kumari asava has been used for Ayurvedic treatments for years. It has various health benefits. It is prepared from Kumari i.e. aloe vera. It is useful in treating liver problems, asthma, piles and problems related to mental diseases. It is also helpful in treating problems related to digestion and symptoms associated with menopause.


In Ayurveda, it is considered an appetite enhancer and beneficial for digestion due to its good digestive properties. By balancing Vata and Kapha, it is beneficial in urinary and respiratory diseases as well as asthma.

Kumari Asav also contains jaggery which may affect blood sugar levels. Therefore, consult a doctor if you are taking diabetes medication.

It contains many Ayurvedic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Ginger, Black Pepper, Pippali, Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Bay Leaf, Nagkesar, Chitrak, Vidanga, Coriander, Nagarmotha, Jaggery, Honey.


  1. Benefits of Kumari Asav
  2. Kumari Asav Benefits for Liver Health
  3. Kumari Asav Benefits for Digestion
  4. Kumari Asav Benefits for Anorexia
  5. Kumari Asav Benefits for Gastric Problem
  6. Kumari Asav Benefits for Dysmenorrhea
  7. Kumari Asav Benefits for Urine Problem
  8. Kumari Asav Benefits for Kidney
  9. Kumari Asav Benefits for Asthma
  10. Side Effects of Kumari Asav
  11. Conclusion

Kumari Asav has the following benefits-

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Liver problems are often caused by genetic factors or by products that damage the liver, such as viruses, excessive alcohol consumption, and obesity. Kumari Asav is a famous Ayurvedic medicine which is beneficial in keeping the liver healthy and curing liver related diseases like jaundice, liver enlargement and other liver related problems. This is because it protects the liver from infection.

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In case of indigestion, one experiences pain or discomfort in the upper part of the stomach. Sometimes the problem of swelling in the stomach may also occur. This happens due to imbalance of Pitta dosha. Whenever food eaten remains undigested due to low digestive fire, it results in the formation of toxic residues in the body. These toxic substances accumulated in the body cause indigestion. Indigestion is a condition of incomplete digestion of the food eaten. Kumari Asav is a useful remedy for indigestion. It improves digestive fire and increases appetite.


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Anorexia is also called loss of appetite. Due to this, people's weight either increases or decreases, but both are dangerous. According to Ayurveda, anorexia is a condition that results from an imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. Due to low digestive fire, the food eaten is not digested and this condition is called anorexia. Due to this, there is insufficient secretion of gastric juice in the stomach, due to which appetite decreases. Kumari Asav is known for its appetite enhancing properties.


Flatulence is caused by gas formation in the stomach. Due to which problems arise in the stomach or intestines. This occurs due to the imbalance of Vata and Pitta dosha. Due to low pitta dosha and increased vata dosha, digestion gets impaired and gas formation or flatulence occurs. Kumari Asav, due to its Vata balancing properties, removes gas from the stomach and reduces bloating.


Dysmenorrhea is a condition of pain or discomfort (cramping) during or just before menstruation. This pain usually occurs in the lower abdomen. According to Ayurveda, this condition is known as dysmenorrhea. Menstruation is controlled by Vata dosha. The symptoms of dysmenorrhea are caused by increased Vata dosha. It also helps in relaxing muscles and providing relief from cramps.

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Dysuria is pain or discomfort during urination. Improper eating habits, excessive physical exercise or any external or internal injury leads to imbalance of all three doshas especially Vata dosha in the urinary tract. This causes irritation in the urinary tract resulting in painful and incomplete urination called dysuria. Kumaryasava helps in the management of dysuria by reducing the symptoms of incomplete urination due to its Vata and Kapha balancing properties.


There is often a lot of pain when small stone-like particles deposited in kidney stones are removed. According to Ayurveda, kidney stones are a disease of Vata and Kapha dosha imbalance which causes blockage in the urinary system. This can sometimes lead to abnormal urine flow, pain or burning while urinating. Kumari Asav helps in the management of kidney stones due to its Vata and Kapha balancing properties. It also helps in removing stones from the kidneys due to its detoxifying properties.


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Asthma causes inflammation of the air passages of the lungs, making it difficult for a person to breathe. In this condition, the person repeatedly has to face sounds like shortness of breath and wheezing in the chest. According to Ayurveda, the main doshas involved in asthma are Vata and Kapha. An increased Kapha dosha unbalances the Vata dosha in the lungs. This creates blockage in the airways which makes breathing difficult and this condition is called asthma. Kumari Asav helps in the management of asthma due to its Vata and Kapha balancing properties. Due to its detoxifying properties, it is also beneficial in removing blockage in the airways. Kumari Asva contains antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins that help reduce toxicity. Obesity can be reduced by consuming Kumari Asav daily . Kumari asav is also beneficial for the skin. It is also beneficial in increasing energy and reducing fatigue.


Since Kumari Asav is a completely Ayurvedic medicine, it has no side effects, but taking overdose of Kumari Asav can cause the problem of swelling in the urinary tract. If someone is allergic to aloe vera  then Kumari Asav can be harmful. Use of Kumari Asav should be avoided during pregnancy and if there is a problem of acidity, the infusion can increase the problem, hence one should be careful while consuming it in case of acidity. It can thin the blood of the body and cause many problems. Overdosing on Kumari Asava may also cause physical side effects, such as dizziness, cough, fatigue, or lack of freshness.

Consult a doctor before using Kumari Asav, especially if you have any medical conditions.


Kumari asav syrup has been considered as an ultimate cure for liver problems in Ayurveda due to its incredible therapeutic benefits. It guarantees better digestion, gives relief from kidney troubles, treats anorexia, treats respiratory problems, gives relief from gynecological problems and thus boosts overall health and immunity.


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