Fitness is the best regimen to prevent diseases. Also, it helps you achieve your desired physique. Despite the numerous areas of the body that can be trained, the undisputed favourite among fitness freaks remains the arms. However, training the biceps can be difficult for many people. Usually, people stop seeing gains on their biceps (upper arm muscles) with time, and usually can't understand the reasons behind it. Could it be because of lifting heavier weights or because they are doing it wrong?

People train their biceps with excessive exercises. Like with any other part of the body, biceps need time to grow. There are many exercises to build bigger and stronger biceps, but still you need to give it time and vast reserves of patience.

Training any body part with the same exercise repeatedly can become a waste of time as your muscles become accustomed to it. Changing your routine frequently is a good idea as it allows to hit the same muscle with different movements. The standard dumbbell or barbell curls, hammer curl or preacher curl are great basic workouts, but after a certain point of time, your body needs new methods to grow.

The decline dumbbell curl can be a great workout to introduce a new movement to the biceps as it enhances the stability of your arms with a new strategy and angle of approach to train the biceps.

  1. What is decline dumbbell curl?
  2. Benefits of decline dumbbell curls
  3. How to do decline dumbbell curl
  4. Tips For decline dumbbell curl
  5. Precautions while doing decline dumbbell curl
  6. Alternate Exercises for decline dumbbell curl
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This exercise is an intense variation of the basic dumbbell curl, and it can be tough for beginners. Like with any movement, try to master the basic ones first, which in this case is the classic dumbbell curl before going for a more complex exercise. The new angle adds a different movement and tension to the bicep curl and hence emphasizes the chances of increase muscle mass or build more definition.

Decline dumbbell curl targets the upper arm muscles by pumping up the bicep, putting all the tension of the weight in it. If your desired goal is to build bigger biceps, then this workout can work like a charm for you.

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Like most different types of exercises that target the same part of the body, decline dumbbell curls also work on building stronger and bigger bicep muscles but with a different angle. The new approach provides different results as it ends up moving the biceps more than the conventional bicep curl, helping in achieving your goals quicker.

As mentioned earlier, master the basic dumbbell curl and then go onto perform more complex exercises like this. Mobility exercise can help you before hitting any body part. Take a short treadmill run or a set of jumping jacks to warm-up.

Equipment required

  • An incline bench
  • A pair of dumbbells

Targeted muscles

  • Biceps/Brachialis


  • Advanced (professional)

Reps & Sets

  • 3 sets of 10-15 reps each

How to do it

You can easily find the equipment for this exercise in the gym.

  • Set the bench to a 45 to 60-degree angle.
  • Grab a pair of dumbbells of a weight you're comfortable lifting.
  • Lie down on the bench over your chest. The shoulders should be hanging outwards and the chin slightly above the head of the bench.
  • Hang both your arms down holding the dumbbells with your palms facing out.
  • Bend the elbows and without moving them, lifting your arms up to reach your chest. Curl your wrists as much as you can to put tension on both the biceps.
  • Bring it down in the same motion, but slowly. This is one rep.
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To make this workout more effective and efficient, you can follow these tips:

  • Keep your elbows and shoulders locked. 
  • Beginner can also try the alternate motion of the same exercise.
  • Keep the negative movement slower than while lifting up.
  • Do not lift weights more than your strength and capability.

The decline dumbbell curl's extra movement due to the position of the body makes the movement difficult at first, which makes it all the more important to learn the technique from a fitness coach.

  • Focus on the movement instead of the amount of weight you want to lift.
  • Biceps are easier muscles to train without much risk of injury. Beginners can start with arm workouts first.
  • Have a spotter or trainer in the gym around for support if you find the exercise to be difficult.

Mastering the decline dumbbell curl can take a long time, but that doesn't mean you can't continue working on your arm muscles. Instead, you can try the following exercises too:

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The decline dumbbell curl is one of the tougher exercises to train the upper arm muscles, especially if one has exhausted their options in variations of bicep workouts.

Decline dumbbell curls have the additional use of an incline bench, which makes it a little more difficult to execute it outside the confines of a gym.

The exercise, however, can be coupled nicely with other upper arm exercises to formulate an excellent workout for the biceps.


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