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What is Motion sickness?

Motion sickness is a sudden sensation during travelling that causes nausea and vomiting. Children, pregnant women, and people taking certain medicines are particularly prone to this condition. When the movements sensed by the nerves through the signals from ears, eyes, muscles and joints do not match in the brain, this sensation is experienced.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Common symptoms include:

Severe symptoms include

What are the main causes?

The symptoms of motion sickness appear when the brain receives mismatched messages from the sensory organs such as ear, eyes, muscle and joints. For example, if a person is on a plane he cannot see the turbulence but the body feels it. This mismatching of signal leads to discomfort and motion sickness.

Causes include:

  • Physical, visual or virtual motion. E.g. travelling by boat, car, plane, or train.  
  • Sleep deprivation can enhance this condition
  • Amusement rides and playground equipment can induce motion sickness too.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Diagnosis includes the following steps:

  • Motion sickness resolves by itself in most cases.
  • Symptoms are assessed to find out the cause.
  • Laboratory tests are not necessary.
  • Physical examination includes tests like the Hallpike manoeuvre to confirm it is motion sickness.

Treatment includes the following:

  • Ginger supplements might help curb nausea.
  • Medications such as scopolamine, dimenhydrate and meclizine can be prescribed to relieve motion sickness.

Preventive measures to be taken include:

  • Gaze towards the horizon or on a distant, stationary object. This reaffirmation of balance helps in the reorientation of the inner apparatus that maintains balance and reduces the motion sickness.
  • Avoid reading while travelling or using electronic devices.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, strong odours, spicy and greasy foods.
  • Eat light food before travelling.
  • Sit in a comfortable position, closed eyes and elevated neck position with back resting.
  • Chewing gum too helps in reducing car sickness for no clear reason.
  1. Medicines for Motion Sickness
  2. Doctors for Motion Sickness
Dr. Dhavan Patel

Dr. Dhavan Patel

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Dr. Priya Patel

Dr. Priya Patel

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Dr. Giri Prasath

Dr. Giri Prasath

सामान्य चिकित्सा

Medicines for Motion Sickness

Medicines listed below are available for Motion Sickness. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Medicine NamePack SizePrice (Rs.)
AvomineAvomine 25 Mg Tablet Md24.0
EminEmin 25 Mg Tablet14.0
Phena KidPhena Kid 5 Mg Syrup13.0
PhenaminPhenamin 25 Mg Injection3.0
PhenazinePhenazine 5 Mg Syrup54.0
PhenerganPhenergan 10 Mg Tablet10.0
PhenzeePhenzee 5 Mg Syrup12.0
PremaganPremagan 10 Mg Tablet6.0
Prompt(Neu)Prompt 5 Mg Syrup13.0
Regan (A.N.Pharmacia)Regan 25 Mg Tablet22.0
Apizine SyrupApizine 5 Mg Syrup63.0
EmispanEmispan 5 Mg Syrup13.0
LarganLargan Syrup24.0
Logan(Rho)Logan 5 Mg Syrup35.0
PhenerminPhenermin 5 Mg Syrup13.0
PmzPmz 25 Mg Injection7.0
PrimozynPrimozyn 5 Mg Syrup30.0
ProgeneProgene 25 Mg Tablet10.0
PromeronPromeron 5 Mg Syrup36.0
PromethPrometh 10 Mg Tablet4.0
Prompt(Skm)Prompt 40 Mg Injection56.0
PronetPronet 5 Mg Syrup23.0
Proz (Tripada)Proz 25 Mg Tablet12.0
UrialUrial Syrup58.0
DiocalmDiocalm Syrup14.0
EmiganEmigan Injection5.0
KzineKzine Syrup15.0
PhenercofPhenercof Syrup22.0
Pro BurnPro Burn Powder266.0
PromeganPromegan Syrup21.0
Promet (Orchid)Promet Injection45.0
PropazinePropazine Tablet9.0
Prozine(Shi)Prozine Syrup36.0
CinadilCinadil 25 Mg Tablet15.0
Cintigo ForteCintigo Forte 75 Mg Tablet42.0
CinvertCinvert 25 Mg Tablet20.0
CinzanCinzan 25 Mg Tablet Dt28.0
DizironDiziron 25 Mg Tablet98.0
DiziDizi 25 Mg Tablet30.0
StugeronStugeron 25 Mg Tablet141.0
VergoVergo 25 Mg Tablet39.0
VertigonVertigon 25 Mg Tablet33.0
CervatonCervaton 25 Mg Tablet30.0
Cinaz (Tripada)Cinaz 25 Mg Tablet20.0
CinironeCinirone 25 Mg Tablet9.0
CinnCinn 25 Mg Tablet25.0
CinzineCinzine 25 Mg Tablet19.0
C ZineC Zine 50 Mg Tablet15.0
KvertKvert 25 Mg Tablet28.0
MosicMosic 20 Mg Tablet41.0
SigcinarSigcinar 25 Mg Tablet17.0
StedicinStedicin 25 Mg Tablet18.0
SufiSufi 25 Mg Tablet28.0
SyzeronSyzeron 25 Mg Tablet19.0
VerifixVerifix 25 Mg Tablet25.0
VertiridVertirid 25 Mg Tablet25.0
VertironVertiron 25 Mg Tablet60.0
Vertizine(Marc)Vertizine 25 Mg Tablet38.0
VestableVestable 25 Mg Tablet40.0
VnvVnv 25 Mg Tablet17.0
CiniCini 25 Mg Tablet8.0
CintigoCintigo 25 Mg Tablet25.0
CinwoxCinwox 25 Mg Tablet7.0
E Brium (Med Manor)E Brium Tablet25.0
QvertQvert 25 Mg Tablet20.0
SinarzineSinarzine Tablet6.0
StugenolStugenol Forte Tablet60.0
StugipenStugipen 25 Mg Tablet34.0
TiniminTinimin Forte Tablet171.0
VastenVasten Tablet47.0
V GonV Gon 25 Mg Tablet16.0
AvilAvil 22.75 Mg Injection2.95
Eralet TabletEralet 25 Mg Tablet19.0
IntavilIntavil 25 Mg Injection65.97
CofrylCofryl 25 Mg Syrup68.5
DifDif 25 Mg Suspension37.9
ZendrylZendryl 25 Mg Capsule17.25
AldrylAldryl Soft Gelatin Capsule11.12
BucBuc Syrup55.77
LongifeneLongifene 25 Mg Tablet19.9
ReksealRekseal 0.15 Mg Injection135.0
Caladryl(Piramal)Caladryl Lotion56.45
MeladrylMeladryl 1% W/V Lotion45.0
DraminateDraminate 50 Mg Tablet19.75
GravolGravol 50 Mg Tablet22.5
Adwin PAdwin P 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
Cetnol PpCetnol Pp 2.5 Mg/250 Mg Syrup0.0
Diocalm PlusDiocalm Plus 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
Emispan HEmispan H 125 Mg/2.5 Mg Syrup0.0
Emispan PlusEmispan Plus 125 Mg/5 Mg Syrup0.0
FevrilFevril 2.5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
Fevril DsFevril Ds 2.5 Mg/250 Mg Suspension0.0
Fnorm PFnorm P 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
HyperexHyperex 2.5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
Kelvin PlusKelvin Plus 6.25 Mg/500 Mg Syrup0.0
MolzinMolzin Tablet0.0
Nectar PNectar P 2.5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
NormaganNormagan 2.5 Mg/125 Mg Suspension0.0
PadmolPadmol 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
Paramax PParamax P 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
Pinex PlusPinex Plus 2.5 Mg/250 Mg Syrup0.0
Promegan PlusPromegan Plus 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
Promeron PPromeron P 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
PromolPromol 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
PyronilPyronil 2.5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup0.0
BasipromBasiprom 5 Mg/125 Mg Suspension26.42
Brumol PBrumol P 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup23.93
CrophenCrophen Syrup29.4
Emigan PlusEmigan Plus 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup31.0
Febrinil PFebrinil P 2.5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup17.58
Fenaplus (Leeford)Fenaplus Syrup13.75
IbupromIbuprom 125 Mg/2.5 Mg Syrup30.9
Kelvin P LiteKelvin P Lite Syrup26.22
Pazine PPazine P Syrup34.12
Pgan PlusPgan Plus 2.5 Mg/125 Mg Suspension21.52
Phenamin PlusPhenamin Plus Syrup9.37
PhenometPhenomet Syrup23.32
PhenparPhenpar Drops50.0
ProparaPropara 5 Mg/250 Mg Syrup14.12
Prosym PProsym P 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup25.0
Prozine (Parasol)Prozine 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup27.42
Pyrivin PPyrivin P 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup29.0
SymolSymol 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup27.3
Tempcon PlusTempcon Plus 5 Mg/125 Mg Syrup18.46
CimenzaCimenza 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet60.0
DizilivDiziliv 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet60.0
DizitacDizitac 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet75.0
SpinfreeSpinfree 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet68.5
VertizacVertizac 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet75.5
Cinzine PlusCinzine Plus Tablet63.0
Diziron DDiziron D 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet65.0
Stugeron PlusStugeron Plus Tablet90.0
VertigenVertigen Tablet59.0
VomivertVomivert 20 Mg/40 Mg Tablet55.0
CinadewCinadew Tablet68.48
CindomCindom 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet66.0
CinidomCinidom 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet60.0
DomcinDomcin 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet62.0
Domfast CzDomfast Cz 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet40.0
DomgilDomgil 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet60.0
Novadom CNovadom C 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet47.4
Spinil DSpinil D 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet35.3
StedidomStedidom 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet51.3
StugilStugil Tablet76.0
SynadomSynadom 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet32.0
Verifix DVerifix D 10 Mg/25 Mg Tablet38.46
VertidomVertidom 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet66.25
Vertirid DVertirid D 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet48.75
Vertizine DVertizine D 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet55.0
Cinadil DCinadil D 15 Mg/25 Mg Tablet38.0
Cinn DCinn D 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet45.81
Domax CzDomax Cz Tablet37.61
Domitin CDomitin C 15 Mg/20 Mg Capsule52.93
Domperon CzDomperon Cz Tablet52.0
Normesis PlusNormesis Plus 20 Mg/15 Mg Tablet618.75
Qvert DQvert D 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet40.48
RhizandRhizand 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet35.7
SinadomSinadom Tablet7.5
TrudomTrudom 15 Mg/20 Mg Tablet45.0
VertigilVertigil 10 Mg/20 Mg Tablet37.5
Coryl TabletCoryl Tablet0.0
C.R.MC.R.M Linctus0.0
Tedykoff CoughTedykoff Cough 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg Syrup0.0
Tedykoff LxTedykoff Lx 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg Linctus0.0
TixylixTixylix New Syrup0.0
Zytolix PZytolix P 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg Syrup0.0
TedykoffTedykoff Syrup35.0
TiskytasTiskytas Syrup27.5
Tixylix Alert SyrupTixylix Alert Syrup71.0
KidylinctusKidylinctus 1.5 Mg/1.5 Mg/2.5 Mg Syrup0.0
Kidylinctus ZKidylinctus Z Syrup47.0
Pnv PlusPnv Plus 25 Mg/2.5 Mg Tablet39.6
SensitusSensitus 300 Mg/60 Mg/24 Mg Syrup49.0
Ascodex PlusAscodex Plus Syrup43.52
ADEL 17Adel 17 Glautaract Drop215.0
ADEL 38Adel 38 Apo Spast Drop215.0
ADEL 43Adel 43 Cardinorma Drop215.0
ADEL 44Adel 44 Venorbis Drop215.0
ADEL 54Adel 54 Cangust Drop215.0
ADEL 69Adel 69 Clauparest Drop215.0
ADEL 8Adel 8 Co Hypert Drop215.0
Schwabe Alpha-MSAlpha Ms Tablet93.0
SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil Arnica Montana Hair Oil70.0
Arnica Montana Herbal ShampooArnica Montana Herbal Shampoo With Conditioner90.0
SBL Cocconica Hair OilCocconica Hair Oil95.0
Dr. Reckeweg Cocculus Indica DilutionCocculus Indica Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Cocculus Indica DilutionCocculus Indicus Dilution 1 M155.0
Mama Natura EnukindEnukind Globules180.0
ADEL Jaborandi DilutionJaborandi Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Jaborandi DilutionJaborandi Dilution 1 M155.0
SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair OilJaborandi Plus Hair Oil215.0
ADEL Jonesia DilutionJonesia Ashoka Mother Tincture Q225.0
Dr. Reckeweg R29Reckeweg R29 Vertigo Syncope Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R32Reckeweg R32 Excessive Perspiration Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R52Reckeweg R52 Travel Sickness Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R63Reckeweg R63 Impaired Circulation Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R67Reckeweg R67 Heart Circulatory Debility Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R77Reckeweg R77 Anti Smoking Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg R81Reckeweg R81 Analgesic Drop200.0
Dr. Reckeweg Vita-C 15Reckeweg Vita C 15 Nerve Tonic525.0
Dr. Reckeweg Vita-C 15 ForteReckeweg Vita C 15 Forte Tonic890.0
ADEL Sanicula aqua DilutionSanicula Aqua Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Sanicula Aqua DilutionSanicula Aqua Dilution 1 M155.0
ADEL Tabacum DilutionTabacum Dilution 1 M155.0
Dr. Reckeweg Tabacum DilutionTabacum Dilution 1 M155.0

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