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What is fatigue?

Fatigue is an overpowering and extreme tiredness that may not be relieved by rest. Fatigue due to illnesses, overexertion or disturbance in sleep, diet or routine activities lasts for less than 6 months and generally improves with rest. Chronic fatigue occurs without a definite cause and continues for more than 6 months. A psychological disturbance is frequently associated with fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome.

What are its main associated signs and symptoms?

Amidst the numerous signs and symptoms associated with fatigue, some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Fatigue is an important symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and is characterised by:
    • Significant decrease in capacity to carry out daily activities which were possible before the onset of fatigue.
    • Extreme exhaustion after routine activities that was not experienced before ME.
    • No relief in fatigue after rest and sleep.
    • Increase in tiredness and other symptoms that may last for days after a mental or physical activity.
  • Problems with memory and thinking, difficulty with concentration and increased emotional sensitivity
  • Disorder in sleep pattern (excessive sleep, lack of sleep, disturbed sleep)
  • Headache, dizziness and blurred vision
  • Lack of energy, with muscle and joint pain
  • Frequent sore throat
  • Disturbances in digestion (Read more: Indigestion treatment)
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Lymph nodes may be painful and tender

What are its main causes?

The different causes attributed to fatigue include:

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Doctors order various laboratory tests and other investigations to rule out different causes of fatigue. History and physical examination play an important role in diagnosing fatigue without any definite cause.

  • History regarding:
    • Onset and duration of symptoms
    • Daily routine, triggers, previous diseases and treatments, etc.
  • Physical examination includes:
    • Examination of lymph nodes and checking for swelling of feet
    • Chest examination for abnormality in heartbeats and breathing trouble
    • Examination of the nervous system and the thyroid gland
  • Investigations and lab tests include:
    • Blood test: Complete blood count (CBC), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and thyroid profile
    • Urine tests
    • X-ray chest and electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Other special tests are done depending on the cause of fatigue

Treatment comprises:

  • Treatment of the cause responsible for fatigue
    • Medicines for cancer, infections, depression, thyroid problems, etc.
  • Management of symptoms through
    • Regular moderate exercise
    • Dividing the task into small units
    • Taking frequent breaks while working
    • Undertaking smaller tasks at a time
    • Meditation and yoga
    • Adequate rest and sleep
  1. Medicines for Fatigue
  2. Doctors for Fatigue
Dr. Dhavan Patel

Dr. Dhavan Patel

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Dr. Priya Patel

Dr. Priya Patel

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Dr. Giri Prasath

Dr. Giri Prasath

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Medicines for Fatigue

Medicines listed below are available for Fatigue. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
DelokDelok 20 Mg Capsule82.0
DulaneDulane 20 Mg Capsule74.0
DulotinDulotin 10 Mg Tablet48.0
DulotDulot 20 Mg Capsule83.0
DuloxeeDuloxee 20 Mg Tablet54.0
DuvantaDuvanta 20 Mg Tablet67.0
DuxetDuxet 20 Mg Capsule74.0
DuzelaDuzela 20 Mg Capsule74.0
SymbalSymbal 20 Mg Tablet74.0
SymptaSympta 20 Mg Tablet62.0
AmbidextAmbidext 20 Mg Tablet58.0
CenduCendu 40 Mg Capsule79.0
CombacCombac 20 Mg Tablet47.0
DaxtinDaxtin 20 Mg Tablet43.0
DeneuronDeneuron 30 Mg Capsule59.0
DetekDetek 20 Mg Tablet45.0
DetineDetine 20 Mg Tablet43.0
DuletinDuletin 20 Mg Capsule45.0
DuleveDuleve 20 Mg Capsule47.0
DulifeDulife 20 Mg Capsule38.0
DulivaDuliva 30 Capsule140.0
DulojoyDulojoy 20 Mg Tablet41.0
DulorenDuloren 20 Mg Tablet70.0
DuloxinDuloxin 20 Mg Tablet48.0
DureepDureep 20 Mg Capsule47.0
DutinDutin 40 Mg Capsule84.0
DutronDutron 20 Mg Tablet48.0
DuxelDuxel 20 Mg Tablet55.0
DuzacDuzac 40 Mg Capsule80.0
DuzesDuzes 20 Mg Tablet58.0
DxtDxt 20 Mg Tablet41.0
JolydepJolydep 20 Mg Tablet49.0
LoxetLoxet 20 Mg Tablet63.0
LoxetineLoxetine 30 Mg Tablet129.0
SwentaSwenta 20 Mg Tablet68.0
Sylonex (Psyco)Sylonex 20 Mg Capsule48.0
SylonexSylonex 30 Mg Capsule77.0
UlozetUlozet 20 Mg Capsule44.0
VerloxVerlox 20 Mg Tablet58.0
XeldinXeldin 20 Mg Tablet50.0
2 Dep2 Dep 20 Mg Tablet49.0
DoloplanDoloplan 20 Mg Tablet48.0
DulxDulx 20 Mg Tablet45.0
NaxduNaxdu 30 Mg Tablet90.0
NudepNudep 20 Mg Tablet47.0
ZywormZyworm Suspension7.0
ModafilModafil 100 Mg Tablet Md87.0
ModalertModalert 100 Mg Tablet122.0
ModatecModatec 100 Mg Tablet60.0
ProvakeProvake 100 Mg Tablet83.4
WellmodWellmod 100 Mg Tablet68.57
ArmodArmod 150 Mg Tablet218.1
WaklertWaklert 100 Mg Tablet143.75
ApnicafApnicaf Injection849.18
CafirateCafirate 20 Mg Injection346.0
CapneaCapnea 20 Mg Injection473.0
AchridAchrid 400 Mg/325 Mg/30 Mg Tablet8.25
Ibutran PlusIbutran Plus 400 Mg/500 Mg/25 Mg Tablet17.13
Imol PlusImol Plus Tablet11.2
IpeceeIpecee 400 Mg/500 Mg/65 Mg Tablet7.71
ActicratActicrat Tablet19.05
Allegone ColdAllegone Cold Tablet0.0
Cetriliv AcCetriliv Ac Tablet0.0
Lcz ColdLcz Cold Syrup62.7
VotcoldVotcold Tablet0.0
AkuminicAkuminic 5 Mg/2 Mg Syrup47.8
AncerAncer Tablet49.5
CoscoldCoscold Tablet65.5
Elfecol TabletElfecol Tablet46.11
Imol ColdImol Cold 325 Tablet54.5
L Dio PlusL Dio Plus Tablet27.47
NozexlNozexl Tablet54.0
NozukaNozuka Tablet37.5
Pa ColdPa Cold Tablet31.33
Respicure TabRespicure Tab Tablet40.0
Wikoryl LWikoryl L Tablet45.55
Zincold LpZincold Lp Tablet32.37
Aekil ColdAekil Cold Tablet15.37
LaryLary Tablet26.0
M Cold PlusM Cold Plus 125 Mg/12.5 Mg/1 G Syrup12.38
Toff PlusToff Plus Capsule69.95
ApihistApihist Tablet0.0
B HoldB Hold Tablet0.0
DeconginDecongin Tablet0.0
FluridFlurid Tablet0.0
RemcoldRemcold Tablet20.75
Rupar Cold TabletRupar Cold Tablet0.0
TerexTerex Tablet0.0
Alex ColdAlex Cold Tablet41.5
AlmoletAlmolet Tablet6.0
AnadeconAnadecon Tablet16.83
Anti CcAnti Cc 125 Mg/30 Mg/2 Mg Drop39.65
AzirestAzirest Tablet31.0
ColdarestColdarest Syrup26.1
Colgin PlusColgin Plus Tablet33.0
ColpepColpep Drop44.0
CozitusCozitus Tablet23.75
Cozy Plus TabletCozy Plus Tablet29.95
Cr ColdCr Cold Tablet46.71
Diominic DcaDiominic Dca Tablet26.56
FebrihistFebrihist Tablet14.15
HistarineHistarine 1 Mg/125 Mg/2.5 Mg Syrup49.95
Instaryl ColdInstaryl Cold Syrup26.92
Koltus P TabletKoltus P Tablet25.5
MaxacoldMaxacold Tablet13.32
NasorylNasoryl Tablet15.31
NesorylNesoryl Tablet17.5
NezaNeza Tablet21.1
Rinostat PlusRinostat Plus Tablet23.8
SinurhonSinurhon Tablet335.67
SnizofSnizof Tablet17.6
Wincold CzWincold Cz Tablet27.0
Xykaa PlusXykaa Plus Tablet25.0
YashcoldYashcold Tablet28.6
ZocoldZocold Suspension38.75
Correctal PlusCorrectal Plus Tablet0.0
Cz PlusCz Plus Tablet24.0
Laveta ColdLaveta Cold Tablet38.5
Dolopar PlusDolopar Plus Capsule26.66
Metacin ExsMetacin Exs Tablet17.28
Novalgin NuNovalgin Nu 50 Mg/650 Mg Tablet21.99
Pacimol ActivePacimol Active 50 Mg/650 Mg Tablet27.0
StopacheStopache Tablet11.0
ZimalginZimalgin 15 Mg/500 Mg Tablet21.9
Cafigesic TabletCafigesic Tablet14.43
Crocin Pain ReliefCrocin Pain Relief Tablet44.9
Combiflam PlusCombiflam Plus Tablet21.99
Carisoma CompoundCarisoma Compound Tablet23.45
Ctz PlusCtz Plus 10 Mg/10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet30.0
ColdarinColdarin Tablet16.25
AnacinAnacin 400 Mg/30 Mg Tablet447.32
MicropyrinMicropyrin Tablet3.13
D Cold TotalD Cold Total Tablet0.0
Lemolate (Morepen)Lemolate 325 Mg/32 Mg/10 Mg Tablet0.0
Crocin Cold &Amp; Flu MaxCrocin Cold &Amp; Flu Max Tablet45.32
Dolo ColdNew Dolo Cold Tablet29.5
Dolopar CcDolopar Cc Tablet20.17
Lemolate PlusLemolate Plus Tablet32.0
Parasuit Cnf TabletParasuit Cnf Tablet20.0
Liv AptLiv Apt 250 Mg/70 Mg/50 Mg Tablet410.0
NeuroxetinNeuroxetin 20 Mg/0.5 Mg Capsule47.3
Rejunuron DlRejunuron Dl 30 Mg/750 Mg Capsule66.06
Dulane MDulane M 20 Mg/1.5 Mg Tablet93.0
Dumore MDumore M Capsule129.06
DuotopDuotop 20 Mg/1.5 Mg Tablet58.12
Duvanta ForteDuvanta Forte Capsule83.75
Duvanta NpDuvanta Np 20 Mg/500 Mcg Tablet76.0
Duxet MDuxet M 20 Mg/1500 Mcg Capsule68.0
Duzela MDuzela M 20 Mg/1.5 Mg Tablet93.0
Nerv DxNerv Dx Capsule54.18
Nervz DpnNervz Dpn Tablet104.66
NutrolNutrol Syrup28.67
SneecureSneecure Tablet9.62
PanjonPanjon 250 Mg/250 Mg/5 Mg Tablet20.0
Quick Action (Kopran Ltd)Quick Action Tablet15.91
RhinoRhino Tablet38.65
TalicoldTalicold Tablet21.25
Sinarest LpSinarest Lp Tablet72.06
Lecet PlusLecet Plus Tablet22.5
PilcoldPilcold Tablet7.98
Sneecure ExtraSneecure Extra Tablet30.0
Skyryl PlusSkyryl Plus Tablet0.0
Maxtra ColdMaxtra Cold Tablet49.5
Nicip Cold &Amp; FluNicip Cold &Amp; Flu Tablet51.5
Nimupan Cold FluNimupan Cold Flu Tablet43.0
Sneezy Cold &Amp; FluNew Sneezy Cold &Amp; Flu Tablet21.0
VasograinVasograin Tablet72.5
Vicks ActionVicks Action Tablet28.75
Glycodin ActivGlycodin Activ Tablet70.0
ADEL 14Adel 14 Ferrodona Drop215.0
ADEL 15Adel 15 Fluofin Drop215.0
ADEL 19Adel 19 Lassitul Drop215.0
ADEL 21Adel 21 Proscenat Drop215.0
ADEL 22Adel 22 Renelix Drop215.0
ADEL 23Adel 23 Ricura Drop215.0
ADEL 24Adel 24 Septonsil Drop215.0
ADEL 28Adel 28 Plevent Drop215.0
ADEL 29Adel 29 Akutur Drop215.0
ADEL 31Adel 31 Upelva Drop215.0
ADEL 34Adel 34 Ailgeno Drop215.0
ADEL 36Adel 36 Pollon Drop215.0
ADEL 3Adel 3 Apo Hepat Drop215.0
ADEL 40Adel 40 Verintex Internal Drop215.0
ADEL 48Adel 48 Itires Drop215.0
ADEL 51Adel 51 Psy Stabil Drop215.0
ADEL 61Adel 61 Supren Drop215.0
ADEL 66Adel 66 Toxex Drop215.0
ADEL 6Adel 6 Apo Strum Drop215.0
ADEL 79Adel 79 Ferrodona Tonic Syrup610.0
ADEL 85 TonicAdel 85 Neu Regen Drinking 10 Ml Ampoule880.0
ADEL 87Adel 87 Apo Infekt Drop215.0
ADEL 8Adel 8 Co Hypert Drop215.0
ADEL 9Adel 9 Cri Regen Drop215.0
ADEL Alfalfa Tonic with GinsengAdel Alfalfa Tonic230.0
ADEL Aletris Far Mother Tincture QAletris Far Mother Tincture Q225.0
Dr. Reckeweg Aletris Far QAletris Far Mother Tincture Q230.0
SBL Alfalfa TonicAlfalfa Tonic80.0
Schwabe Alpha-NCAlpha Nc Tablet95.0
Schwabe Alpha-SHAlpha Sh Tablet92.0
Schwabe Alpha-TonsAlpha Tons Tablet95.0
Schwabe Alpha-WDAlpha Wd Drop90.0
Mama Natura AnekindAnekind Globules180.0
SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil Arnica Montana Hair Oil70.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 1Biocombination No. 01 Tablet135.0
Bjain BC 3 TabletBiocombination No. 03 Tablet75.0
Bjain BC 4 TabletBiocombination No. 04 Tablet75.0
Bjain BC 7 TabletBiocombination No. 07 Tablet75.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 7Biocombination No. 07 Tablet135.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 8Biocombination No. 08 Tablet135.0
SBL BC 8Biocombination No. 08 Tablet75.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 13Biocombination No. 13 Tablet135.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 15Biocombination No. 15 Tablet135.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 16Biocombination No. 16 Tablet135.0
Bjain BC 18 TabletBiocombination No. 18 Tablet75.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 18Biocombination No. 18 Tablet135.0
ADEL BC No 19Biocombination No. 19 Tablet135.0
Bjain BC 1 TabletBiocombination No. 1 Tablet75.0
Bjain BC 20 TabletBiocombination No. 20 (Bjain) Tablet75.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 20Biocombination No. 20 Tablet135.0
ADEL BC No 21Biocombination No. 21 Tablet135.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 22Biocombination No. 22 Tablet135.0
SBL BC 22Biocombination No. 22 Tablet75.0
Bjain BC 24 TabletBiocombination No. 24 Tablet75.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 24Biocombination No. 24 Tablet135.0
Bjain BC 25 TabletBiocombination No. 25 (Bjain) Tablet75.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 25Biocombination No. 25 Tablet135.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 26Biocombination No. 26 Tablet135.0
Dr. Reckeweg BC 27Biocombination No. 27 Tablet135.0
ADEL BC No 28Biocombination No. 28 Tablet135.0
ADEL Calc Phos DilutionCalcarea Phos 6 X Tablet135.0
SBL Calcarea phosphorica TabletCalcarea Phosphorica Biochemic Tablet 12 X75.0
Schwabe Calcarea phosphorica TabletCalcarea Phos Tablet135.0
ADEL Calc Silicata DilutionCalcarea Silicata Dilution 1 M155.0
Mama Natura CalciokindCalciokind Tablets180.0
Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea phos DilutionCalc Phos Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Silicate DilutionCalc Silicate Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Calotropis G DilutionCalotropis Gigantea Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg China off DilutionChina Off Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL China DilutionChina Officinalis Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Chininum ars. DilutionChininum Ars Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Chininum Ars DilutionChininum Arsenicosum Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Clearstone DropsClearstone Drop100.0
ADEL Cobaltum Met DilutionCobaltum Metallicum Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Cocconica Hair OilCocconica Hair Oil95.0
Mama Natura ColikindColikind Globules180.0
Dr. Reckeweg Conium Mac. DilutionConium Mac Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Conium Mac DilutionConium Maculatum Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Crocus Sat DilutionCrocus Sativus Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Cuprum Ars. DilutionCuprum Ars Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Cuprum Ars DilutionCuprum Arsenicosum Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Curoplus OintmentCuroplus Gel80.0
SBL Denton SyrupDenton Tablet125.0
SBL Dibonil DropsDibonil Drop85.0
Dr. Reckeweg Echinacea ang DilutionEchinacea Ang Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Echinacea angustifolia Mother Tincture QEchinacea Angustifolia Tablet 1 X235.0
ADEL Echinacea Ang DilutionEchinacea Angustifolia Dilution 1 M155.0
Schwabe Echinacea angustifolia MTAngustifolia 1 X Tablet280.0
SBL Echinacea OintmentEchinacea Ointment55.0
Dr. Reckeweg Equisetum H. DilutionEquisetum H Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Equisetum H DilutionEquisetum Hyemale Dilution 1 M155.0
Schwabe Essentia InfantiaEssentia Infantia Tablet170.0
ADEL Ferrum Met DilutionFerrum Metallicum Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Ferrum Met. DilutionFerrum Met Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Ferrum Pic . DilutionFerrum Pic Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Ferrum Pic DilutionFerrum Picricum Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Ferrumsip SyrupFerrumsip Syrup115.0
SBL Five Phos TabletFive Phos 6 X Tablet80.0
Schwabe Graphites PentarkanGraphites Pentarkan Tablet280.0
ADEL Helonias Dioica DilutionHelonias Dioica Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Helonias D DilutionHelonias Dioica Dilution 1 M155.0
Schwabe Hepar Sulphuris PentarkanHepar Sulphuris Pentarkan Tablet140.0
ADEL Iberis Am DilutionIberis Amara Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Lathyrus Sat DilutionLathyrus Sativus Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Lathyrus Sat. QLathyrus Sativus Mother Tincture Q230.0
ADEL Merc Sol DilutionMercurius Solubilis Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Merc sol DilutionMercurius Solubilis Dilution 1 M155.0
Mama Natura MunostimMunostim Globules90.0
ADEL Nat Carb DilutionNatrum Carbonicum Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Natrum carb. DilutionNatrum Carbonicum Dilution 1 M155.0
Omeo Alfa Alfa MaltOmeo Alfa Alfa Malt Energy Booster130.0
Omeo Alfa and Ginseng Sugar freeOmeo Alfa Ginseng Syrup75.0
Omeo Diabetes DropsOmeo Diabetes Drop109.0
Omeo k-Stone SyrupOmeo K Stone Syrup49.0
Omeo Mouth Ulcer TabletsOmeo Mouth Ulcer Tablet109.0
Omeo Prostate DropsOmeo Prostate Drop109.0
Omeo Strength SyrupOmeo Strength Drop269.0
Omeo Uterus SyrupOmeo Uterus Syrup98.0
SBL Prostonum DropsProstonum Drop100.0
Dr. Reckeweg R95Reckeweg Alfalfa Tonic490.0
Dr. Reckeweg R11Reckeweg R11 Rheumatism Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R12Reckeweg R12 Calcification Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R18Reckeweg R18 Kidney And Bladder Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R1Reckeweg R1 Inflammation Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R25Reckeweg R25 Prostate Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R28Reckeweg R28 Exhaustion Due To Loss Of Blood Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R29Reckeweg R29 Vertigo Syncope Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R30Reckeweg R30 Universal Ointment510.0
Dr. Reckeweg R31Reckeweg R31 Increases Appetite And Blood Supply Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R33Reckeweg R33 Epilepsy Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R34Reckeweg R34 Recalcifying Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R48Reckeweg R48 Pulmonary Respiratory Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R49Reckeweg R49 Sinus Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R4Reckeweg R4 Diarrhoea Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R55Reckeweg R55 Injuries, Healing Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R56Reckeweg R56 Worms Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R57Reckeweg R57 Pulmonary Tonic Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R60Reckeweg R60 Blood Purifier Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R62Reckeweg R62 Measles Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R64Reckeweg R64 Excessive Protein In Urine Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R66Reckeweg R66 Irregular Heart Beat Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R74Reckeweg R74 Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R77Reckeweg R77 Anti Smoking Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R7Reckeweg R7 Liver And Gall Bladder Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R82Reckeweg R82 Anti Fungal Drop230.0
Dr. Reckeweg Vita-C 15Reckeweg Vita C 15 Nerve Tonic525.0
Dr. Reckeweg Vita-C 15 ForteReckeweg Vita C 15 Forte Tonic890.0
SBL Rinsout DropsRinsout Drop Mouthwash90.0
ADEL Selenium DilutionSelenium Metallicum Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Selenium DilutionSelenium Metallicum Dilution 1 M155.0
Schwabe Silicea PentarkanSilicea Pentarkan Tablet280.0
ADEL Silicea DilutionSilicea Biochemic Tablet 6 X135.0
Dr. Reckeweg Solidago Virgaurea DilutionSolidago Virgaurea Dilution 1 M155.0
Schwabe Topi Heal CreamTopi Heal Cream180.0
ADEL Urea Pura DilutionUrea Pura Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Utrofyne SyrupUtrofyne Syrup75.0

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