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The best cashless mediclaim policy is the one that gives the best facilities to the family. However, when you plan to buy health insurance, you may get a bit confused by the policies various companies in the market have to offer. In such a situation, you need to collect and analyze information related to the cashless services of all the mediclaim policies you’re considering. A little research goes a very long way in this case.


  1. What is a cashless mediclaim policy
  2. How to choose the best cashless mediclaim policy for your family in India

Medical policy stands for health insurance. The term 'cashless mediclaim policy' refers to policies that offer a specific method of claim settlement, that is, cashless. Here you do not need to deduct money from your pocket or account for medical expenses. After making a claim in a cashless mediclaim policy, the health insurance company, in collaboration with the hospital, settles a certain percentage of the sum insured amount or the entire claim. With myUpchar Bima Plus Health Insurance, you get the full benefit of the cashless facility in case of hospitalization. Not only this, but 24x7 free online consultation facility is also available under this policy. That is, you can also take advantage of cashless online consultations at any time.

Due to pre-existing diseases, there may be a need for you to plan to be hospitalized in the near future. In such a situation, you can take advantage of the cashless facility of your mediclaim policy by informing the insurance company a few days in advance. You will find the required time frame mentioned in the policy bond but usually, it is at least two days in advance. On the other hand, if you have to be hospitalized in an emergency, you usually have to inform the health insurance company within 24 hours of your admission. Apart from this, you also need to keep in mind that the benefit of a cashless mediclaim policy will be available only if you get treatment from a network hospital.

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To find the best cashless mediclaim policy for families in India, keep the following things in mind:

Large network of hospitals: Another important consideration while taking health insurance is to find the company with the maximum number of hospitals in its network. That is, keep in mind how many hospitals are associated with your insurance company. The more hospitals that are in the insurance company's network, the easier it will be for you to choose a hospital for treatment. With myUpchar Bima Plus Health Insurance, you can avail of the cashless facility in more than 7,000 network hospitals. Overall, by increasing the number of hospitals to choose from, you will be able to go to the best hospital in your area.

Cashless procedure should be easy: You may have evaluated a lot of features while buying health insurance but if the process of those facilities is lengthy, complicated or cumbersome, then it can cause headache and stress for you. So the cashless process should be easy. Usually, for cashless mediclaim, you have to take the form for cashless mediclaim from the insurance desk of the hospital, fill it, stamp it and send it to the insurance company through fax. The insurance company has to check the form, fax it back to the hospital and then settle the claim as per the terms and conditions.

Provision of online facilities: In today’s day, from the classes of children to the office work of elders, everything is done online. So, it isn’t surprising to say that the importance of online facilities when it comes to your health insurance is huge. Such facilities can prove to be especially useful in the case of an emergency. So when you choose a health insurance plan, show preference to the companies that offer online services.

Compare cashless mediclaim policy: Online facilities aren't just great for when you need to make a claim but also when you're comparing policies. Thanks to the internet, you can easily compare many different policies and their features before you make your decision. So short-list the best ones that offer cashless features and then compare them with each other to find the best policy for you.

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Time-saving: Cashless mediclaim policy is not just a facility to help you save cash. Time is also very important for you or your family members who are hospitalized or suffering from any medical condition. In such situations, a cashless mediclaim policy should be such, in which the claim can be settled at the earliest and you can spend all your valuable time with your loved ones or in recovery. At present, due to the increasing competition among health insurance companies, some companies complete the cashless mediclaim process in just 30 minutes.

Cashless mediclaim policy renewal mode: Generally, there are two ways to renew health insurance - online and offline. Here we will talk about online only. In the present day, most companies are providing the facility of online mode to renew the cashless mediclaim policy so you can safely renew the policy from anywhere. Apart from this, some percentage of discount is also available in online mode, which is why it is cheaper than offline.

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