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Benefits and Features of Bima Plus

Covid-19 Treatments Covers coronavirus treatment upto Sum Insured
In-Patient Hospitalization Covers your hospital expenses like room rent, ICU charges, doctor’s fee etc. up to the sum insured
Day Care Procedures Covered Up to the Sum Insured
Pre and Post Hospitalization Medical Expense Medical expenses covered up to 30 days before & 60 days post the admission to a hospital
Pre Existing Disease or Named Ailments Covered after 24 months
Initial Waiting Period 30 days unless there is an accident or injury
Room Rent is Covered Covered up to 1% of Sum Insured, up to 2% for ICU charges
Road Ambulance Covered up to Rs. 1500
Pre-policy Health checkup Not required

Know how affordable is myUpchar Bima Plus compared to other companies

Why should you buy Bima Plus?

Coverage For Hospitalization Expenses It secures you against hospitalization expenses, ambulance, daycare procedures, domiciliary care, etc.
Cashless Claims Avail of cashless treatment at network hospitals and be worry-free while the insurance pays your hospital bills.
Coverage For Critical Illnesses Treatment cover for life-threatening conditions comes as a blessing, which is available as a separate cover.
Tax Benefits Claim a certain amount of your plan against tax benefits.
Tele-OPD - 24x7 24x7 access to doctors online for tele-consultation.

Easily Claim Health Insurance

You have two options to file health insurance claims – first is “reimbursement claims” wherein policyholder has to initially bear the hospital bills that will be reimbursed by the insurer later; second is the “cashless” facility where you need not make any direct payment to the hospital.

Step 1

  1. In case of emergency hospitalization, call and inform us at 1800-102-4488 within 24 hours of your admission. However, if your hospitalization is planned, kindly intimate us 48 hours prior to your admission by calling on the same number or writing to us at [email protected]

Step 2

  1. A Pre-Authorization form will be available at the hospital's Insurance/TPA desk, or you can alternatively download the same from Insurance section in Your Account.
  2. Please fill the first section of the form by giving your personal details and hand over the signed Pre-Authorization form to the hospital's Insurance/TPA desk for them to fill up the balance details.
  3. Hospital will fax the completed Pre-Authorization form to Care Insurance at 1800-200-6677.

Step 3

  1. Care Insurance’s in-house medical team will review the case and documents submitted by the hospital.
  2. If your request for Pre-Authorization is approved, you and the hospital will be duly informed by us.
  3. In case of any information deficiency or further information requirement, you and the hospital will be regularly intimated by Care Insurance’s team to ensure resolution of the same at the earliest.
  4. If your request for Pre-Authorization is not approved, it only indicates that we are not able to process your request on the basis of the information available with us at this point of time. In such cases, you may claim for reimbursement of your expenses after discharge from the hospital.

Largest Cashless Hospitals Network

Care Health Insurance - strong association with over 7000+ hospitals in India will ensure hassle free cashless treatment to our customers

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What Does Health Insurance Not Cover?

Before proceeding to choose the right health insurance for your needs, review the exceptions mentioned in the policy document. Doing so will prepare you for unexpected situations. Excluding expenses or various circumstances, you may not be able to obtain a claim under your health policy. Exclusions include:

  1. Expenses attributable to use/misuse/abuse of alcohol or drug
  2. Any treatment or medical expenses incurred within 30 days of policy period start date, except accidents
  3. Medical treatment related to congenital diseases
  4. Expenses incurred due to self-inflicted injury, suicide, or attempted suicide
  5. Treatment arising from or traceable to miscarriage and abortion

Why do you need Health Insurance?

Medical emergencies can happen when we least expect them, given the unpredictable nature of life. With modernization, we have become increasingly accustomed to a lifestyle defined by rising workload, irregular food habits, and variable sleep patterns, when the body actually deserves a significant amount of attention to be working in a balanced manner. Many young adults suffer from lifestyle-related diseases, while other factors like family history continue to pose health risks. The chances of medical emergencies arising become high in such a scenario. Thus, having the best health insurance will ensure maximum coverage and prove to be an ideal investment for your financial well-being due to the following reasons:

  1. Medical inflation is a reality that many families are having to face. Healthcare and medical treatments are more expensive than we can afford.
  2. The risk of illnesses grows as we age. With rising health issues, your medical expenses are likely to be higher in the future.
  3. You can get Section 80D tax benefit under the Income Tax Act and claim a deduction up to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh, depending on the proposer and insured persons’ age.
  4. Stay secure financially by investing in a health insurance plan to get the best protection against advanced medical treatments and other medical expenses incurred besides hospital bills.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. Why do I need Health Insurance for my family?
  2. More medical facilities are available these days, but the irony is they are getting expensive. Caring for the family and the elderly at home while having the financial strength to cope with a medical emergency is not easy. Investment in a family health insurance plan is well worth it. With a health insurance plan for your family, you will get affordable coverage for any emergency or planned treatment, with numerous policy benefits, including cashless hospitalization, annual health check-up, and more.
  3. Q. How does a family health insurance plan work?
  4. A family health insurance plan is a comprehensive health plan covering you and your immediate family members (spouse, children, and parents) with a floating sum insured at a single premium. During an emergency or planned hospitalization, the insured can go for cashless treatment at network hospitals. Care Insurance will settle the expenses directly with the hospital. If you choose a non-network hospital, then you can apply for a reimbursement claim. Care Insurance will process the claims subject to policy T&C.
  5. Q. Can I take multiple health insurance policies?
  6. You can get multiple health insurance policies and avail the benefits. If you have more than one indemnity-based health insurance plan from another insurer or Care Health Insurance (CHI), you can select any of these policies to settle the claim, provided the claim payable is up to the sum insured of such a policy. If the claim amount under one policy exceeds the sum insured, you can choose another insurer to settle the claim. If you have selected CHI, then CHI will settle your medical expenses, subject to the policy T&C.
  7. Q. Can I increase my sum insured during the policy tenure?
  8. Yes, you can increase the sum insured at the time of policy renewal.
  9. Q. Do I need a separate health insurance policy while having an employer health plan?
  10. We recommend that you go for a separate comprehensive health insurance policy if you do not have one. Merely relying on an employer medi claim or health plan is not a wise approach, and there are a few valid reasons. Firstly, the employer's health plan will cease to provide coverage the day you leave the employer or decide to change jobs. It will leave you uninsured during the time you find another employment. Secondly, going for a comprehensive health policy will enable you to customize your policy, choose the preferred sum insured and optional benefits. This advantage may not be available in a corporate medi claim policy.
  11. Q. Is Coronavirus treatment covered in Care Health Insurance for family?
  12. Yes. Coronavirus treatment is covered under Care health insurance plan for family. The policy gives adequate protection by covering various medical expenses if the insured is diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease. The coverage includes in-patient hospitalization like ICU charges and room rent, day care treatment, and pre- and post-hospitalization medical expenses.
  13. Q. Is there a cashless facility with a Care- Family Plan?
  14. Yes. Care Health Insurance (CHI) offers a cashless facility with Care Family Plan, provided the insured person avails medical treatment at any of the network hospitals empanelled with CHI. The cashless feature proves helpful, especially when facing a medical emergency, and eliminates the stress related to arranging cash to pay hospital bills. The insured has to choose a network hospital, approach the hospital insurance desk, present the ID proof and Health Card, and submit the duly-filled pre-authorization form. CHI will verify the documents and settle the expenses directly with the hospital, subject to policy T&C.
  15. Q. What are the benefits of buying health insurance at an early age?
  16. Opting for health insurance at an early age is beneficial in more ways than one. Firstly, policy issuance is possible without any pre-policy medical check-ups. You can get a health insurance policy online in a few simple steps. Secondly, owing to the early exhaustion of the waiting period, you can get coverage for all treatments at a later age without any delays. Moreover, the younger you are, there are high possibilities that you are in good health. Hence, you will be issued policies without loading.
  17. Q. How to add my family members to the existing policy?
  18. You can add your family members to the existing policy but at the time of renewal.
  19. Q. Will I get covered for pre-existing illnesses?
  20. This depends on the type and seriousness of the illness. Care Health Insurance does not cover pre-existing illnesses like if you’ve already been diagnosed for Cancer, HIV, Parkinson's disease, Thalassemia, Neuropathy, Liver and Kidney diseases, Down Syndrome, and Alzheimer's disease amongst many others.
  21. Q. What documents do I require while making a claim?
  22. This would primarily depend on the kind of claim you make. In the case of a Cashless Claim, all you need to do is fill the required form given by the TPA at the hospital; whereas in the case of a Reimbursement, you will be required to upload/submit your health invoices.
  23. Q. Can I get admitted to a non-network hospital?
  24. Yes, you can. However, in this case, you'll have to claim for Reimbursement as Cashless Claims are available at our network hospitals only.
  25. Q. What is the best age to buy Health Insurance?
  26. The answer is simple. The younger you are, the lower will be your starting and subsequent premium. Also, if you are younger, you’ll easily pass the waiting period years for various covers to be valid. So these two reasons make taking health insurance early in life advantageous. Another reason for youngsters to be covered is that diseases or accidents are not just for the older lot, youngsters can easily get affected. Youngsters may not be financially secure and hospitalization and other medical expenses could be hard to meet.
  27. Q. Who should I call at the time of emergency hospitalization?
  28. Care Health Insurance (CHI) be here for you no matter what time or day it is. Just call at 1800-258-4242 and CHI sort things out for you.
  29. Q. What is the difference between life insurance and health insurance?
  30. Life insurance is a long-term policy that helps pay out the claim amount to the insured person’s family after death. Whereas health insurance is to help pay for healthcare and medical expenses of the insured that can occur due to illnesses, diseases and accidents.
  31. Q. Will my health insurance policy be valid pan India?
  32. Yes, Care health insurance policy is valid pan India.
  33. Q. Can any health insurance claim be rejected or refused?
  34. Yes, a health insurance claim can be rejected if it doesn’t comply with your policy’s terms and conditions. For example: If you claim for a pre-existing disease-related treatment before completing the waiting period, your claim may be rejected.
  35. Q. Can I have more than one health insurance policy?
  36. Yes, you can have more than one health insurance policy!
  37. Q. Can I still claim if hospitalization is less than 24-hours?
  38. Yes, you can if it is a daycare procedure.
  39. Q. What happens if I miss paying my renewal premium on time?
  40. If you miss paying your renewal premium on time, your health insurance policy will expire, and you’ll have to start the process of buying your health insurance policy all over again!
  41. Q. Can I start using my health insurance policy from day one?
  42. No, there is an initial waiting period of 30-days. However, in case of any accidental hospitalization related claims, there is no initial waiting period and your policy can be used at any time after purchasing your policy.

Terms & Conditions


I declare that:

Insured Member(s) who have been diagnosed and/or tested and/or under treatment and/or having symptoms of a COVID-19 infection at the time of addition to this Policy shall not be covered if such member was not previously covered under a Care - Group Care Insurance policy, or any other COVID-19 indemnity policy of another insurer.

I am not suffering from the following symptoms for last 4 weeks

I, hereby agree to avail insurance cover, arranged by DOCTORVAHINI PRIVATE LIMITED For COVID-19 under Care - Group Care Insurance from Care Health Insurance Limited. I hereby declare that I have read policy terms and conditions carefully.

I authorised DOCTORVAHINI PRIVATE LIMITED to collect and remit premium on my behalf to Care Health Insurance Limited.

This communication is intended solely for the customers of DOCTORVAHINI PRIVATE LIMITED (Group Manager) to enable them to enrol for insurance cover arranged through Care Health Insurance Limited


This insurance cover is offered under Care - Group Care Insurance UIN : RHIHLGP21404V022021

Customers of DOCTORVAHINI PRIVATE LIMITED a (Group Master Policyholder) can enrol themselves under the policy.

Enrolment to the policy is at your sole discretion and premium shall be debited from your account on confirmation.

For more details please read the policy terms and conditions carefully before enrolment Care Health Insurance Limited (Formerly Religare Health Insurance Company Limited)

Registered Office: 5th Floor, 19 Chawla House, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

Correspondence Office: Unit No. 604 - 607, 6th Floor, Tower C, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector-39, Gurugram -122001 (Haryana)

CIN: U66000DL2007PLC161503 UIN: UIN:RHIHLGP21404V022021

IRDAI Registration Number - 148

Cancellation of policy is not allowed, not even in the free lookup period.

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