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What are head lice?

Head lice are minute parasites which thrive on the cells shed by humans and feed on their blood. Lice grow from nits, which are their eggs.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

It is very hard to point or to find out if somebody’s scalp is infested with lice, especially in the early stages when the lice are just nits. The main signs of head lice are as follows:

  • Spotting – Sometimes while combing one can spot nits attached to the hair strands which fall off while combing, these are very small white granule-like structures attached to the hair strands.
  • Itching – At later stages, the existence and growth of head lice result in frequent itching of the scalp as they penetrate inside the scalp for feeding.

What are the main causes?

Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) thrive and grow when the conditions and the temperature are favourable. Head lice are most often transferred from one host to another by direct or indirect contact. Studies show that head lice are most common in kids as they are in contact with other children when in schools or while playing.

Head lice can also occur due to sharing clothing with someone who is infected. Caps and scarves should not be shared with anyone and kept separately.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

There are no tests prescribed for the diagnosis of head lice. One can simply use a lice comb or examine the scalp and confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment for head lice includes medicated products including shampoos, oils and others which are often prescribed to be directly applied on the scalp and then washed or combed depending on the product. Some of the most common and widely used products in the market contain ivermectin to kill the lice and their nits.

Special combs with closely packed teeth are manufactured which greatly help in outing the lice and nits by simply combing in a straight fashion.

Necessary precautions include keeping everybody’s clothing separate and not sharing anything which goes around the head or the neck till the infestation with head lice is completely resolved.

  1. Medicines for Head Lice
  2. Doctors for Head Lice
Dr. Jogya Bori

Dr. Jogya Bori

संक्रामक रोग

Dr. Lalit Shishara

Dr. Lalit Shishara

संक्रामक रोग

Dr. Alok Mishra

Dr. Alok Mishra

संक्रामक रोग

Medicines for Head Lice

Medicines listed below are available for Head Lice. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
MscabMscab Cream59.0
PermebiolPermebiol 5% Tablet53.0
PerminPermin Cream53.0
PertecPertec Cream58.0
P Thrin (Lancer)P Thrin 5 Mg Lotion49.0
ScaberinScaberin Cream49.0
ScamerScamer Lotion109.0
H H MiteH H Mite 5% Cream56.0
PeritopPeritop 5%W/W Cream58.0
Pmt (Nemus)Pmt 1% W/W Soap75.0
P ThrinP Thrin 5% Cream60.0
CuremiteCuremite 50 Mg Cream59.0
EliceElice 5% Lotion70.0
AlscabAlscab 1% Emulsion31.25
DermupDermup Cream46.0
EliscabEliscab Lotion68.0
Gamaderm PGamaderm P 5% Cream60.0
Head LiceHead Lice 1% Soap60.0
Hh MiteHh Mite 5% Cream56.0
HyscabHyscab 1% Soap47.0
MityscabMityscab 5% Cream45.0
NixiperNixiper 5% Lotion123.0
NupermyNupermy 5% W/W Cream64.0
Olscab POlscab P Soap42.0
PedilicePedilice 1% Cream64.0
PedimitePedimite 5% Cream62.0
PerenePerene 5% Cream45.0
PerinPerin 1% Cream54.0
PerketPerket 5% Cream57.0
PermaridPermarid 1% Cream55.0
PermedPermed 1% W/W Soap66.0
PermiscabPermiscab Cream51.0
PermitePermite 5% W/W Cream60.0
PersurePersure 5% Cream50.0
Pmt (Salve)Pmt 1% Soap66.0
Prin (West Coast Pharma)Prin 5% Cream50.0
P ScabP Scab 1% Soap55.0
RonydermRonyderm 5% Cream60.0
Scabal PScabal P 5% W/W Cream53.0
ScabenilScabenil 1% Soap65.0
ScabepilScabepil 1% Soap60.0
ScabestScabest 1% Soap65.0
Scabigo (Psycho)Scabigo 1% Soap65.0
ScabiteScabite 5% Lotion32.0
ScatinScatin Cream50.0
SkabSkab 1% Soap35.0
ZeromteZeromte Cream60.0
ZyscabZyscab 0.1% Lotion16.0
ClearkinClearkin 5% Gel56.0
CutibeamCutibeam Cream60.0
DatDat 5% Cream45.0
Gama PGama P Soap50.0
JoliceJolice 5% Lotion70.0
MediliceMedilice Cream32.0
MitoridMitorid 8 Soap55.0
Nedax 5%W/W SoapNedax 5%W/W Soap69.0
NedaxNedax 5% Lotion60.0
NomiteNomite 50 Mg Cream61.0
NoscabNoscab Soap56.0
NukenzNukenz Lotion30.0
OlmiteOlmite 50 Mg Cream25.0
PaxibPaxib 5% Cream58.0
PeloscabPeloscab 5%W/W Cream50.0
PerlicePerlice 1% W/W Cream61.0
Permacoat CreamPermacoat Cream59.0
PernilPernil 5%W/W Cream59.0
PeroscabPeroscab 5% Cream60.0
Peroscabiz504 Gateway Time Out Peroscabiz 5% Lotion55.0
PrinPrin Soap48.0
Prin(Wcp)Prin Cream24.0
Scabex PScabex P 5% Cream55.0
Scabigo (Torque)Scabigo Lotion18.0
ScabiliceScabilice Cream26.0
Scabimide PScabimide P Lotion59.0
ScabiplusScabiplus 5% Cream35.0
Scaboma PlusScaboma Plus 5% Lotion174.0
ScabperScabper Cream54.0
ScarbicScarbic Cream12.0
SmiteSmite 5% Cream35.0
Tick &Amp; FleaTick &Amp; Flea Shampoo63.0
ZeroscabZeroscab 1% W/W Soap72.0
ImectinImectin 12 Mg Tablet30.0
Isco PlusIsco Plus 400 Mg Suspension20.9
IvecopIvecop 12 Mg Tablet20.5
IvermectolIvermectol 12 Mg Tablet65.0
IverpanIverpan 12 Mg Tablet14.31
IverpilIverpil 12 Mg Tablet15.23
IverscabIverscab 12 Mg Tablet37.0
IvreaIvrea 0.05% W/V Shampoo81.0
JettaJetta 6 Mg Tablet15.5
VermactVermact 12 Mg Tablet26.0
AvertolAvertol 12 Mg Tablet Dt24.03
HestinHestin 6 Mg Tablet119.05
I StarI Star 6 Mg Tablet101.23
IvercidIvercid 6 Mg Tablet30.0
IverinIverin 12 Mg Tablet22.88
IverkenIverken Tablet29.0
Iver SolIver Sol 12 Mg Tablet44.55
IvertIvert 12 Mg Tablet93.67
IverzenIverzen 6 Mg Tablet60.0
IvoryIvory Tablet74.25
MectinMectin 12 Mg Tablet15.0
Scaberase IfScaberase If Tablet18.87
Scaberase ImScaberase Im 6 Mg Tablet47.97
ScabitolScabitol 6 Mg Tablet63.32
ScavistaScavista 12 Mg Tablet30.9
VermacVermac 6 Mg Tablet32.05
VermectinVermectin 12 Mg Tablet22.52
EvergrinEvergrin 6 Mg Tablet14.82
EvertinEvertin 6 Mg Tablet59.0
Imec 12Imec 12 Tablet19.46
Imec 6Imec 6 Tablet14.35
ScabicipScabicip Lotion20.0
ScabitinScabitin Tablet20.42
GamadermGamaderm 1% Lotion73.05
GamaliceGamalice 1% Lotion58.12
GamascabGamascab 1% Cream79.0
GambenGamben 50 Mg Lotion46.4
GaminGamin Lotion50.0
GbhcGbhc 1% Lotion42.0
LinoscabLinoscab Lotion33.95
Nit N Mite (Ipca)Nit N Mite 1% Cream18.18
PediscabPediscab 1% Lotion42.01
ScabacScabac Lotion47.25
ScabcareScabcare 1% Lotion90.0
ScabcurScabcur 1%W/W Lotion52.0
ScabisinScabisin 1% Lotion27.5
ScabomaScaboma 1% Cream17.63
SwiscabSwiscab 1% Emulsion33.75
WelscabWelscab 1% Lotion53.0
CorscabCorscab Lotion35.52
GamabezGamabez Soap39.91
Gamabiol (Dales)Gamabiol 1% Lotion35.0
Gamabiol (Pci)Gamabiol Lotion60.0
Gama (Dermocare)Gama Soap22.37
GamaricGamaric 1% Lotion43.31
GamiteGamite Lotion36.46
GammacareGammacare Lotion20.0
G ScabG Scab Lotion15.37
HexabHexab Lotion85.0
LabscabLabscab Lotion10.0
LorexaneLorexane Cream40.0
OlscabOlscab 1% Lotion37.12
ScabidinScabidin Lotion15.12
ScabinilScabinil Lotion21.92
UltrasoneUltrasone Cream78.15
GamamedGamamed 2% Lotion55.02
BactiscabBactiscab 1 % W/W Lotion59.5
Application Benzyl Benzoate 25% W/W LotionApplication Benzyl Benzoate 25% W/W Lotion27.69
BenzylacBenzylac Capsule22.05
BenzBenz 100 Mg Capsule73.5
Anthel UpAnthel Up 400 Mg/6 Mg Suspension25.1
Ascapil AAscapil A Tablet19.0
Bandy PlusBandy Plus 12 Tablet25.28
Bendex PlusBendex Plus 60 Mg/400 Mg Tablet22.0
Coside12 ACoside12 A 200 Mg/6 Mg Tablet20.13
IvoralIvoral Forte 12 Mg/400 Mg Tablet30.1
Odal PlusOdal Plus 6 Mg/400 Mg Tablet17.4
Vermact PlusVermact Plus 12 Mg/400 Mg Tablet20.35
Xenda PlusXenda Plus Syrup24.5
Abendol PlusAbendol Plus 12 Mg/400 Mg Tablet24.0
Albekem PlusAlbekem Plus 6 Mg/400 Mg Tablet17.93
Almid PlusAlmid Plus Tablet16.9
Bentel PlusBentel Plus Tablet6.25
Beworm PlusBeworm Plus 200 Mg/1.5 Mg Suspension21.0
Eris PlusEris Plus 200 Mg/1.5 Mg Syrup27.47
Evergrin AEvergrin A 400 Mg/6 Mg Tablet18.72
ItinaItin A Suspension28.0
Ivecop AbIvecop Ab 100 Mg/12 Mg Tablet20.0
IvernitIvernit Suspension29.7
Iverpan AIverpan A Tablet18.61
Iverpil AlIverpil Al 200 Mg/1.5 Mg Suspension23.06
KrimfreKrimfre 200 Mg/3 Mg Syrup30.0
NetwormNetworm 400 Mg/6 Mg Suspension22.0
Networm DsNetworm Ds 400 Mg/6 Mg Tablet22.0
RemoworRemowor 400 Mg/6 Mg Tablet12.95
ZobastatZobastat 400 Mg/6 Mg Tablet13.5
Abd PlusAbd Plus Syrup32.4
Abz PlusAbz Plus 400 Mg/6 Mg Tablet16.35
Albrin PlusAlbrin Plus 200 Mg/1.5 Mg Suspension29.75
AlmectinAlmectin 200 Mg/6 Mg Tablet3.75
Alminth PlusAlminth Plus Tablet15.25
AzplusAzplus 200 Mg/3 Mg Syrup22.06
BenzoleBenzole 200 Mg/1.5 Mg Suspension18.0
EvimectinaEvimectina Suspension12.25
Imectin ForteImectin Forte Tablet79.6
IverchemaIverchema Tablet22.9
Jetta PlusJetta Plus Tablet12.5
MeribenMeriben 400 Mg/6 Mg Suspension26.0
Olbez IOlbez I 400 Mg/12 Mg Tablet26.95
Olbez PlusOlbez Plus 200 Mg/1.5 Mg Liquid24.06
Velocid PlusVelocid Plus Tablet15.0
VormectolVormectol 200 Mg/1.5 Mg Syrup19.05
Vormectol ForteVormectol Forte 400 Mg/12 Mg Tablet28.4
WormectolWormectol 200 Mg/3 Mg Suspension19.05
Wormectol ForteWormectol Forte 400 Mg/12 Mg Tablet28.4
Zenstat PlusZenstat Plus Syrup24.3
Zolbend PlusZolbend Plus Syrup10.72
Ascabiol EmulsionAscabiol 0.1%/1% Emulsion68.0
Besto ScabBesto Scab 0.1%/1% Lotion40.9
Descab LotionDescab Lotion109.15
Gamaderm ForteGamaderm Forte 0.5%/1% Lotion41.37
LupiscabLupiscab 0.1%/1% Lotion15.0
Scabanca CScabanca C Lotion60.6
ScabexScabex 0.1%/1% Lotion37.8
ScabineScabine 0.5%/2% Lotion26.51
LinscabLinscab Lotion32.58
MegascabMegascab Lotion50.0
Olscab COlscab C Lotion45.1
ScabeliceScabelice Lotion52.58
ScabipedScabiped 2%/0.5% Cream26.11
ScabozenScabozen Lotion23.12
ScarabScarab Cream15.8
BioscabBioscab 1%W/W/0.1%W/W Lotion11.25
DescabDescab 2%W/W/0.5%W/W Lotion64.43
EmscabEmscab 0.1%W/W/1%W/W Lotion30.0
Scaboma CScaboma C 1%W/W/0.1%W/W Lotion36.37
AgloscrabAgloscrab 0.1% W/V/1% W/V Emulsion15.46
Scabepil PlusScabepil Plus Lotion50.0
Skinsect GbhcSkinsect Gbhc Soap34.0
Fourderm AfFourderm Af Cream100.0
Scabal P 1%W/W/0.5%W/W/1%W/W SoapScabal P 1%W/W/0.5%W/W/1%W/W Soap58.0

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