Most of us think of losing weight by going to the gym at least once. We also start going to the gym and are excited to reduce our weight in the first few days, but gradually this interest starts waning.

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In such a situation, we have another option "Yoga". Yogasanas are very effective for reducing weight. Yoga is best for good health and is also useful for our bodies. It not only strengthens the muscles, but it is also a remedy to increase digestion power. According to Yoga, our current lifestyle is one of the most important factors behind all kinds of mental and physical illnesses and especially increasing obesity.

Today in this article you will learn about yoga asanas that help in weight loss -

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  1. How Yoga Helps Reduce Weight
  2. Yoga is Beneficial in Reducing Weight
  3. Keep these Things in Mind
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In yoga, the physical body is called "Annmaya Kosha" (one of the five sheaths). Food means what we eat, so it means that in yoga our physical body is directly related to what we eat. Therefore, food is the essence of the physical body and for the same reason, food is also the medicine for the body. Eating gives life, and ultimately every life is material for the next life. This is how the wheel of life keeps on turning.

According to yoga, food is not only the substance consumed during our meals that are digested in our alimentary system; It is also the nutrition that sustains life. For example, food feeds our thoughts and ideas, our emotions, and our relationships with ourselves and others.

Therefore, when we talk about obesity in yoga, we are not only focusing on the physical body but on all aspects of our being. And the way we nurture and mobilize them also pays attention. For this reason, a special diet alone, lifestyle changes alone, or exercise alone is not enough to maintain body weight. It is also important to pay attention to the level of consciousness, which in yoga is called mental energy, and to other aspects that are secondary to this power or energy.

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In the case of obesity, it is clear that the main reason is lifestyle related. The first reason is eating excessively or eating in the wrong way for a long time. Another reason is a lack of physical activity. Looking at these two together, they mean an imbalance in the amount of energy.

The amount of energy we need, we are generating power through eating much more than that, so to reduce obesity, yoga relieves both these problems. Come, let us know in detail about the yoga asanas that reduce weight -

Pawanmuktasana Series Helps Reduce Weight

The best asanas for reducing excess fat are the asanas of the Pawanmuktasana series. This series is very beneficial for the digestive system and helps to remove excess fat from the abdomen, hips, and thighs, and activate energy in the lower pranic centers. These include Uttanapadasana, Chakra Padasana, and Navasana. All these asanas are great for strengthening the abdominal muscles (which are generally weak in obese people). Do each asana of the Pawanmuktasana series for 1 minute, and as the practice progresses, it can be prolonged.

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Shakti Bandha Series Helps Reduce Obesity

The asanas of the Shakti Bandha series are also effective in reducing obesity. Asanas such as Gatyatmak Meru Vakrasana, and Chakki Chalanasana the abdominal organs and help melt away excess fat stored around them.

These asanas help clear energy blockages in the abdominal and pelvic regions and allow the Manipura chakra (the source of willpower and self-assertion, which controls all of our metabolic processes) to do its work. Do each asana in the Shakti Bandha series for 1 minute, and as the practice progresses, you can do it longer.

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Vajrasana Series for Weight Loss

From the Vajrasana series, we can choose some auxiliary asanas such as Swayam Vajrasana, Marjari Asana, Simhasana, Balasana, Shashanka-Bhujangasana, and Ustrasana. All these asanas are very powerful to tone up the sexual organs and balance the sexual energy which is usually reduced in an obese person. They also help in easy digestion and strengthen the endocrine system. Do each asana of the Vajrasana series for 1 minute, and as the practice progresses, it can be prolonged.

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Pranayama for Weight Loss

To reduce obesity, pranayama also helps by stimulating the metabolism. These include bhastrika, kapalbhati, and suryabhedi, which are combined with balancing exercises such as Nadi shodhana. Sheetali and Sheetkari are relaxing pranayamas that affect various hypothalamic centers. The hypothalamic centers control thirst and provide a sense of satisfaction when eaten in healthy amounts.

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Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss

Surya Namaskar is known to be very effective in weight loss. Surya Namaskar is a series of 12 yoga asanas performed one after the other with the 12 Asanas of Surya Namaskar. All asanas must be performed in a specific sequence and with the correct technique. These easy are very helpful in your weight loss and help in keeping your body healthy.

Surya Namaskar is very capable of reducing obesity. Surya Namaskar is a complete practice in itself as it includes asanas, pranayama, mantras, and meditation. This practice has a unique effect on the endocrine and nervous systems. This helps in correcting the metabolic imbalance that is the cause of obesity and hinders weight loss. Being a dynamic exercise, it is also an excellent exercise similar to cyclingjogging, or swimming.

Do Surya Namaskar 5 to 8 times, and as the practice progresses, you can do it more often.

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Virabhadrasana for Weight Loss

Virabhadrasana (warrior pose) is a very effective asana for weight loss. First of all, stand straight on both your feet. Keep in mind that there should be a distance of at least 3 to 4 feet between the two feet. Now slowly move your hands above your head and stretch. Join both hands together. Now turn the upper part of your body to the left. Bend your right knee and feel the stretch in your abdominal muscles. Stay in this posture for a few minutes. Now repeat on your right side. This asana relieves pain in the shoulder. It strengthens your arms and lower back. This asana also tones your arms and shoulders.

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Trikonasana for Weight Loss

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) helps with back and digestive problems. To do this asana, stand straight by keeping a proper distance between your feet. Turn your right foot slightly to the right and take your left foot out 90 degrees. Take a deep breath, while exhaling twist your body to the right, bend down from the hips, keeping the waist straight, lower the right hand towards the floor and raise your left hand in the air. Thus keep both your hands in a straight line. Now turn your head towards the left hand. Maintain this pose for 30 seconds.

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Dhanurasana for Weight Loss

Lie on the ground on your stomach. While inhaling, lift the chest above the ground and pull the legs towards the waist. Bring your hands back and slowly lift your legs and bring them near your buttocks. Bend the knees and bring them near the waist and while exhaling, hold your feet with your hands. Stay like this for 30 seconds. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) strengthens your arms, legs, thighs, and abdominal muscles, thus enabling the reduction of belly fat.

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Ardha Chakrasana for Losing Weight

For Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose), you need to stand straight and keep your feet close together. Now spread your hands and take them behind your head. Bend your arms back, palms facing each other, and lean your lower body forward. Make sure that your elbows are straight and your arms are parallel to your ears. Inhale and exhale for a while and then return to your original position. This asana helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles and back. It also gives a better shape to your body.

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Padahastasana for Weight Loss

For Padahastasana (Hand Under Foot Pose), you need to stand straight. Bend from your hips and touch your feet with your fingertips. Try placing your palms under your feet. Stay like this for a few seconds and then release them. As you bend down, your stomach is pressed and your stomach is toned. This easily helps in making you flexible and improving your digestion as well.

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Ardha Chandrasana for Weight Loss

Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) helps tone your arms, legs, and buttocks. For this, you need to stand straight and stretch your right arm. Move your upper body to the right and bend till your right-hand touches the ground. Now raise your left leg and left hand upwards in the air. Stay in this posture for a few seconds. It is especially good for your legs and hip area.

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Halasana for Losing Weight

For Halasana (Plow Pose), lie down on your back. Join your feet together and move them upwards slowly. Now place your palms on the ground and slowly lift your waist and legs upwards. Now bend your lower body backward and allow your legs to come above your head. Keep your legs straight and touch the ground with your toes. Now slowly bring your hands above the head and toes outward.

After staying in this position for a few seconds, slowly lower your back and legs to the ground. This asana helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. It is also very effective in making the digestive system efficient. It is also good for losing weight and for people suffering from diseases of the spine.

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Some things need to be kept in mind while practicing yoga -

  • Remember that you get relief from yoga practice only after continuous practice and you get it slowly.
  • In order not to increase the pain of the joints with the asana, take the help of objects, pillows, and other equipment to support the body during the practice, as you consider necessary.
  • Don't push yourself beyond your physical capacity. If the pain increases, immediately stop the yoga practice and consult a doctor.

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Losing weight is not that difficult. It just requires a little patience. The goal of reducing weight can be easily achieved through yoga. For this one needs to do yoga regularly. Also, if someone is doing yoga for the first time, then it should be done in the beginning only under the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.

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