTimolast 0.5% Eye Drop67.3
LopresLopres Eye Drop66.2
TimoletTimolet 0.25% Eye Drop67.25
Timolet PTimolet P Eye Drop122.0
Bidin Ls TmBidin Ls Tm 0.1% W/V/0.5% W/V Eye Drop156.5
Bimat Ls TmBimat Ls Tm 0.01% W/V/0.5% W/V Eye Drop156.5
Bimat TBimat T 0.03% W/V/0.5% W/V Eye Drop244.0
Careprost PlusCareprost Plus Eye Drop423.0
GanfortGanfort Eye Drop700.26
Intaprost TIntaprost T 0.03%/0.5% Eye Drops350.0
Xyprost TmXyprost Tm 0.5%/0.03% Eye Drops314.28
Dorsenz TDorsenz T Eye Drop228.57
DortimDortim 0.5%/2% Eye Drops312.65
Dorzox TDorzox T Eye Drop365.5
GludrozGludroz Eye Drops250.0
MisoptMisopt 0.5%/2% Eye Drop299.7
ZolotimZolotim 0.5%/2% Eye Drops225.0
Ocudor TOcudor T Eye Drop250.0
TravacomTravacom Eye Drop755.0
LanaxLanax Eye Drop300.0
Tovaxo TTovaxo T Eye Drop242.5
TralvostTralvost Injection475.0
Travotim EyeTravotim Eye Eye Drops350.0
Xovatra TXovatra T 5 Mg/40 Mg Eye Drop500.0
Latochek TLatochek T 0.005%/0.5% Eye Drop247.95
LatocomLatocom Eye Drop449.0
XalacomXalacom 0.5%/0.005% Eye Drop620.0
LatimLatim Eye Drop369.15

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