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At present, hepatitis B has taken the form of a common disease. In this disease, your liver becomes weak. Due to the weakness of the liver, your digestive system gets affected. That's why you should be very careful while eating and drinking with Hepatitis B. Although Hepatitis B does not require any specific diet plan, you should be aware of what to eat and what not to eat in this disease.

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According to doctors, Hepatitis B patients should eat a healthy diet and maintain a balanced weight. Doing this helps in curing the disease quickly. A healthy diet and balanced weight are as important for hepatitis B patients as it is for healthy people.

Today in this article you will know what a patient suffering from Hepatitis B should eat and what not to eat -

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  1. Importance of diet in Hepatitis B
  2. What to eat in hepatitis b
  3. What not to eat in hepatitis b
  4. Takeaway

The liver does the work of digesting whatever you eat. The liver converts food into stored energy and supplies essential chemicals to the body. Apart from this, the liver provides nutrients to your body for building muscles. You get enough energy from nutrients and your body also works properly.

Unhealthy food can cause liver problems for hepatitis patients. Apart from this, if the amount of calories in your diet is high then it can increase your weight. Due to weight gain, fat starts increasing in your liver, which can lead to a disease called fatty liver. Due to fatty liver, you are a victim of liver disease or hepatitis B.

You should be aware that there are toxins or toxic substances in your diet, which are harmful to the liver. For example, eating bad or wild mushrooms can result in liver problems or death. Apart from this, alcohol also contains toxic substances, which are very harmful to the liver.

On the other hand, if you are a patient of Hepatitis B and are eating a healthy diet, then your liver gradually starts getting stronger. Due to the strong liver, the chances of getting liver-related diseases are very less. Apart from this, your immunity is also strengthened by this.

Hepatitis B patients have a higher risk of developing diabetes than the general population. A healthy and balanced diet reduces body fat and also controls the level of sugar in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

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Here it is explained in detail what things should be consumed by the patient with Hepatitis -

Eat smaller but more frequent meals

Eat little by little more often, this suggestion is not only for hepatitis B patients but also for a healthy person. Eating large meals at one go can be difficult to digest, especially in hepatitis B patients because your liver becomes weak during this disease. Along with this, your weight also increases by eating more food in one go. That's why eat little by little more often throughout the day.

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Eat protein-rich diet

Proteins are very essential for building muscles. Apart from this, they repair tissues and also work to displace them from one place to another. Therefore, eat protein-rich foods such as beans, eggsseeds and nutsmilk, yogurt, cheese, low-fat meatfish, etc.

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Eat fruits and vegetables

Hepatitis B patients should eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, a healthy person should also include plenty of fruits and vegetables in his diet. According to the US Department of Agriculture, women over the age of 30 should eat at least one and a half bowls of fruit and two and a half bowls of vegetables daily.

On the other hand, men should eat two bowls of fruit and three bowls of vegetables. But, keep in mind that fructose is found in fruits, which the liver has trouble digesting. Apart from this, fiber and nutrients are also present in fruits. That's why to keep this in mind while choosing fruits.

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Drink coffee

Drinking coffee regularly is beneficial for you in hepatitis B disease. Drinking coffee during this disease can reduce the development of the disease. Apart from this, it also protects against liver disease and liver cancer. However, decaffeinated coffee (decaffeinated coffee) and green tea are neither beneficial nor harmful to the liver.

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Eat fewer carbohydrates

Carbohydrate is the fuel of the body. There are two types of carbohydrates, the first complex carbohydrate and the second simple carbohydrate. Complex carbohydrates are present in fiber and starchy foods. Complex carbohydrates are a little more difficult to digest than simple carbohydrates. Foods like beans and brown rice contain a lot of starch, which comes under complex carbohydrates. However, rice, potatoes, and pasta have low fiber content. That's why hepatitis B patients should eat fewer carbohydrates and especially eat very little quantity of foods containing complex carbohydrates.

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Hepatitis B patients should always avoid these things -

Don't eat fast food

Although fast food (or junk food) is a favorite of most people, hepatitis B patients should not eat junk food. You do not get any kind of nutrients from junk food. Fat, sugar, calories, and chemicals are found in junk food, and hepatitis B patients should avoid all these. During hepatitis B, your liver becomes weak and in such a situation, eating junk food increases the stress on the liver. That's why don't eat junk food.

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Do not eat foods containing gluten

Gluten promotes inflammation. Therefore, do not eat gluten-rich foods like wheat and barley, it will be beneficial for your liver. When gluten is not fully digested, it promotes inflammation in your body. Increased inflammation can cause holes in your intestine.

In addition, gluten helps your body keep toxins and disease-causing bacteria from entering the bloodstream. The accumulation of toxins in your body damages the liver, which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Apart from this, other serious diseases related to the liver also arise.

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Don't drink fruit juice

Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is harmful to the liver. Apart from this, sugar also affects your digestive system. So don't eat sugar or sweet foods in excess. Apart from this, fruit juices promote the hepatitis B virus, so hepatitis B patients should not drink fruit juices.

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Should not drink alcohol

If you have come to know that you are a patient of Hepatitis B, then you should stop drinking alcohol completely. You should also know that alcohol is very harmful to the liver. Apart from this, drinking more alcohol can prove to be harmful to any person.

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Don't drink impure water

Impure or normal tap water contains metals, chlorine, fluoride, inorganic chemicals, and many compounds, which are very harmful to your liver. Even when you shower, toxins enter your body through your skin and respiration. Therefore, instead of impure water or normal tap water, you should drink filtered water or pure water. To kill water viruses, heat them and drink them. This suggestion is for every person in the world.

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Should not eat processed food

Hepatitis B patients should not eat processed food under any circumstances. To keep processed food safe for a long time, chemicals, salt, and unnatural foods are added to it, which are extremely harmful to you.

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Don't eat artificial sweeteners and sweets

Hepatitis B patients find it very difficult to digest artificial sweeteners. Apart from this, the amount of fructose corn syrup in an artificial sweetener is very high, which is harmful to your liver. Fructose is a type of sugar that is digested by the liver. High amounts of fructose tend to increase the number of triglycerides (these are fats found in the blood). Increasing its quantity reduces the production of insulin, which can lead to a disease called fatty liver. Hence hepatitis patients should avoid fruit juices, fructose corn syrup, honey, and jaggery.

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Don't eat dairy products

Dairy products are very difficult for liver patients to digest. That's why hepatitis patients should not eat dairy products. Apart from this, hepatitis B patients are allergic to lactose, so this should also be taken care of. Along with this, it has also been confirmed that eating dairy products increases the growth of bacteria in your small intestine, which leads to poor digestion in liver patients.

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Do not use refined oil

It is very difficult for the liver to digest refined oil. Refined oil becomes hard after cooling. Therefore, hepatitis B patients should not use refined oil for cooking. Instead of this, you can use Flaxseed oil or olive oil.

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A patient suffering from Hepatitis B should take special care of his health. Therefore, the patient must take his diet carefully. The patient should know what to eat and what not to eat. Due to this, the effect of the disease can be reduced and healthy life can be lived.

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