If you are the head of your family, you may consider it your responsibility to take care of the needs of every member of your family, including those that concern their health. To do this well, you may want to get the best health insurance for them. Today, there are about 30 insurance companies in the country that sell health insurance products. Insurance companies offer different types of health plans keeping in mind your health status and needs. In this article, we will share why and how myUpchar Bima Plus can be a good health policy for you. You will also learn its benefits and premium below.

  1. What is myUpchar Bima Plus Policy
  2. Features of myUpchar Bima Plus
  3. Why buy myUpchar Bima Plus policy
  4. Things to keep in mind before buying Bima Plus

myUpchar Bima Plus is a health policy. The country's number one health-tech portal and leading health insurance company Care Health Insurance have together designed this plan for you.

myUpchar Bima Plus Health Insurance, like any other health insurance, offers you a wide range of facilities keeping your health in mind. The special features of this policy are mentioned below:

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After taking myUpchar Bima Plus plan, you do not have to be afraid even in case of contracting COVID-19 as its treatment is covered under this policy and you can claim up to your sum insured (total sum assured). Apart from this, room and ICU rent, doctor's fees are covered in this policy when the patient is admitted to the hospital. In an emergency, this policy can prove to be very useful for you. For diseases that do not require immediate hospitalization, you can also plan and reach the hospital. It is not necessary that every disease should be treated in the hospital itself; some diseases can also be treated with day-care procedures. These can also be claimed under myUpchar Insurance Plus policy up to the sum insured.

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  • Pre and post hospitalization cover: The myUpchar Bima Plus policy covers your medical expenses up to 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days post-hospitalization. Certain pre-existing diseases are also covered under this insurance policy after the waiting period of 24 months. In case of accident or injury, the claim can be made immediately under the insurance company; in other cases, there is a waiting period of 30 days. That is, you can make any other claim only after three days of taking the policy.
  • No pre-policy checkup required: If you have decided to take myUpchar Bima Plus policy then rest assured that you do not need a health checkup before taking the plan. You can also claim ambulance expenses up to Rs 1,500 in case of emergencies under this policy. Additionally, 1% of your total sum insured is claimed for room rent and 2% for ICU admission. That is, if you take a sum insured of Rs 3 lakhs, then you can claim room rent up to Rs 3,000 and ICU expenses up to Rs 6,000 on hospitalization.
  • Critical Illness Coverage: The treatment of life-threatening diseases is also covered under myUpchar Bima Plus policy. Not only this, day-care procedures, home care expenses are also covered under this health plan.

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We’ve gone over the special features of myUpchar Bima Plus policy. Now the question arises of whether you should buy this policy for your family or not. There are about 30 insurance companies in the country and they also have hundreds of health plans. So how is this policy different from them?

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  • Premium: Today, if you go to buy health insurance, then insurance companies may charge hefty premiums based on your age as the premium in health insurance keeps on increasing as one ages. In myUpchar Insurance Plus policy, you can take sum insured of Rs 1 lakh, 2 lakh or 3 lakh. For example, suppose you are 41 years old and you want to cover your wife and two children under your health insurance of Rs 3 lakhs. For this, you will have to pay a premium of Rs 12,676. Whereas if you take a similar plan from any other company, then you will have to pay more than Rs 15,000 in premium. By taking this policy, you can be sure to cover your health expenses and take advantage of low premiums right from the start.

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  • Network hospital: The most important thing in health insurance is to get cashless treatment. The more hospitals that are included in the company's network, the easier it is to get the cashless facility. In this regard, out of the 30 companies working in the health insurance sector, Care Health Insurance comes in the top 5-7 companies. Care Insurance Company's cashless network includes more than 7,000 hospitals.

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  • Claim ratio: Low premiums and multiple hospitals in the network are not everything in an insurance company or plan. When you choose health insurance for yourself, then you need to keep in mind that in times of trouble, the company will either give a claim or will be reluctant. The easiest tool to find out which is more likely is to know the claims ratio of the companies. The claim ratio is taken a percentage and the closer the company is to 100%, the higher is the likelihood of it settling a claim. MyUpchar has come up with a Bima Plus policy with Care Health Insurance where the customer will get the benefit of its 95.47% claim ratio. Care Health Insurance is second in terms of claim ratio.
  • Online doctor consultation: The trend of online consultation has increased rapidly since COVID-19. However, myUpchar is already at the number one position in this field. With myUpchar Bima Plus policy, you will also get the benefit of this myUpchar experience. Under this policy, you can take an online consultation for free and your OPD expenses may also be saved. In other policies, where the premium will be higher than myUpchar Bima Plus policy, OPD is not covered, whereas in myUpchar Bima Plus policy, 15 online consultations are free.
  • Cashless claim and tax exemption: With myUpchar Bima Plus, you get the freedom to claim cashless in over 7,000 network hospitals. Apart from this, like other health insurance policies, in this too, the premium paid by you is eligible for tax exemption under section 80D of Income Tax.

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  • Home medicine delivery: With myUpchar Insurance Plus policy, you are connected to myUpchar's large drug delivery network. Under this, you can get genuine medicines delivered to your home online. However, this facility is not associated with the insurance policy. But after online consultation under myUpchar insurance plus, you may find it easy to order medicines from here. Due to the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, ordering medicines online has become very popular and it is also convenient.

At present, the maximum sum insured that can be taken in myUpchar Bima Plus is Rs 3 lakhs. You can use it by taking a single plan (floater plan) for all the family members or you can buy separate policies for each member of the family. There are also some other important things that you should keep in mind when buying myUpchar Bima Plus:

  • Room rent capping: There are several types of rooms available when you are admitted to the hospital. Under this policy, 1% of the total sum-insured (in a policy of Rs 3 lakhs, that would be Rs 3,000) can be take for room rent per day. Similarly, for ICU, you will get to claim 2% of the sum assured per day (Rs 6,000 in a policy of Rs 3 lakhs). If you take a room or are given ICU treatment that costs more than these amounts, then you will have to pay this extra cost from your pocket. Apart from this, the fees of doctors, nurses and specialists are also high when one is in an expensive room, so you may have to pay extra there too.

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  • Hospitalization: For an in-hospitalization cashless claim, you have to be admitted to the hospital for at least 24 hours. However, the facility of day-care treatment is also provided in this policy.
  • Waiting periods: You may have to wait for some time for the treatment of many serious diseases. There is a waiting period of 12 months to 36 months for different diseases, so you should read the policy bond carefully. If you do not like the policy within the freelook period of 15 days, you can return it.
  • Some treatments will not be covered: If you have any pre-existing injury or any kind of disability then its treatment will not be covered under this policy. No claim is given for any such treatment that does not fall under the category of treatment. This policy will not help you if you want to get a sex reassignment done. You also cannot claim any kind of cosmetic treatment.
  • Treatment outside the country: If you go abroad for the treatment of any disease, then the company will not give you a claim for it. Apart from this, you cannot claim for OPD also.

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