Massage is considered a better option to relieve stress and relax the body. The way the body is massaged, the penis is also massaged in the same way. Massaging the penis not only helps a person relax but also improves libido. Penis massage improves blood flow in the penis and the problem of lack of erection can also be eliminated. At the same time, there is a risk of skin tissue damage by massaging the penis in the wrong way.

Today in this article you will know what are the benefits and side effects of penis massage -

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  1. What is penis massage?
  2. Benefits of penis massage
  3. Side effects of penis massage
  4. Oils used in penis massage
  5. Takeaway
Doctors for Penis massage benefits and side effects

Penis massage is also called Lingam massage. In this, the penis and its surrounding areas are massaged, which includes the testicles, perineum (the part between the anus and the testicles) and the prostate. The purpose of penis massage is not just to reach orgasm, but to achieve complete sexual pleasure.

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Penis massage not only relaxes the body but also improves intimacy. Besides, reducing stress is also a benefit of penis massage. More such benefits of penis massage are explained in detail below -

Better blood flow

With increasing age, blood flow to the penis may decrease. Therefore, penis massage is beneficial for smooth blood flow. This improves circulation.

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Better penis size

By improving blood flow in the penis, sex performance can also be improved. This can help the penis tissue to expand and develop. This can result in a complete erection of the penis during sex, due to which it appears that the size of the penis is better.

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Reduce stress

Massage is the best way to reduce stress. This helps in improving mental health.

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Bond with partner

Penis massage can increase the closeness between the two partners. Due to good sexual performance, the connection between the two people can also become much better than before. With this, both can come closer to each other emotionally.

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Lingam massage i.e. penis massage also has some side effects, which are mentioned below -

  • Massaging with force can cause the skin of the penis to turn red.
  • Some people may also feel a burning sensation in the penis.
  • There is a risk of skin tissue getting damaged due to excessive rubbing.

Many oils can be used to strengthen the muscles of the penis, such as olive oil. Apart from this, some can also use Ayurvedic or coconut oil. It would be better to consult a doctor before using any oil.

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Penis massage can be very beneficial for the penis and sex life. This massage increases blood flow and also strengthens the relationship between two people, but penis massage can sometimes cause damage to the skin. Therefore, it is important to consult an expert before doing any type of massage.

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