Monsoon season also brings with it many diseases, one of which is eye flu. These days, the cases of eye flu i.e. conjunctivitis are increasing rapidly in the country including the capital Delhi. Although every year the infection of conjunctivitis starts spreading with the arrival of monsoon, this time its cases are increasing rapidly. According to Dr. JS Titiyal, head of RP Center for Ophthalmic Sciences in AIIMS, cases of this infection are increasing rapidly in the national capital Delhi. School children are also becoming victims of this infection, given that the management of most of the schools has issued advisories for the family members.

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  1. 100 cases daily in AIIMS
  2. What is conjunctivitis?
  3. How to avoid eye flu?
  4. What to do if I get the flu?
Doctors for Conjunctivitis cases rise in India including Delhi

Dr. JS Titiyal told that about 100 patients with eye flu are coming to AIIMS daily, out of which 25 to 30 are coming in emergency. Usually, this problem is caused by a virus and gets cured in 1-2 weeks, but if there is a bacterial infection along with it, then it takes a serious form.

Dr. Anuj Mehta, HOD, Department of Ophthalmology at Safdarjung Hospital has also confirmed the increase in cases of eye flu in Delhi. He says that the cases of conjunctivitis are increasing rapidly in the OPD of the hospital. Due to not taking care of hygiene, this infection spreads rapidly and children are not able to take care of hygiene, due to which they fall prey to it quickly.

Keeping in view the safety of the children, most of the schools have made the parents of the children aware of this regard. By issuing an advisory on behalf of the school management, the family members are being warned about this infection. Along with this, they have been instructed not to send the child to school if the child's eyes appear red, water comes from the eyes or pain is felt in the eyes.

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According to the Cleveland Clinic, conjunctivitis is a type of eye infection. Due to this, there is swelling in the tissue of the eyelids. This problem is caused by allergies, irritation, bacteria, or virus. It is an infectious disease, which can easily spread from an infected person to a healthy person.

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With the help of the methods mentioned here, you can avoid eye flu -

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with clean water or with hand sanitizer before touching your eyes.
  • If there is itching or dirt in the eyes, clean them with water.
  • If the itching still does not go away, ask the doctor to put eye drops.
  • Do not share your towel, pillow, clothes, bed sheet, eye makeup, spectacles, eye drops, etc. with anyone.
  • Wear sunglasses before going out in strong sunlight or wind.
  • If someone has eye flu, then keep a distance from him and avoid going in the crowd.

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If you catch eye flu even after taking all the precautions, then these home remedies will help you -

  • Keep a piece of ice in a clean cloth and compress your eyes.
  • Cut a potato and keep a piece of it on the eye.
  • Take out the juice of spinach and carrot together and drink it.
  • Put one or two drops of rose water in the eyes, it clears the eyes.
  • Placing moist chamomile tea bags on the eyelids can reduce the symptoms of eye flu.
  • Soak Triphala in water and then filter the water and wash your eyes with it.
  • An infected person should not share his towel, handkerchief, or bed sheet with anyone.
  • Wash your eyes by sprinkling water 3-4 times a day. Know what you can eat to prevent hair fall.

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