How often do you go to the supermarket or a junk food restaurant and opt for the bigger pack of fries or soft drinks because the price difference between the smaller and larger sizes is not much? Or do you buy a large tub of popcorn instead of the regular one because it saves you money? If you feel that you do too then you should know that in an attempt to save a few bucks, you are doing a lot of damage to your health.

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It's time to control the amount you eat if you want to stay healthy in the long run. We all have different caloric needs. It depends on our age, gender, weight, height, activity level, etc. Portion size is different from serving size. Portion size is the amount of food that you put on your plate to eat. Controlling your food portions will also help you manage your weight problem and achieve a healthy body.

So let's know what tips and tricks should be followed to control the quantity of food -

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Doctors for Portion control tips for weight loss

To guide your intake, refer to the food pyramid, which gives you an idea of your daily needs for various nutrients. You can plan your meals and reduce the amount of food to meet your caloric requirements. For example, if you eat five servings a day, break them up into three or four separate meals to help control your portions.

As far as possible, eat a balanced diet that is nutritious and healthy, and also reduce your intake of sugar and salt. Consume only as many calories as you need -

  • Eat small amounts of food several times a day. This will help you control your eating and improve your metabolism.
  • To stave off hunger, eat healthy snacks between main meals. This can help you prevent yourself from overeating.
  • Use smaller serving plates, bowls, and glasses to effectively control your portion sizes.
  • Experts say that the red color motivates you to eat more food. So, avoid using red-colored plates, and bowls.
  • Use blue, green, and yellow color plates as they give a calming effect.
  • Drink a big glass of water before eating. Drinking water before meals will fill you up, which will naturally make you eat less.
  • Include vegetables like spinach in your diet. This is an easy way to reduce calories, which will also fill your stomach quickly. Use whole-grain bread instead of bread.
  • Think again about the way you use grains and starches. For example, instead of starting breakfast with a granola base, have a cup of yogurt and then sprinkle a small amount of granola over it. Load up your plate with vegetables and get a serving of lean protein.
  • Dim the lights and listen to relaxing music for a relaxing meal. In this way, the time of eating increases and the quantity of your food decreases. Chew the food slowly, and put the fork down after taking any piece in the mouth.
  • When You Sit Down With Chips, Do You Know How Many You're Eating? Do not eat chips or any other thing directly from the same packet, instead take out any food item in a plate or a bowl and eat it. By this, you will know how much you are eating.
  • Drink some soup before you start eating. Research shows that starting a meal with a soup can help you reduce your overall calorie intake. And this will also make you feel less hungry.
  • After finishing your meal have some sweets. It would be better if instead of sweets you eat 'Saunf and Mishri' or a little jaggery, this can control the amount of food.

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You don't need to rely on a scale to control your portion sizes, you can get an approximation using your hands and other everyday items -

  • To choose the size of your meat, eat a handful (about the size of your palm). It will weigh around 75 grams (2.5 oz).
  • For salad and vegetable portions, open both your palms together.
  • Ice cream the size of a tennis ball is ideal.

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Now that you have decided that you have to reduce your weight, first of all, pay attention to your food. Divide your diet into 6 parts instead of 3. Instead of eating full stomach at once, make a habit of eating little by little and frequently. Also, keep in mind that healthy snacks must be taken before the main meal so that the chances of overeating are reduced.

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