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Roti and rice - both these things are the most important part of the Indian diet or rather they are the basic base. Whether it is lunch of the day, dinner or hot paratha of potato, cabbage or paneer in the morning breakfast - we cannot imagine our food without roti and rice, because with what we will eat pulses and vegetables. ? According to your choice, either with roti or paratha and then with rice, but these days, according to the increasing information and understanding among people about their weight, now roti and rice are considered less food and more in the form of carbohydrates. It is starting to be seen.

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Today in this article you will know what is the best food in roti and rice to lose weight -

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  1. People exclude carbs from weight loss diet
  2. Carbs are the same in roti and rice
  3. It is important to pay attention to how much you are eating
  4. Bread and rice both are beneficial
  5. Takeaway
Doctors for Rice or roti which is better for weight loss?

This is the reason why when it comes to weight loss, people first exclude carbohydrates from their diet. Many people completely stop eating roti and rice, while most people feel that eating rice leads to weight gain, so they eat roti but refrain from eating rice. But what should be eaten roti or rice for weight loss? Which one will give you better results, roti or rice for weight loss? We tried to know from nutritionist Akanksha Mishra, associated with My Upchar, what is the right formula for weight loss.

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Talking about nutrients, the amount of carbohydrates in both rice and roti is almost the same. In 100 grams of flour -

So right there in 100 grams of rice -

  • Carbohydrates - 78 grams
  • Protein - 6.8 grams
  • Fat - 0.5 grams
  • Fiber - 0.7 grams
  • Calories - 130

As you can see, even though the amount of carbs is the same in roti and rice, the amount of protein and fiber in roti is more than that of rice and that is the reason why you do not feel hungry for a long time after eating roti. And the stomach feels full. But due to the high amount of starch, rice is digested quickly and easily, due to which you feel hungry quickly. When you eat more and more often, the number of calories will increase and it will be difficult to lose weight.

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According to experts, both roti and rice are good options for weight loss, but it is more important to pay attention to the quantity you are eating and the things you are mixing with. This is because the combination of what you are eating roti and rice is more important. Many people do not get satiated by eating rice and hence they eat more rice at one go and hence their weight increases. Apart from this, if you are eating only rice and do not include protein or fiber in it, then there will be more chances of weight gain.

But if you reduce the amount of rice and add more vegetables rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber (for example- instead of eating plain boiled white rice, if you eat chana pulao or spinach rice) then this can also help in weight loss.

In the same way, if we talk about bread, many people find it difficult to digest bread, so they eat less bread and those people do not worry about gaining weight. But even while eating bread, you should take care of how much bread you are eating and eat it with pulses or green leafy vegetables, so that the right balance of fiber, vitamins, and minerals is maintained in your food.

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If you aim to reduce fat and fat from the body, then instead of rice, you should eat bread, because due to the protein and fiber present in bread, after eating it, the stomach feels full for a long time and does not feel hungry soon. Along with this, the proteins present in bread also help in increasing the metabolic rate. But if you are thinking of building muscles along with weight loss, then rice can be a better option, because, in a muscle-building diet, along with high-calorie intake, it is necessary to eat such things which are digested quickly and easily.

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It is clear from this article that both roti and rice can be consumed to reduce weight. Now it depends on the choice of each person what he wants to eat. Also, it would be better to talk to a dietitian once in this regard. This is necessary because the physical structure of each person is different and only a dietician can tell better what will benefit him the most.

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Dt. Surbhi Upadhyay

Dt. Surbhi Upadhyay

3 Years of Experience

Dt. Manjari Purwar

Dt. Manjari Purwar

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Dt. Akanksha Mishra

Dt. Akanksha Mishra

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Surbhi Singh

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