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Zandu Balm की जानकारी

Zandu Balm is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine. Zandu Balm is manufactured by Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. It is available in the semi-solid dosage form (ointment) and it is applied topically. Zandu Balm is used in the treatment of a headache, body pain and cold. Zandu Balm key ingredients are menthol, gaultheria oil, and Eucalyptus globulus. Gaultheria oil is collected by steam distillation method from the leaves of plant Gaultheria fragrantissima which belongs to the family Ericaceae. It contains methyl salicylate as an active chemical constituent which penetrates into the skin and blocks the production of the inflammatory mediator's (prostaglandins and thromboxane). Therefore it is used in the treatment of joint pain, strains, sprains, arthritis, bruising, and backache. Menthol suppresses the inflammation around the joints and gives relief from joint pain. Eucalyptus globulus is used to reduce the pain sensation arising from the muscle and joints hence it gives relief from muscle and joint pain. Inhalation of its fragrance reduces the symptoms of the common cold such as cold and cough. Zandu Balm side effects have not been reported by patients while applying this medication. However, you are recommended not to exceed prescribed dosage and keep your physician informed while taking this ayurvedic medicine.

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