Vaginal yeast infection is a common health problem. This can cause abnormal vaginal discharge, feeling uncomfortable while urinating, burning and itching in the vaginal area. In such a situation, the question arises whether it is possible to have vaginal sex during vaginal yeast infection? So the answer is no, because having sex can make the problem of yeast infection more serious. Also, it may take time to recover.In this article you will know why one should not have sex if there is vaginal yeast infection -

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  1. Is It Safe To Have Sex With Vaginal Yeast Infection
  2. Vaginal Yeast Infection May Worsen
  3. Delay In Healing Yeast Infection
  4. Pain During Sex
  5. Risk Transfer In Partners
  6. Difficulty In Treatment
  7. Threat Of New Bacteria
  8. Summary
Doctors for Is It Safe to Have Sex with a Vaginal Yeast Infection?

No, most doctors recommend avoiding sex if you have vaginal yeast infection. Let us try to understand the reason behind this in detail -

Due to yeast infection in the vagina, some uncomfortable and bad symptoms may appear, such as vaginal irritation and odorless vaginal discharge etc. Also, swelling and redness may be seen in the vulvar. Sometimes due to vulvar effects, cuts can occur on the clitoris, vaginal opening or vulva without showing any symptoms. In such a situation, friction during vaginal sex can increase problems in these parts. This can make it painful to urinate.

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Sexual activity during vaginal yeast infection can delay the healing process. If the symptoms worsen during sex, the yeast infection may persist for a long time.

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If sex is done during vaginal yeast infection, it can cause severe pain. If there is swelling in the labia or vulva due to yeast infection, then skin to skin contact during sex may cause dryness. It may even cause rubbing on the skin due to friction. Due to penetration, swelling, itching and burning sensation in the tissues may increase.

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Having sex during vaginal yeast infection increases the risk of the partner also getting yeast infection. Having unprotected sex increases the risk of yeast infection for men by 15 percent. Not only this, if the partner also gets yeast infection during sex, then it is possible that the woman may get yeast infection from the partner again during sex. In such a situation, both of them should avoid having sex until this problem is completely cured.

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Sex also depends on what type of vaginal yeast infection is being treated. If vaginal yeast infection is being treated using cream, then one should not have intercourse at all, because sex can cause the cream to come out from the vagina and become ineffective. At the same time, some medicines for yeast infection are used in the vagina, which contain oil, so these medicines can break condoms containing latex and polyisoprene.

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If sex or foreplay is done during vaginal yeast infection, the risk of growth of new bacteria increases. In fact, inserting anything into the vagina such as a sex toy, finger or tongue can cause the formation of new bacteria. This can make the yeast infection more serious. When a woman feels aroused, the vagina becomes moist and self-lubricated. This causes more moisture to build up in the moist environment, which causes itching and more discharge.

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Due to vaginal yeast infection, women may face many problems like vaginal pain, swelling, pain during urination and itching in the vagina. In this condition, doctors advise to ignore sex, because it can worsen the symptoms and there is a risk of yeast infection recurring. Besides, the possibility of a partner getting yeast infection also increases. In such a situation, sex should be done only after the vaginal yeast infection is completely cured.

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